With the Midterms all but over, many Republicans are struggling to understand how they lost, or at best barely won, the unlosable election.

The answer, in fact, is staring them in the face if they could only muster the humility to accept it.

In January 2021, before the Gulag gates had even slammed shut on the hapless January 6th trespassers, the Republican royalty and Never Trumpers were demanding that The Donald stop whining about election integrity and just get over it.

Most of the supposedly wise talking heads on nominally friendly outlets like Fox were calling on Trump to cool it and go back to whatever he was doing before he became President.

“That election is over,” they said. “Let’s get on and look at winning the next one.”

But Trump didn’t get over it. He never has and never will. Most in the MSM claim this is simply a character flaw, an inability to accept defeat and move on.

It’s possible that they are right about Trump’s motivation. As usual, however, whether by instinct or genius Trump was absolutely right to focus on election integrity.

If you are in the business of winning elections but are OK with your political opponents rigging the ballot, then don’t be surprised when you lose.

Trump warned of election fraud before Joe Biden ousted him. I felt he should have focused more on that. Unfortunately, US elections are organised by individual states and the President has little power to regulate them.

Had his party listened to him, however, he might still be President today.

Sadly, I think many of them preferred the Democrats to Trump and were glad to see the back of him. Maybe they were bought off or “persuaded,” To oppose him.

Whatever the reason, Trump was ignored, and they ran on the usual glib talking points of fiscal responsibility and such like.

Not surprisingly, they were steamrollered and in all likelihood, by the time the Dems get finished counting, they will have ‘just enough’ votes to stay in some kind of power.

How did they do it? Well, it wasn’t through the quality of the candidates. One who won his race was recovering from a stroke. Another wasn’t recovering at all. He’d been dead for a month.

Having dead people voting is one thing, having dead people win office is just next level.

Whilst Rinos and Never Trumpers were concentrating on other issues, the rotten voting laws were left unchallenged and allowed the Democrats to gain victory after victory in key battleground states.

The exception was Ron DeSantis in Florida who had ensured that voting integrity in Florida was a priority.

He won his race by a huge margin whilst the rest were either destroyed, or barely scraped in.

If there’s one thing I like more than saying to liberals “I told you so”, its saying “Donald J Trump told you so”