Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the Tucker Carlson event at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

The warm up speakers were excellent, and well known to Richardson Post readers. Melissa McCann is mounting a class action over the Covid jabs and did a great job of presenting some fairly complex concepts using easy to understand graphics.

Dinesh D’Souza gave an overview of election malfeasance in the 2020 US election (you know, the most secure election in history), followed by a section from his documentary 2000 Mules.

Clive Palmer then laid out the huge investment of time and money he put into protecting all Australians during the Covid panic, only to have big pharma heavy the Government into shutting it all down.

As expected, however, the star of the show was Tucker himself. I’ve always been a fan of Tucker Carlson and have long admired him as a straight shooter.

He starts from a position of honesty and integrity which have never been a hallmark of mainstream journalists.

Sadly, in recent years, journalistic standards have plumbed new lows.

Just one of Tuckers hilarious anecdotes was rating his view of journalists as below the guy who does prostate exams (“and he is pretty low in my estimation!”).

This irreverent sense of humour and his ability to highlight the absurd is Tucker’s real trump card. His well-timed maniacal laugh tips me over the edge every time.

As someone who migrated to Australia from England, Tucker’s hilarious observations of the character and priorities of Australians as well as their love of the country and its environment struck a chord (“you have a brown snake in your kitchen, but you think me having a gun in my house is dangerous!)

The humour is accentuated by Tucker’s stellar ability to accumulate facts and to process them logically.

What gives him a real edge in this, is the humility to realise that, like all humans, he knows very little and is frequently wrong.

This combination makes Tucker a powerful speaker far beyond what I had imagined. Apologies to Tucker here, but I had assumed that his monologues were prepared largely by his team and read out from a teleprompter.

Surely Tucker does have researchers and writers who assist him, but in view of last night’s performance, I would be rather more confident that Tucker himself is playing a much larger role in the preparation and delivery of his material than I previously imagined.

In recent years, I’ve been delighted to see him slowly drift in our direction and begin to show understanding and compassion for the rights and aspirations of European and Anglo descended people.

This isn’t to blow our own trumpet for being ahead of the game. The simple fact is, that as a major media personality, Tucker will have always faced constraints which, as comparative nobodies, we don’t.

Having said that, Tucker has been courageous enough, and adept enough, to push that Overton Window to breaking point (and recently beyond 😊).

Having been freed entirely from the shackles of corporate media (hat tip to Elon Musk here for rescuing Twitter and giving him a platform), Tucker Carlson has gone from strength to strength.

What was particularly heartwarming to me, was Tucker’s frequent references to “Anglos” and “Anglo nations” as if he had already read our book Anglophobia: The Unrecognised Hatred.

He talked about us as a people with a distinct shared history and culture.

He was careful, and didn’t cross some of the lines which we explored in the book, but if I was a gambling man, I’d wager that he is already probing in that direction.

One of his main, if understated, points was that mass immigration is transforming our societies.

Carefully leaving out any judgement of whether this is a good or bad thing, the fact that he raised it (frequently) lets us all know where he stands on the issue.

Echoing one of the points in our book, he is careful to point out that the migrants themselves are innocent and largely without malice, but that from the perspective of members of the host nation, this phenomenon is completely against our interests.

Whether he has read our book, or come to similar conclusions independently, it was both satisfying and comforting to see such an influential powerhouse swinging round in our direction.

If the lunatics in the White House don’t launch us into WW3 (another fear we both share) then I feel that there is a far better chance for the civilised world having a man of Tucker Carlson’s incredible talents on the side of the good guys.

Tucker has several more shows around the country with tickets still available at reasonable prices HERE.

It’s well worth the money for the humour alone. The searing insights are the icing on the cake.