Okay, I admit it, I was wrong. All this time, I have been telling people that Muslims have been carrying out these Jihadist mass murders because they have been brain washed. 

From birth, they have been led to believe that All-Powerful Allah will roast their testicles for eternity if they don’t answer the jihadist call when it goes out. 

What a fool I was. Turns out, it was a simple mental health issue after all.

That is a huge relief for all concerned. Now we can clearly see what to do. We just need to pull out the old budget spreadsheet and make some minor adjustments.

Slice a bit off veterans' benefits here and trim the aged pension there.Then, we can pump more funding into the right refugee mental health programs and all will be rosy.

“No wait, it’s an election year. Better see those awfully nice bankster chappies and borrow a big pile of folding stuff. Don’t worry, the dumb voters can pay it off after we get kicked out of office by the next bunch of oxygen thieves. It’s no good skimping. Otherwise we’ll end up spending more on bollards in the end.”

WTH? Are these guys serious? Mental health?

We’re not talking about a bout of depression here, or minor anxiety issues. If this is a mental health issue, it would have to be one of the most extreme and dangerous cases ever seen.

Claiming to be a Kurdish Muslim, Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 26, (above) drove his car through crowds of Melbourne pedestrians killing four people including a baby and injuring another 25. 

   He said, "I am a good sexy young guy and I am claiming a mental health issue ".

The words “bat shit crazy” don’t even begin to describe this kind of behaviour. I’m no psychiatrist so I am not sure of the exact terminology; but we are definitely into Hannibal Lecter territory here… and he was a work of fiction.

Australians have been driving en masse since the ‘50s. Car ownership here is amongst the highest in the world, yet out of the entire population of Australia, not once has any Dinki di Aussie bloke (or Sheila) thought to gun a car into a random crowd of pedestrians. Not once in 70 years.

Bring in a few “refugees” however, and suddenly this happens twice in one year.

What could we be doing wrong?

Did we close down the nut house too soon?

Did we fail to see the signs?

Were we too stingy with our welfare payments? The poor bloke only had a Vitara. Maybe if we’d bought him a Land Cruiser he might have liked us enough to not attempt mass murder.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that these idiots are missing the point here?

If these refugees are so mentally deranged that they would carry out mass murder on an industrial scale, then how did they get through the immigration screening process? Is there no kind of psychiatric evaluation? Is no-one expected to be held accountable for this decision?

Either the immigration screening process is entirely unfit for purpose; or someone screwed up so badly that they ought to be facing prison time for criminal negligence.

But we all know the real story. The cat is well and truly out of the bag on this one. We know it, and they know it. We’ve read the Koran. We know what the Prophet Mohammed’s game was.

Yet still these people stand there and lie to us. My God! They must have the hide of a rhinoceros. Do they really think we are that stupid? Do they think we are just going to keep “going about our business” forever?

People are getting angry, I can feel it. The tone of people on social media, on YouTube, in emails, is getting darker.

Oh, but don’t worry about the Muslims. You can’t blame a dog for barking.

No, the anger I hear isn’t directed against Muslims. It is directed against lying, scumbag politicians, lying, scumbag journalists and lying scumbag police.