Some people may think that I am against Ukraine, or in favour of (or a propogandist for) Vladimir Putin. I’m not.

I’m against the war period. In my opinion, the West should have been doing everything possible to negotiate peace right from the start and should not have taken sides.

For those who want to know, here’s what I do think.

Russia is a highly corrupt nation which is largely run by oligarchs.

Ukraine is a highly corrupt nation which is largely run by oligarchs.

I don’t think Putin is a good guy.

I don’t think Zelensky is a good guy.

I don’t think the mainstream media are telling the truth about this conflict, any more than I think they told the truth about the Russia Collusion scandal, the origins of Covid, the efficacy of the vaccines, Hunter Biden’s laptop or Joe Biden’s mental acuity.

I don’t think we should be involved militarily in Ukraine. It is a lose-lose proposition.

Now, it appears that, as with the Covid narrative, the “everything is awesome in Ukraine” narrative is falling apart.

It looks as though the Ukrainian military is in free fall and that within a few weeks or months, that they will collapse unless foreign (read American) forces step in.

What will happen then is anyone’s guess.

My guess is that Putin will take the Eastern parts of Ukraine at least and possibly the whole country.

I doubt very much that he will be interested in attacking any other nation. Why would he?

Pretty much all of his neighbours are now NATO members which would put him at war with all of Europe and the USA.

Putin is a pragmatic strategist. Zelensky is a comedian.

It speaks volumes about our elites and the braindead masses, that they backed Zelensky without question.

The following video is one of the more sensible discussions on the subject that I have come across. It is worth the time invested.