Regular readers will probably have realised that I consider our system of monetary creation to be one of the greatest scams in history. It has powered the ability of our globalist elites to enrich themselves and to keep us in virtual chains. As George Carlin once famously ranted, “It’s a big club – and you ain’t in it.”

The reason that this scam is so successful is its complexity. The man on the street, heck, the politician on the street, is almost without exception completely unable to grasp the nuts and bolts of how it actually works.

That is not an accident.

This leaves the perpetrators free to inflict this monstrous scheme on the world whilst pretending that it is a benefit.

The following video is the most effective explanation of this fraud, which boils it down into its component parts and presents it in a way which is easy to understand. The way it is done is pure genius.

If the masses can come to a realisation of how this shake down works, there is a chance that we can put an end to it. That would be a giant step towards our ability to overthrow these scumbags who are nothing but a bunch of parasites.

To borrow a quote from Matt Taibbi, they are like “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

Please watch the video (around 30 minutes), then watch it again and again until you fully understand how it works.

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