With The Voice referendum approaching, we find the mainstream media and political establishment (with a very few notable exceptions) are fighting like crazy for the “Yes” case. The Prime Minister is even happy to break the law to get it over the line.

Originally refusing to fund the “No” case, which he is legally obliged to do, he then recanted and will not fund either case.
Of course, he knows that big corporate and financial entities will pour millions into the “Yes” vote whilst there will be no one to step up and fund the “No” case.

“Their” billion dollar a year ABC will be cranking the propaganda needle up to 11 and Government schools and universities will be pumping it non stop.

In this environment, it is refreshing to have even one independent journalist covering the issue and giving an alternative viewpoint.

Avi Yemeni, working for Rebel Media is in Alice springs interviewing people and determining what is really going on.

This is what our lavishly funded ABC should be doing on our tax dollar.

I haven’t been to Alice Springs but I’ve lived in many comparable towns or settlements in Australia with large Aboriginal populations and seen the same problems in all of them.

If you haven’t experienced this, take if from me that this report is not an exaggeration. This is a common phenomena around regional Australia and the costs to Aboriginal people and the ordinary taxpayer are horrendous.

Here is a comment from the video on You tube from someone who claims to be an ex police officer from WA. I haven’t been this close to the problem personally but I have seen enough and spoken to enough people that I would be inclined to believe the following account is genuine:

I’m ex WA police, I’ve been in these houses I have seen mums pacifying infants with solvents, dirty nappies on mattresses where babies are sleeping, kids sleeping on mattresses with dehydrated dog shit, crack heads having sex in front of children etc. Adults so cooked on solvents/piss/gear that they sit in their own piss/shit covered in tiny cockroaches crawling on them and that’s not an isolated incident. The amount of times I have seen people with tiny insects crawling all over them is ridiculous. Places full of drug use, sexual violence, domestic violence, so much family feuding and child abuse. These kids think it’s love to be hit/to hurt others, going to juvie [juvenile detention] is a right of passage, and doing gear or sniffing just a normal part of their life. I’ve seen kids with cigarette burns all over their bodies, covered in boils, lice, in shit stained clothes, rotten teeth etc. So much human decay. The way they talk to one another is heartbreaking. These issues start in the home, we can continue to point the finger at the system or history but these are individuals who are making f@#ked up decisions and until they take individual responsibility we will never see change. You cannot rehabilitate someone who doesn’t want to change, I’ve worked in prisons/police/community programs. You can throw all the help at people all the money, but until they pull their socks up and make that change themselves you’re beating a dead horse. I want these kids to know they are loved and to grow up differently so badly, but these kids look for fathers and mothers in all the wrong places because their parents are not doing their job and raising these kids well.

End of Comment:

For decades now, the Left have approached this catastrophe with the unshakeable belief that the solution is to give ever more money to the Aboriginal community and demand ever less responsibility from them.

This report gives a glimpse into the predictable consequences which have been a disaster for Aboriginals and taxpayers but have provided an unlimited gravy train for those championing the whole process.

That is what The Voice referendum is all about.

Watch the report and consider giving a donation to Avi for his excellent work.