I first encountered Howell Woltz after he read my book, The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled. He contacted me for permission to have it translated into Polish and then took multiple copies to Polish politician Dominik Tarczyński, red pilling him completely.

Here’s the book which set him off:

Today, everything predicted in the book is coming to pass, but because many people are awake to it, there is a huge pushback.

You can read the book here:

Now, Tarczyński is busy unveiling a bunch of corrupt EU officials who have been bribed by Qatari Muslims. You couldn’t make this stuff up. The following is from Remix News in Europe.

Polish MEP Dominik Tarczyński says that 100 MEPs could be embroiled in the Qatargate corruption scandal currently engulfing the European Parliament

February 28, 2023

editor: REMIX NEWS


More and more EU politicians are getting dragged into the Qatargate bribery investigation, said Dominik Tarczyński, an MEP from Poland’s ruling conservatives, while speaking with public Polish Radio 3.

“As many as a hundred MEPs could be involved,” said Tarczyński. 

The corruption scandal, which shocked Europe and made headlines across the world, has seen a number of MEPs and former EU officials land in handcuffs after Belgian police raided offices and residences, where they reportedly found €1.5 million in bribe money stuffed in papers bags and suitcases.

According to Tarczyński, Poland’s Internal Security Agency, the ABW, played a key role at the beginning of the investigation and handed over information to Belgian investigators. He also revealed that new information on the scandal has been procured as a result of revelations regarding the arrest warrant issued against MEP Eva Kaili, the former vice-president of the European Parliament.

PM Orbán: Brussels Is Full Of Corruption

The Polish MEP said that new names are appearing all the time and that two more MEPs have now been arrested, according to a report from Radio Szczecin. Moreover, there is now “information that Kaili received more than €10 million in total, whereas back in December, it had been reported that this figure was between half a million and 1.5 million (euros),” said Tarczyński.

The information regarding the bribes was reportedly obtained from law enforcement surveillance of Kaili’s phone calls. 

Tarczyński argued that there is now a need to review the whole legislative process in the European Parliament and that all those involved in this scandal must be named. After that, there must be an investigation into who instigated the bribery plot, as many trails lead not only to Qatar and Morocco but to Russia as well.

Hungary’s PM Orbán mocks EU corruption scandal: ‘If they continue like this in Brussels, soon enough MEPs will be behind bars to form their own football team’

The Qatargate bribery scandal continues to rock Brussels, and Hungary’s conservatives are rubbing salt in the wound

“The scandal will run and run, with more names emerging and new leads too,” said Tarczyński. Given that those who were allegedly bribed by Qatar helped influence a number of key votes related to Qatar, such as on the issue of allowing Qataris visa-free travel to Europe, the Polish MEP said he thinks there will now be moves to review and overturn some past resolutions of the European Parliament. There is concern that the Qatargate bribery case was only the tip of the iceberg and that many past votes and resolutions in Europe were influenced by foreign money and outright bribery.

The present corruption scandal emerged in December 2022, which involved accusations that countries such as Qatar and Morocco had bribed MEPs to ensure political and economic decisions taken by the European Parliament went their way. A former MEP, Pier Antonio Panzeri, a key figure emerging in the scandal, has admitted that he handed over €120,000 to Belgian MEP Marco Tarabelli. Panzeri is now cooperating with the investigators in return for a reduced sentence for his role in the crimes. 

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