OK, first an apology. I’ve been keeping this a secret until now as I wanted to announce it with a BANG! so here is the announcement:

I’ve finally written another book and this one is controversial.

Many of you have read my previous book, The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled.

With 35,000 copies sold and 750,000 clicks on the free version on the blog it was a massive success, especially considering that no bookshop would dare to sell it.

Most of you now understood the strategic importance of that book. It completely tore apart the narrative of Islam as a religion of peace and did so with a polite smile on its face.

Ten years on, and it is clear that another narrative needs dismantling. That of the Woke Agenda.

As with Islam, few people really understand the Woke Agenda or how to fight back against it. The situation feels just like it did in 2013 with Islam.

Back then, people were struggling to understand what was going on.

There was severe cognitive dissonance caused on the one hand by the behaviour of devout Muslims in organisations like ISIS and Al Qaeda and on the other by the proclamations of prominent Muslims and their apologists in the mainstream media and governments.

Once people understood what was really going on (thanks in no small part to my book), they were empowered. What followed was a massive groundswell and a pushback which made all the difference.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time you heard a world leader declare that Islam is a religion of peace?

They don’t dare because so many people know the truth, in no small part due to my book.

Then, three years later Trump and Brexit happened.

So now let’s fast forward to 2023.

Now we have this Woke Agenda.

Most sane people know instinctively that it is bad, but they are having trouble putting their finger on the problem.

Some blame it on “The Left”, others on “Social Justice” or “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

Let me spell it out for you.

“Woke” was originally defined as, “Awake to racial injustice.”

Implied in that definition is the assumption that the perpetrators of this injustice are always white, and the victims are always non-whites.

In effect then, “Wokeness” means fighting against whites to “protect” non-whites.

In reality, it is a fight against whites in order to dispossess us of our nations and turn us into a hated minority.

Oh sure, there are other causes rolled in there like transgenderism or climate change but have you noticed something about these other crusaders?

The only people accused of evil doing, are white, usually male, especially Christian people and organisations.

Muslims, Chinese Africans and so forth invariably get a free pass.

Why is that?

Well, because it is a racially targeted attack – and we all know which race is being targeted.

It is whites, and particularly Anglo whites, who are persona non grata in the Woke fantasy world.

If you are following me so far, then the question becomes, “what can we do about it?”

Once again, I have the answer and once again, it comes in the form of a book.


The reason we keep losing is quite simple.

Long ago, our enemies pulled off a psychological coup which left us vulnerable to their relentless and hateful campaign to destroy white civilisation.

The coup they pulled off was to convince people that racism is only ever practiced by white people and that only non-whites can be its victims.

This was easy in the early days. Non-white migrants were being shipped in to nations which were overwhelmingly white.

There was resentment and some conflict. Non-whites were at a serious disadvantage being just a very small minority and were often dirt poor and powerless.

The idea that whites were the victims would have seemed ridiculous at that time. As the numbers grew however, things changed.

As I write this, the Vice President of the USA is non white. Former US President Barack Obama is not white.

The Prime Minister of the UK is not white, he’s Indian and the head of the Scottish Assembly is a Pakistani Muslim. Many Lord Mayors of Major British cities are Muslim migrants or their descendants.

Yet still our tormentors pretend that racism against white people can never occur because only white people have power.

It is an absurd proposal, but it is essential to maintain it in order to continue the constant disenfranchisement and replacement of whites in their own countries.

With this in mind, the question becomes, “how can we fight back against this madness.”

The answer is that we must break out of this mental prison and persuade people that not only does anti-white racism exist, but that it MUST be eradicated.

When it comes to doing that, we don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

In the 1980s the gay lobby came up with the word “Homophobia” to describe anti-gay hostility. Vocal opponents of homosexuality were labelled with this slur.

Most of us don’t like to think of ourselves as irrational bigots and so hostility to gays gradually faded from the mainstream.

The Muslims took note of the wild success of this strategy and coined the term “Islamophobia”. They then used this word to smear critics of Islam or Muslims.

This strategy was so successful that they were able to run a terror campaign whilst labelling any opponents to their deeply flawed doctrine as hateful Islamophobes.

Well now it’s our turn. We need a word to smear our opponents. To quote from our book,

“The word should not be “clunky”. It should roll off the tongue with ease. It also does not need to be strictly accurate. The term “Semite” is not exclusive to Jews, yet we all understand that “anti-Semitism” refers to hostility to Jews.

After casting around and trying various combinations, we arrived, largely by process of elimination, at the term “Anglophobia.”

We understand that the term “Anglo” may not resonate with many whites who are affected by this phenomenon. In North America, many may find it jarring due to having non-English ancestors or due to the historic schism with Great Britain. Once the term becomes accepted and slides into the everyday lexicon, however, people will instinctively understand its meaning, even if they themselves might not identify specifically as Anglos.

Once these minor obstacles have receded, the ease of pronunciation make this the clear favourite, one reason why we have chosen it above all possible others such as “white-o-phobia” or the somewhat nihilistic “blank-o-phobia”.”

The new book makes a cast iron case as to why Anglophobia, or anti-white racism, is utterly unacceptable. In many cases, we use the language of the left to hoist them on their own petards and we name and shame the groups responsible.

The book is a collaboration between me and Frank Salter, who holds a PhD and whose research speciality is the politics of ethnicity.

Despite the academic rigour this adds to the book, it is still an easy and entertaining read.

The book is a wrecking ball of far-left dogma.

In writing it, we took aim at sacred cow after sacred cow and deconstructed the relentless attacks against white people such as those embodied in Critical Race Theory.

In doing so, we expose the flawed scholarship and hypocrisy which is entwined in this dogma like faeces in a blanket.

The word “Anglophobia” can be used to unravel the whole toxic agenda of hatred against us and our children.

The book in its various forms can be found and purchased at anglophobia.org .

The site also showcases the first of what we hope will be a long series of videos which will bring the book alive with a new audience (click below to watch the video).

It has also been professionally recorded as an audiobook which is a great way to read it if you don’t have much time but commute to work in a car for instance.

Buy the book, read it, use it, promote the heckle out of it, please: because now is the time to start taking back our nations.

Visit anglophobia.org and share the book and this article to start the fightback.