Many people think that Tucker Carlson is hilarious but the clowns in the Murdoch family just upstaged him in a big way.

They and their backers thought that it was worth burning down the highest rating and most profitable cable news network in America just to shut Tucker up but the way this has backfired is just hilarious.

Fox were prepared to pay tens of millions to keep Carlson gagged up in his contract until after the 2024 election, probably to keep Trump out of power.

Carlson is one of the few top media personalities who is prepared to criticise Biden’s policies and to give Trump a fair hearing.

That might sound far-fetched to some of you who thought that Fox and the Murdochs were actually Conservative, but these guys have form.

Those with long memories may know that old man Murdoch was known as Red Rupert when he was at university.

You may also remember never Trumper Chris Wallace who gave Trump a hostile interview where he deliberately tried to trap him on multiple fronts.

Did you think it was an accident that the same Chris Wallace ran the election coverage for Fox on the night of the election when he was calling states for Biden which were still in play before voting had closed? Coincidence hardly.

It now looks like the Murdoch arm of Swamp Incorporated is so desperate to shut Tucker down that they were prepared to carry out a controlled demolition of the controlled opposition just to flatten the most dangerous voice out there.

They just knew they had him trapped. He would be paid millions per year until after the election to just sit down and shut up.

Who could resist that?

The contract meant that he couldn’t go to another network before 2025.

I guess it never occurred to these people that someone would care more about America than about millions of dollars.

But it looks like Tucker did. Either that, or he figures that he may make a motza using the newly liberated Twitter platform.

Since Elon has booted out all of the spooks, along with the 80% of the workforce who were just along for the oversized pay cheques and luxurious work environment, Twitter has become the world’s second-best free speech platform (after The Richardson Post of course).

So now it looks as if Tucker will be broadcasting to the world via Twitter, that formerly Left-wing cesspool of draconian censorship and snowflake cancel culture.

This is The Swamp’s worst nightmare. Tucker is deadly dangerous because his monologues are so reasonable and well researched.

He has single handedly been blowing massive holes in the approved narrative and boy, has that raised some heckles.

If the sheeple (particularly on the Left) are exposed to Tucker night after night, there is a good chance they will start waking up en masse.

Another reason for the regime to panic is that, what Tucker has been saying so far is bad enough, but what he might say now that he’s off the leash is anyone’s guess.

But one thing’s for sure. If things work out with Tucker and Twitter, then the old adage will indeed be confirmed once more.

He who laughs last – laughs longest.