If you are a regular Richardson Post reader then you are surely aware that the mainstream media, politicians, even judges and doctors are being less than forthcoming with the truth these days. To put it bluntly, most of them couldn’t lie straight in bed.

From safe and effective vaccines to the most honest election in American history and everything in between, the blatant dishonesty is nothing short of breath-taking.

Yet against this backdrop of institutional deceit on an industrial scale have been a steady stream of truth tellers. These individuals still understand the power of truth and refuse to buckle, no matter the personal cost.

My good friend Elsa Schieder has decided to run a series of interviews with some of the most prominent narrative challengers.

The point of the interviews is not to delve into their own personal crusades too deeply, but to learn their stories.

Both myself and Howell Woltz are interviewed and I interviewed Elsa at the end.

I’ll let Elsa tell you the rest in her own words:-

As might be expected, many of these people have impressive credentials and are very involved in doing they can for justice, truth, and also the continuation of human life on the planet.

What makes these interviews special is that you get a glimpse into: who are these people? what makes them be as they are – truth tellers in a world where most people choose not to see what is going on?

What’s the impact on Reiner Fuellmich of his relationship with his father? What about the influence on Dr Ana Mihalcea of her physician mother?

Also, what about personal bents that go back to childhood? For instance, as a child Greg Mannarino had to take apart everything – including his father’s car. Now he takes apart, for us, the nitty gritty of what’s going on in the financial world. 

There are a total of 21 truth tellers interviewed. To watch them, you will simply need to register for free. Those who register will get reminders.

Here is a list of interviewees and topics covered and the times and dates that they will become available.

Week One:
Mon, June 12 – The Injustice System – Reiner Fuellmich and Howell Woltz
Tues, June 13 – Medical Malpractice – Dr Ana Mihalcea and Dr Tess Lawrie
Wed, June 14 – Crimes against Children – Alex Newman and Debbie DeGroff
Thurs, June 15 – Local Activism Plus – Tanya Gaw and Dr Charles Hoffe
Fri, June 16 – The Darkness Made Visible – Andrew Johnson and Celeste Solum 

Week Two: 
Mon, June 19 – Communist Infiltration – Diana West and Jim Simpson
Tues, June 20 – The Money Predators – Greg Mannarino and Kevin Kumar
Wed, June 21 – Truth vs Deception – Richard Gage and Tom Ballantyne
Thurs, June 22 – Systematic Evil – Laura Knight-Jadcyzk and Elana Freeland
Fri, June 23 – Truth Telling – Maria Zee, Harry Richardson and Elsa

You can see more information about the interviews and the interviewees by clicking on this link here