As we look back at the year that was, I’m going to call it as the year of “I Told You So” for Richardson Post readers.

This was the year that we found out the full story of who was censoring Twitter (and probably every other mainstream media misinformation factory.

It wasn’t just a homosexual weirdo with a PhD based on his Grindr escapades, but a whole bunch of questionable outfits ranging from the CIA, the FBI, the ADL, the Democrats, the bureaucrats the technocrats the autocrats and all the other t#@ts who think they have a right to control what the deplorables are allowed to see and think.

This year we found out that Twitter’s department of Trust and Safety was just good old fashioned jack booted censors department staffed by Anglophobic hostile elites.

This was also the year the normies found out that Hunter Biden’s laptop wasn’t Russian disinformation but a genuine record of the most heinous wrong doing by the President’s crack addled son and his lying, grifting, hair sniffing father.

We learned that Biden senior had been storing sensitive documents in places where Chinese spies might have found rather easier to access than the strong room at Mar-a-Largo.

This year, was the year they finally, grudgingly, admitted that vaccines being safe and effective was actually a lie. To be fair, we had never said it was a lie. We insisted that it was two lies.

They also seem to have quietly withdrawn the accusation that Ivermectin was a dangerous horse paste and stopped pretending that its safety profile was worse than Paracetamol (Tylenol for our North American readers).

This year, we found out that Russia didn’t bomb its own gas pipeline to its biggest and best customer. According to top level journalist Seymour Hersch, the perpetrator was the big guy who threatened to make sure it never went ahead.

Whether he really made good on that threat, or whether he hit the wrong button whilst trying to order a different flavour of ice cream, I guess we’ll never know but we do know that Joe’s fingerprints were all over the whole sordid affair.

For once I will agree with Barack Obama who advised people to never underestimate Joe’s ability to f@#k things up. Boy did he have that one right!

Another interesting snippet we learned this year was that Fox News needed Tucker Carlson far more than Tucker needed Fox, thanks largely to the platform that Elon has recaptured from The Dark Side.

And speaking of Mr Musk, we learned that he thinks that Bob Iger (CEO of Disney), and probably the rest of his censorious ilk, can go and F@#k himself (he actually said that lol).

One of the biggest revelations this year has been the realisation by the mainstream that Ukraine won’t be winning the war against Russia anytime soon and we won’t be getting our US$100 billion + back either.

Even more tragic in my opinion are the countless thousands of young men who were blown to smithereens in one of the most preventable wars of recent times. (Does anyone actually believe that this war would have gone ahead if Joe Biden hadn’t mysteriously won more votes than any other US President in history?).

One of the best things we found out, however, was that ordinary Australians think that obnoxious Aboriginal Marxist activists have a big enough Voice already.

Whilst The Richardson Post may not be The New York Times (thank God), our ability to be on the right side of these, and many other issues, gives us a credibility that has us punching way above our weight.

Small, alternative media outlets like ours are what feed giants like Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk. Who knows who else will step out of the shadows in the near future, inspired by the integrity and courage that were once the hallmarks of the mainstream media but are now relegated to smaller media outlets like ours.

That is why we forge ahead, despite or even because of, the decision to cut our funding by evil Google and their evil partners in crime.

We get by on a shoestring, supported by legends just like you who tip in what they can afford. Many of you are sparing literally a cup of coffee a week whilst others are able to spare much more.

Rarely do we ask for more, but thanks to cyber attacks this year, we spent more than usual on our wonderful tech team.

So, I’m going to ask those of you who love our work but don’t normally contribute to step up this Christmas and go to that “Donate” section.

If you could make an ongoing amount it takes even more pressure off us. We don’t make a song and a dance about it, but we know who contributes and we appreciate you all like you can’t even imagine.

The Richardson Post would not still be here if it wasn’t for the generosity of the few. Please think about joining them and help us to keep the lights on for 2024 which is shaping up to be a cracker (think Donald back as President and the screaming upset that would cause😊).

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May God bless all of you and give you health and vitality in the year to come.

Harry Richardson