The following is a good video highlighting the human toll of the Government mandated vaccines. It concentrates mostly on Australian sports stars who were badly harmed or killed by it.

Of course, Richardson Post readers knew all that already. Many of you have also suspected that there would be an impact on the unborn. Well guess what? There is, and it is now showing up in Australian Government statistics. Have a look at the drop in births at the end of 2021. It is down to around a quarter of what it was just a year previously.[ds]=ABS_ABS_TOPICS&df[id]=BIRTHS_MONTH_OCCURRENCE&df[ag]=ABS&df[vs]=1.0.0&hc[Measure]=Births&pd=1975%2C&dq=1..AUS.A&ly[cl]=TIME_PERIOD&ly[rw]=MONTH_OCCUR

In December 2021, births had dropped to 6659, down from 22,695 just a year earlier. This is a demographic catastrophe.

Google have demonitised us for pointing out facts like this. We don’t care. If we can save just one person by telling the truth, it will have been worth it.

Anyway, this information is from a Government website so Google, go screwgle yourselves you murdering scum.