Dr Frank Salter is a Richardson Post contributor who has produced a series of videos for The British Australian Community.

Due to time constraints, these videos have simple visual themes. Don’t be fooled by this, however.

The messaging in the video is powerful and unlike anything else yet produced.

We need people to wake up to the Voice scam. Please watch the following four videos on YouTube and if nothing else, please give them a like and preferably a short comment which shows the YouTube algorithm that you are engaged with the video.

That will encourage it to show it to others and help it go viral like the first one did.

Thanks for helping out with this. We have to stop this attack on our civilisation.

Part 2  The Exclusion of Anglos From The Voice Debate

Part 3   The Exclusion of Anglos From Ethnic Politics In General

Part 4  Our Stolen Commonwealth

Part 1 can be found here if you have not already seen it: