Top ranked footy star Israel Folau is in hot water once more. He put up a now famous Instagram post calling on sinners to repent.

“Those that are living in Sin will end up in Hell unless you repent. Jesus Christ loves you and is giving you time to turn away from your sin and come to him.”

Nothing too controversial there, at least it wouldn’t have been a few short years ago.

He added a graphic to his post saying “Warning, drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists, idolators Hell awaits you. Repent! Only Jesus saves.

Radio hosts fell over each other bragging about how many of the above they had been guilty of. But the Gay lobby didn’t see the funny side of it.

Brandishing their victimhood for all it was worth, they accused Folau of the worst type of heresy. They characterised him as a hate filled monster who must be destroyed.

Rugby Australia folded like a pack of cards under their onslaught and fired Folau under a contractual clause which didn’t actually exist.

Peter Beattie – socialist media tart and chairman of the Australian Rugby League, (who only recently discovered that Cronulla’s nickname is “The Sharks”) – announced that Folau would be banned from any NRL team in the future.

Recently organised the Commonwealth Games

This is not a free speech issue however. Rugby Australia is free to insert whatever clauses it likes into its contracts. The fact that it bungled its contract with Folau, is more down to incompetence than good conscience.

What is much more notable is the power shift it demonstrates. Even 20 years ago, Folau’s comments would have passed without incident.

Today however, Israel has been fired for expressing common or garden Christian beliefs that are set down in the Bible.

It is also interesting to note that our media shills are lying to make Folau sound like some kind of monster. The Murdoch press referred to his post a “homophobic rant.”

Homophobia is an irrational fear of gays. This is a baseless slur. Folau’s comments suggested no such thing. He simply stated his honestly held belief that the Bible is correct and that any one of a range of sins would take you to Hell.

He did not infer a fear or a hatred of homosexuals. In fact, in part of his text he wrote that: “Jesus Christ loves you and is giving you time to turn away from your sin and come to him.”

That doesn’t sound very hateful to me. He was simply reiterating the Christian teaching of love for sinners which encourages them to change their behaviour.

A couple of AFL players supported Israel’s views by liking his post on Instagram. They were quickly confronted by the AFL chief and were forced to back down. They unliked the comment shortly afterwards leaving Israel abandoned and isolated.

“we understand your faith is important to you and we are fully supportive of that but you need to be mindful that we have an inclusive environment” said AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan. Apparently, that wonderful inclusiveness doesn’t extend to Christian beliefs however.

Israel Folau did not hate on homosexuals; he quoted the Bible. Why is such blasphemy punishable by the loss of a multimillion-dollar career?

It is fashionable today to dismiss the Bible as a bunch of stupid fairy tales. Is the Bible really just a collection of outdated dogma or does it still retain utility?

There are some fairly strange tales in the Bible to be sure. I personally think it unlikely that Jonah survived in the stomach of a whale or that the universe was created in six days.

I am not sure if there is a supernatural being who watches everything we do. However, there is much more to the Bible than that.

The Bible contains a set of rules which people can live by. These are claimed to be God’s rules which he considers the ultimate way for people to organise a society.

The Bible also provides a detailed and historically sound record of the Jewish people over a period of around 1500 years. This record is a rather revealing look at what happens when people follow the Bible’s rules.

There is a constant theme running through this history. The Jews follow God’s rules and are successful. They have their own nation, and all goes well.

Then, the Jews decide that these rules are too restrictive, so they throw them in the bin and concentrate on having fun instead.

Shortly afterwards, the society falls apart and the Jews are invaded and carried off into slavery. In their misery, they call on God and promise to follow his rules once more.

Then, they manage to return to Israel and regain their former strength. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat etc.

Since much of this history is verifiable, we can ask ourselves why this pattern is so clearly repeated over and over. I can only see two possible explanations (assuming it isn’t a coincidence).

The first possibility is that there actually is a God and the Bible is literally true. If this really is the case, then we should all definitely be rushing to church and declaring our belief in the one true God.

The only other plausible explanation is that these rules demonstrate the best way for people to behave in order to create the most stable and pleasant society possible.

Let’s have a quick look at Israel’s list of undesirables and see what behaviour Christians are expected to avoid.

  1. Drunkenness
  2. Homosexuality
  3. Adultery
  4. Lies
  5. Fornication
  6. Thievery
  7. Atheism
  8. Idolatry

Numbers 1,3,4,5 and 6 are clearly behaviours which can cause damage to a society in general. By avoiding these, a society can become stable and prosperous.

7 and 8 may seem a little strange but think of it this way. If 1 to 6 is a list of rules to follow, 7 and 8 are an insistence that we follow those rules.

People who follow a different God (or no God), are bound by a different set of rules. Hence, rule 1 of the Ten Commandments: “Though shall have no other God but me.”

A different God means different rules, so the first Commandment effectively says: “no other rules.”

But what about number 2 on Israel Folau’s list? This is the one which has caused all the fuss. No homosexuality. Why would that be forbidden. Is there a good reason or is it just baseless prejudice, or revulsion borne out of societal disapproval?

