According to the Weekend Australian,

“ASIO director-General Mike Burgess advised Labor MP Michelle Ananda Rajah that Australia’s pro-Palestine rallies served as an important “pressure release” given a “real risk of a terror attack”, a letter from the back bencher to a local voter has revealed”.

The MP, Michelle Ananda Rajah, further pointed out that social cohesion was “our most valuable national asset” whilst maintaining a completely straight face.

Given the spirit of Christmas and the season of giving, I’m going to donate a little of my time to Mike “ASIO” Burgess and write a more complete briefing for him to share with all Australian MPs in both the Federal and State Parliaments. If you are reading this Mike, feel free to cut and paste without attribution.

Dear Australian MPs,

As you are probably aware, the pro-Palestinian rallies which are currently going ahead around the country are terrifying the Jewish community and alarming traditional Australians.

British descended Aussies still seem to naively believe that migrants will leave behind grievances from the old country which have been festering for millennia.

If we disallowed the rallies, these Palestinian supporters might have more time on their hands as well as more bottled-up anger and hatred.

In my opinion, I think this would be likely to result in terror attacks in Australia.

Almost all of these people were brought in to this country by you, our political class, often with enthusiastic support from the organised Jewish community.

I think now might be a good time to ask yourselves, “what the hell were we thinking.”

It’s not as if you weren’t warned. The terror attack at the Munich Olympics happened shortly before you began welcoming in huge numbers of Muslims against the advice of your departments.

But you still just had to go ahead anyway, didn’t you? Even though you knew the voters were dead set against it.

So much for democracy heh? Just spit all over those who voted for you as if you know better. Clearly, you didn’t.

One of, if not the most important function of Government, is to protect your citizens from foreign threats.

The migrants you choose are given Australian citizenship and passports which are extremely difficult to revoke.

Citizenship is then conferred to their descendants and allows full rights of passage in and out of the country (when you aren’t locking us down like prison inmates) and gives political power to each and every newly minted citizen in the form of a vote.

They also give access to our incredibly generous welfare system which is paid for by current taxpayers.

In view of these facts, it is hard to think of a more solemn decision than whether to award citizenship to a foreigner or not.

Get it wrong, and the citizens who vote for you and pay your generous salaries and superannuation are lumbered with the consequences pretty much forever.

I’ve tried to rack my brains to think of the most undesirable migrant it would be possible to find, but try as I might, I can’t think of anyone who could be less desirable that someone who turns out, not only to be a terrorist, but manages to raise children who also want to commit terror attacks on this country.

I’d like to be kind to you people, I really would. But I just can’t find it in myself to believe that any of you could be that fricking stupid.

For example, how low would your IQ have to be to bring in someone from a different religion and culture, without bothering to check out the beliefs involved in that religion and culture?

Didn’t it occur to you to open up the Koran and have a read?

With the resources of one of the most prosperous nations in the world at your disposal, you couldn’t find anyone to look into the background of Islamic culture before handing out passports to these people like smarties?

Would it have made any difference if you had researched the Islamic religion, I ask myself?

All the information has been out there for a while now. Your departments have been telling you forever what a bad idea it is and yet you still you have your heads shoved where the sun doesn’t shine.

The Islamic religion tells its followers that they can’t go to heaven until the whole world is conquered by Islam.

Until then, they remain buried alive, so to speak, until the day of judgement when the Muslims will kill the last of the Jews and the trees and rocks will grow mouths and call out to the Muslims “Come over here and kill this Jew who is hiding behind me”.

Does that sound like a group of compatible migrants to you? Isn’t it obvious that they will be at least somewhat motivated to engage in violent Jihad when that is the only short cut to the highest level of heaven (the one with all the virgins and young boys “handsome as pearls”).

Even after all of this, you are now importing Palestinians from Gaza without proper vetting. When Denmark let a bunch of Palestinians into their country, almost two thirds of them wound up with a criminal record for God’s sake.

Again I ask, what the hell are you thinking?

After all, these people have been insisting for the last 70 odd years that they can’t possibly live anywhere else except the parts of Israel that they aren’t in now.

They can’t wander over the border into Egypt which they were part of prior to the 1967 war and they can’t travel the short distance to Jordan which is also an Arab country that is almost indistinguishable in language, religion and culture (and note that both of those countries have refused point blank to take them).

Yet all of a sudden, they can up and fly halfway around the globe to a nation which has a different language, customs, religion and laws and accept citizenship here. They have already told us that we should change because our customs and religion offend them.

Clearly, the whole thing was a sham to justify the war against Israel and the killing and rape of Jews. Obviously these people have been lying all along to justify genocidal violence encapsulated in the chant “From the River to the Sea”.

I think it is time for you to come clean to the Australian people and own up to why you have committed this crime against your nation.

What was your motivation?

Were you offered incentives like Hawke who got rich after leaving office, quite likely by working for China. Could his lucrative contracts have been a payoff for letting in bulk Chinese nationals?

Or was it juicy blackmail that motivated you? Are there photos of you in compromising positions.

In today’s permissive society, those would have to be pretty bad.

Don’t tell me you were good friends with Jeffrey Epstein?

Whatever the reason, you need to stop importing people who hate our nation enough to commit terror attacks which they have been doing for over 100 years.

Bear in mind that if you don’t stop, then eventually Muslims will be a majority and will be voting you out of office all over the country and not just in Western Sydney and parts of Melbourne.

If that happens, then I’ll be out of a job too and my replacement will not just be on board with the rallies, he’ll be cheering on the terror attacks too.

Yours in sincerely stunned amazement

Mike Burgess

ASIO Director-General