In a lot of ways Mr. Abbott’s loss at this election says it all

I can think of no other person on any side of politics as dedicated to public service and the public good. Without a press release he volunteers for fires, life-saving – works with Aboriginal communities – and always has and no doubt always will.

He has a moral stand point which we may not necessarily agree with but he has one. Name another politician you would trust to follow his philosophy above his politics.  

And now primarily due to a campaign funded by the Turnbulls and Labor’s Get-up the people of Warringah have taken him out of the game.  The electorate he has been dedicated to for half his life. 

Qualified like few others – Sydney University, Rhodes Scholar to Oxford University with degrees covering economics, law, politics and philosophy . . . and if you ask the average Australian their first comment will be “budgie smugglers”. Not sure who is more culpable – media positioning or their shallow audience.

Mr. Abbott made some dumb decisions – don’t we all — but always as part of a strong belief system that he believed would benefit Australia. 

Very few Australian politicians – current or past – could be trusted to do what they thought was right and not expedient. Mr. Howard occasionally, Ted Mack always – I’m sure there was another – possibly Kim Beasley – but Mr. Abbott was the stand-out and his honesty and influence will be missed.

After the fact discussions today are all about a new wave of politics – out with the old and in with a new generation. Where does that work? Not on this planet.

Generally we don’t need professional politicians in charge – we need train drivers and shop keepers and people who work for a living and are in touch with people. Mr. Abbott is the exception. A professional politician – but one who worked hard at being an Australian – helping out – caring and believing in something more than the latest lobbyist’s offer or focus group.

First his Party lost the plot, now Warringah – its a pattern where the quality of what we are left with is not what we need. It might be what we deserve, but not what we need. Honesty, personal and moral strength, an integrity that can’t be bought and an abiding love for Australia – harder to find by the day. 

Perhaps we have created a political system that has no place for people who care about Australia. 

Mr. Abbott will be missed.