Well, the upcoming Queensland election is shaping up to be a doozy. The word from the mainstream press (who never gets things wrong) says that Labor will be returned thanks to the fact that One Nation is preferencing them ahead of the LNP in most LNP held seats. Meanwhile, the LNP are preferencing One Nation above Labor in all but eight seats where One Nation has candidates.

Clearly one conservative party is getting the short straw here! 

This means that in seats where One Nation doesn’t win (of which there will be lots) the One Nation preferences will flow to the Labor party if One Nation voters follow the ON “how to vote” card.

Unfortunately, there will be a lot of voters who do follow the “how to vote” cards. That’s why political parties go to the trouble of producing them. If the election is close, it could indeed hand power to a Labor/Green (radical, open border, socialist) coalition.

Now all political parties make mistakes, but this one has the potential to be the most damaging. 

One Nation is in a sweet spot right now. They are blessed with a huge number of voters who are coming to them because the current Liberal Government is not listening to them and doesn’t give a damn about what they want. The LNP is in a sorry place, but it can ill afford to be belligerent toward One Nation…hence their preferencing decisions. After all their only chance to govern will be with One Nation.

A lot of new One Nation voters could perceive One Nation's Labor preferencing preferencing as a sign the Party powerbrokers don’t care what most of their followers clearly want (a poll showed 75% will put LNP before Labor).

Many candidates are also struggling to understand why One Nation HQ has given Labor preference over LNP on their HTV cards

The LNP may be worried about losing votes among the latte sippers in the cities by doing a deal with ON, but they must balance that with the wishes of people in the regions.

This is a tragedy, because ON is still a good party with lots of great candidates. Whoever made this decision deserves to have his/her underpants filled with fire ants and then superglued in place.

It is essential that we turn out and show support for One Nation as the only party which doesn’t consider the replacement of traditional Australian people and culture as a core policy objective. Even more important is to ensure a Labor/Green coalition doesn’t get back in and attempt to facilitate this in the shortest possible time.

Fortunately, in a sign of the resilience of the conservative support base, an enterprising group from the Sunshine Coast has ignored both the LNP and ON leadership and produced their own “how to vote” cards for any voters determined to see a less radical left-wing government in Queensland. They have been handing these out around the Sunny Coast and causing quite a stir at the polling booths where pre-polling is in full swing.

The organisation, which is called “Rite-On” is modelled along the lines of Get-Up, except they are not funded by George Soros.

Anyone wanting to access copies of the Rite-On “how to vote” cards can visit the Rite-ON facebook page. Say ‘hi’ to their team while you are there. In this age of total apathy, they would do a jig if you can volunteer to work in one of the marginal booths, or to boost their membership numbers.

Further South, in the Gold Coast’s Mermaid Beach electorate, Saraya Beric has caused something of a stir by posting her campaign on Tinder. For those of you whose telephone is still attached to a length of cable, Tinder is a dating app which morphed out of something rather less polite.

Saraya posted tongue in cheek pics about herself, Mermaid Beach and the incumbent Member. These contained her election messages to get viewers engaged in her campaign. Saraya was formerly a senior staffer to Pauline Hanson. I met Saraya several times before the last Federal election when she was working for One Nation.

Although she is no longer with One Nation, she holds their core values dear. Since ON are not fielding a candidate in Mermaid Beach, she would be a choice candidate for any would-be One Nation voters in that electorate.

If you want to make a difference, get out and vote for a conservative candidate. If you want to make a big difference, contact Rite-on or Saraya Beric (she is on Facebook) and donate some time at a polling booth.

Alternatively, you could sit around drinking beer and complaining about how we always end up with crappy politicians.

Your call.