century of silence
century of silence

When Simon and Garfunkle sang ‘The Sounds of Silence’ they may well have been pre-empting this century which might become renowned soundlessly as the ‘Century of Silence’.

Just as Germans in WW2 were gagged by the Nazi juggernaut, and frightened Russians ghettoed into dobbing in their dissenting poets, writers and ballad singers, today’s Western world is dumbly sleep-walking towards oblivion by self-censuring itself into a future of gagged mutes, mumbling but unheard while our victors laugh at the chopping blocks as they rape our grandchildren.

And this silence will last forever because there’ll be no turning back, no fight back or changing of the tide; we will all become like the Voyager spacecraft that has finally left our solar system and is wandering towards the vast universe without a single beep being heard from it ever again. Like Voyager, we will be forgotten, dead and mute, having been defeated by our own cleverness. Not only did we invent just about everything in the modern world, but we also engineered our final demise by simply outsmarting ourselves with weird notions like political correctness, or absurd interpretations of normal words like diversity followed by virtue signalling – whatever that idiocy is.

But we are not dumb. We had no trouble inventing the light bulb, telephone, agriculture, planes, cars, trains and ships. Not to mention computers and space craft and the amazing ability to feed the world three meals a day. Then we gave away all this brilliant technology – like modern medicine, vaccines and the dazzling forensics of DNA – to the struggling and dumb-nut rest of the world at virtually no cost, or in extremely cheap deals like foreign aid.

At the same time we are trashing our childrens’ notions of their own sexuality while happily inviting the very dumbest cavemen in existence to slide over us and take the whole damn lot! Huh?

Mentally retarded from 1,400 years of inbreeding, the world’s 1.4 billion blood-curdling Muslims are preparing to dominate our blue planet with an iron-fisted dogma like nothing ever seen before, and it’s all because our own elected representatives are enthusiastically welcoming this tsunami with open arms while failing to see that they too will also be facing the chopping block – and soon. We mightn’t be dumb, but we are bloody stupid.

But wouldn’t rational people think that enormous empires like the British Empire, which once spanned a globe upon which the Sun never set, would swing into action to prevent this very final holocaust? No, they’ve done precisely the opposite and its Queen, who has sat upon the throne as Head of State, has remained mute for her entire reign; even though forward-thinking but castigated British MP’s like Enoch Powell were warning Britain about careless and unfettered immigration way back in the sixties. He was laughed at. Now ‘Great’ Britain is swamped with the very worst immigrants one could imagine, just as Powell said, and so are her deeply irresponsible partners in nearby Europe.

The mute Queen has done nothing and said not a single word about the horrific demise of her nation caused by a ratbag religion, even though she is the head of the Church of England – surely a gross dereliction of her duties and responsibilities? Recently she sent her grandson to New Zealand for more weeping and wailing pantomime performances over fifty murdered Muslims, yet when 300 Christians were recently slaughtered by Muslims, Her Useless Majesty was apparently playing her favourite song again: the Sounds of Silence, while her evil media, gagged like greyhounds, printed not a single word of it.

But silence gets us nowhere. Only loud and angry actions stopped the horrors of the world’s slave trade, or the sins of the invasion of innocent Vietnam, or the millions of other injustices everywhere. If we had all remained silent then, we would have witnessed far more deaths than the mere 73 million in the two world wars where mad men ran berserk.

In the USA today, it appears that just one man stands alone and speaks up against more insanity from Islamists and other useless nations who have kept their homelands like war-torn garbage dumps for centuries and who now want to transport all that filth into modern America while not contributing a red cent back into it. Millions of ordinary folk still despise brave Donald Trump for trying to protect their stupid necks while not comprehending what an abattoir it will be without him. Trump’s fake media of today are probably the most disloyal Americans in his nation while past presidents would probably have swung the lot of them from the gallows. Meanwhile, America today is degrading into filthiness, it’s once-fine avenues are covered in garbage and faeces, and crime is soaring again. One man can only do so much . . .

Only alternative media on the www web mentions this social degradation both there and throughout the Western world, while smart-arse professors and snowflake Uni bludgers lobby to legislate against anyone who dares mention a single word about any of this, designating it as “Hate/Race Speech”.

So now it is a serious crime to speak up about the rotten bastards everywhere who are hell-bent on trashing the world then coming to kill us all, while everyone still remains confused about the truism that Islam is a religion and not a race.

Say nothing at your peril. The gulag archipelago has returned.