Great News! After a long break, we have been able to produce the next Anglophobia video and this one’s a doozy.

The story is getting really interesting and the graphics and video are a real step up from the originals (which weren’t bad actually).

Please take the time to watch it on YouTube and at least hit the like button and preferably leave a comment. The Algorithm loves this and it can really help to launch it.

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For those who haven’t read the book, there is some mind boggling information in there but I’m just going to issue a trigger warning here: It isn’t very politically correct.

Click on the image below on the bottom left corner (where it says “Watch on YouTube”) and buckle up for a bumpy ride through the quagmire of Woke, Anti-white hatred.

PS. if you are having trouble getting a copy of the book on Amazon, please leave a comment below and I will ask Nurse Ratched to sort it out.