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s ass

Well, it turns out that homosexuality does have some rather extreme downsides. There is the chance of a possible drag on birth-rates. However, this is negligible and in a polygamous society (such as an Islamic one) possibly not an issue at all.

The real problem is one of public hygiene. Societies which indulge in practices which spread diseases are less likely to be successful than those which don’t.

Some diseases can be spread through vaginal sex, but they are few and far between.

A girl’s front bottom is designed to cope with regular invasions by dirty smelly man sausage. Being able to survive these incursions is a prerequisite to reproductive success.

These wonderful organs are not just aesthetic marvels. They are virtual anti germ fortresses. They have strong supple walls which ooze a lubricant containing powerful anti-microbial agents (which stings like heck if it gets in a cut).

…and practical too.

This sweet girlie goo is so powerful, it even wipes out sperm cells, which is why men have to produce so many of them.

One’s rear passage on the other hand has no such natural protection. The purpose of the final section of the digestive tract is to remove liquids from natural waste before it is jettisoned down the pan.

Introducing a germ covered, sperm squirting male member into this chamber is a recipe for disaster. Hostile microbes are sucked straight into the bloodstream, bypassing all of the body’s natural defences.

I don’t have any figures for other diseases, but one estimate puts the chances of catching aids through botty sex as twenty times greater than through vaginal sex.

I suspect this is under stating things as anal sex is still something of a taboo, even in this day. People just don’t like ‘fessing up to it.

When AIDS was first encountered, it wasn’t called “AIDS.” It was called GRID, which stood for “Gay Related Immune Deficiency. All the people contracting it at that time were gay. In fact, it went through gay communities like a plague.

In Western nations, the use of safe sex practices (when adhered to) and modern medicine have reduced risks considerably. In African and other Third World countries with a cultural proclivity for sodomy, the death toll has been devastating.

Clearly then, there is a sound reason why homosexuality poses a serious risk, both for individuals and for societies. Once again, we find the Bible giving sound and logical advice.

When societies follow Biblical rules, they thrive. When people turn away from these rules, the society crumbles as Western nations are currently finding out.

Other sensible rules recommended by Christianity include monogamy and the sanctity of a nuclear family. It promotes truth telling, which is the basis of contract law and capitalism.

Another benefit is a prohibition on envy; which is the main driver of Communism. That particular moral failing killed more than 100 million people in the last century.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that equality is a virtue. Tolerance, inclusiveness and diversity don’t get a mention either.

There are many more sensible rules which allow a society to prosper. The question Atheists and Agnostics always ask however is, “why can’t we just keep the rules and throw out God.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. Once you throw out God, you throw out the Bible with him. Then, people simply invent their own rules to suit themselves.

Pretty soon, people who remind others of the sensible Biblical rules, like Israel Folau, become pariahs who are attacked and stripped of their privileges in order to shut them up.

Such people are branded as “hatemongers” and their enemies spew hatred and bile at them to shut them down and isolate them.

the fact remains that Israel Folau acted with Christian love towards those who he saw as breaking the Biblical rules.

It was the Atheist, Gay and even Christian community who acted viciously and vindictively against Israel whilst hypocritically accusing him of hatred.

They have deprived him of his income and vilified him in the papers, on television and the internet.

Every person of influence has attacked this man for his perfectly reasonable Christian beliefs

I may not be a Christian, but I am disgusted by what they have done to him.

I believe his treatment is part of a covert war being waged on our societies by people who hate us and wish to destroy our people our culture and our civilisation

These people are anti-Christian and anti freedom. They control the press, the TV, the largest internet companies, the schools and the universities.

Israel Folau has stood up against this onslaught. He has stood alone, sustained only by his personal courage and his Christian beliefs.

He has watched as these vultures have stripped millions of dollars from him. He stands firm, knowing his family, his wife and his children will suffer loss, ridicule and revulsion.

This is the other great thing about Christianity. It inspires selfless acts of insane courage in the face of adversity. Many years ago, the Roman Emperor Constantine was amazed by the conviction that Christians showed.

They refused to bend, even when faced with ravenous lions in the Colosseum. It was this courage which inspired him to convert to Christianity, taking the whole of the Roman Empire with him.

Little wonder that the forces aligned against us have fought tooth and nail to slur Christianity at every turn.

Little wonder that those aligned against us have taken control of the media and used their bully pulpit to ridicule, revile and disparage Christianity at every opportunity.

At every chance they have made the case that Christianity is just a “bunch of childish fairy tales” with no more utility than the legend of Santa Clause.

Yet without Christianity, who among us has had the courage to stand against the onslaught of Marxist inspired Politically Correct bile.

How many have had the courage to stand and say what is right and what is wrong without flinching from the baying mob of self-righteous Twitterati.

Who has had the courage to insist that a man is actually a man and a woman is a woman? Which public figure has refused to accept that it is OK to kill a baby just moments before birth?

Who has been prepared to risk their career and their reputation to stand up for what they know in their heart to be right, no matter what the cost?

Israel Folau has – and if we don’t stand behind him now, they will be coming for us next.

Je Suis Israel.