I didn’t really expect this in my lifetime but there you go. Keir Starmer is the new Prime Minister of Britain.

Apparently From 1986 to 1987, Starmer was the editor of Socialist Alternatives, a radical Trotskyist magazine. The magazine was produced by an organisation under the same name, which represented the British section of the International Revolutionary Marxist Tendency.

If you are editing a radical Trotskyist magazine, then it’s fair to assume that you are a radical Trotskyist. To my knowledge, he hasn’t renounced those beliefs.

His predecessor Tony Blair was also a radical Trotskyist though in 1997, it appears that keeping that under wraps was considered politic.

Apparently, in 2024, it isn’t.

Not that there has been much change in between times. After the disaster of Tony Blair, working class Poms turned in droves to the Conservative party for the first time in a lifetime. Unfortunately, they were fleeing from the frying pan into the fire.

Part of the problem was that during his time in office, Blair had sabotaged things in ways in that made it extremely difficult to unwind.

His successor David Cameron showed little to no interest in repairing the damage and even continued things.

The most obvious insane policy was open borders immigration. Blair made good on his promise to “rub the Right’s noses in diversity.”

Unfortunately, most of those having their noses rubbed in it were his working class supporters. Poles were given open slather to come to England. Blair claimed that around 13,000 would make the trek. In fact, a million of them came.

Not that the Poles were the worst immigrants but the effect on tradesmen’s wages was catastrophic.

Along with the Poles, however, came people from all over the Third World claiming asylum and signing themselves up for every taxpayer funded junket they could get their hands on.

The famed National Health Service became the International Health Service and with the European Court of Human Rights deciding who could be ejected, once in, there was no way they were leaving.

Blair then rammed through constitutional change which took power from the hands of elected representatives and put it in the hands of unelected bureaucrats and unaccountable QANGOs (Quasi Autonomous Non Government Organisations).

Cameron continued this vandalism of citizen’s rights. He created the Office of Budget Responsibility. This department is tasked with creating economic forecasts depending on the current policies of the Government.

According to Liz Truss, one of Cameron’s successors as Prime Minister, this department is run by hard left ideologues who threatened Prime Ministers that if they dared to reduce immigration, that they would issue economic forecasts predicting financial ruin.

This was enough to scare most of them into compliance, which explains in part why they never stopped mass immigration as (repeatedly) promised.

Liz Truss who attempted to ignore these faceless bureaucrats was thrown out of office 45 days later after the “money power” who control The Bank of England dumped British bonds, collapsing the market and throwing the economy into turmoil.

Rishi Sunak, the nice Indian banker was then installed and all was returned to normal, including the mass human transit of the Third World onto the British taxpayer’s wallet.

In desperation then, the poor confused Poms have elected the wolf in wolf’s clothing figuring that maybe things will change.

I suspect they may be right.

Despite Nigel Farage’s Reform party being the third most popular, he only picked up a paltry 4 seats thanks to the British voting system which favours the major parties massively.

Still, it is a start and hopefully by 2029, assuming the British are still allowed to vote, Reform might have a more sophisticated structure and we may get some meaningful change.