This weekend’s attacks on Israel by Hamas have brought everyone’s mind’s back to the (almost) forgotten subject of Islamic terror.  

Though, whilst the spectre of slavering jihadists dragging bleeding female captives away screaming “Allahu Akhba” may not be anything new to those paying attention, there was a new element to this attack which should send a shiver down the spine of any non-Muslim, but particularly Israeli Jews.

Up until one hundred and fifty years ago, give or take, having overwhelming numbers of low IQ, high testosterone fanatics with swords, bows and arrows or even muskets would enable conquest and subjugation of entire regions.

From the mid Nineteenth century onwards, however, European creativity and technological prowess began to transform warfare.

Battles were won by societies with large numbers of highly educated workers beavering away in factories producing machines which could obliterate vast numbers of less well equipped enemy soldiers.

The Middle East and North Africa therefore lost their major source of revenue (plunder and slaves). It rapidly became a wasteland whose only lifeline was the oil which Westerners discovered and pumped out from below the deserts that had mostly been created by the Muslims themselves through disastrous land use and disuse.

The huge technological advantage (plus US$1 Billion/year from the long suffering American taxpayer to them and the same in protection money to the Egyptians) allowed Israel to hold its own against a much larger population of Arabs.

Unfortunately, the latest advances in technology appear to be changing the balance of power back again.

Cheap, mass-produced drones are now capable of taking out sophisticated and expensive weaponry like tanks which had given the West such a huge advantage.

If this trend continues, it is possible that the Muslims will finally get their wish and be finally able to ‘drive the Jews into the sea,’ as they have been promising since 1947 (in case you hadn’t figured it out, the Two State Solution is not a goal, it is a step on the way to the real goal).

For all those non-Muslims who ‘Stand with Palestine,’ this would not be good news. With Israel out of the way, you will be next.

If you want to know what that would feel like, go have a talk to a Pakistani Christian like Asia Bibi.

So, what to do?

Well, there are two things we could do to avoid this. The first, is to carpet bomb every Islamic nation, attempt to wipe out every last Muslim and burn every last Koran.

As you can imagine, without even considering the practical difficulties, this is well outside the moral framework of most people in the West (although if the tables were turned…..).

And so it should be when there is such a simple and practical alternative.

There is a weapon available which is cheap and easy to mass produce. It will destroy Islam without killing or injuring anyone.

All that is required to use it, is some time to become familiar with it, a little humility, some courage and a commitment to truth.

The weapon is a book. I know all about it because I wrote it.

It is free to read here:

Spread to all you know like your life depends on it.

For those of limited time who are unsure what is going on, here are a few questions for you:

 If it is unconscionable to expect any Palestinian to live outside of Palestine, why does every other Muslim seem to want to move to Sweden or Australia or America or France?

Why are there two United Nations refugee bodies? One for every other single refugee in the entire world, and another purely for the Palestinians?

Why are there two sets of rules for refugees, one for every other single refugee in the entire world, and another purely for the Palestinians?

The rules for every other refugee are such that if refugees have children outside of their homeland, that the children (or grandchildren etc) are not considered to be refugees. This is a sensible rule to prevent these problems continuing ad infinitum.

The rules for Palestinian refugees are…… you guessed it! Palestinian children, grandchildren, great grandchildren for ever and a day, are classified as refugees. Why is that, do you think?

There are many questions that are essentially unanswerable until you read The Story of Mohammed: Islam Unveiled.

On the other side of the ledger, will idiotic Jewish leaders like Dvir Abromavich and Chuck Schumer finally stop insisting that Western nations welcome unlimited numbers of dangerously extreme Muslims into our countries?

I won’t hold my breath on that one just yet.