Our non-Australian readers may not realise this, but our Prime Minister is asking Australians to vote on a new bureaucratic apparatus to be inserted into our Constitution.

It will be called “The Voice to Parliament” and is intended to be staffed by Aboriginal Australians who will “advise” politicians in areas which affect Aboriginals (which means just about everything if you think about it).

Lots of people have commented on this proposal so far and made some very valid criticisms.

The British Australian Community (BAC) has just come out with a statement, however, which judges the proposal from the perspective of Anglo Australians (including those who are descended from, or have assimilated into, that population).

The BAC do not advocate a special privilege for Aboriginal people but considers that as founding members of the Commonwealth, that they deserve a mention in the non-binding preamble to the Constitution.

What will blow the minds of the wokesters who are promoting The Voice, is that the BAC also suggest that Anglos should be recognized in the preamble.

This is a pretty reasonable expectation, given that it was the Anglo pioneers who created the Nation, the Commonwealth, the Constitution and just about everything else which made Australia what it is today.

The video is brilliantly executed and I encourage you in the strongest possible terms to invest 8 minutes of your life to watch it.

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