I’ll keep this mercifully short so that you will have time to watch the following 9 minute video which will blow you off your chair.

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Most people are telling me that this is even better than the first one and they will be improving as we go on.

If we are going to deal with all of this wokery, we first need to unpack and understand it. Then we can see how to deal with it.

That is exactly what this series of videos will be doing.

If you understood the importance of my first book, The Story of Mohammed: Islam Unveiled, then you will know that the follow up will be every bit as devastating to those who wish to tear apart our nations.

“Anglophobia” has the power to do for white people what “Homophobia” did for gays and “Islamophobia” did for Muslims, but only if we all get behind it and promote the use of the word.

Please, watch the videos and if possible, buy the book.

Use the word, call out Anglophobia wherever you see it.

Make anti-white racism unacceptable and help us to change the world, one bigot at a time.

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