Dear Richardson Post Donors,

It is thanks to you guys that this publication exists. Without you, we just couldn’t keep the lights on. Thousands of people read our posts and gain valuable insights that the mainstream press just won’t report on.

Out of those thousands, only a small percentage donate and so I would just like to say a really special thank you to you all once more. As I have noted previously, mostly, you don’t even want to be recognized.

You just chip in month by month knowing that you are doing the right thing by everyone.
Well, I know who you are and on behalf of all of us here, I want to let you know how much you are appreciated.

I think I have written to all of you by email so if you haven’t received a personal thank you from me, please check in your spam boxes and if you can’t find anything in there, do please drop me a line at  so I have your latest details and can thank you personally.

Best to all of you,

Harry Richardson