Dear Pickering Posters,

I have just had an extremely sobering conversation with all of the other people involved with the upkeep of the Pickering Post. All of them are in agreement that we should close it down as of now.

As the people who work and pay to keep The Post going, we are the ones who are likely to bear responsibility in the event of legal action. I am not a lawyer. I do not know how that would pan out, but I also have no wish to find out.

We live in a post-free speech era. Here at the post, we fight and rail against this. Our constitution and legal history tell us that free speech is our right. Unfortunately, the people who now control our legal system will urinate all over our constitutional rights and there is nothing I can do about it at the moment.

If we are going to turn things around, the Pickering Post is a valuable tool. Do you want us to continue to fight, or do you just want The Post as a forum where you can spew out your own opinions without caring for any consequences?

Option 2 is not an option by the way. If people are going to use it as such, we will just shut it down.

We understand that many of you feel aggrieved at the Mardi Gras or that minority groups seem to have more rights than the majority. However, it is possible to complain about this without sounding unreasonable or threatening.

If we remove your post, it is because we feel you have stepped over this line and you have exposed us to risk of litigation. If you continue to do so, we will delete your account. Why would anyone take this personally?

Have a look back through the posts since Larry passed away at the number of times I have had to write, asking people to pull their heads in in the comments section.

This takes valuable time of which I do not have much. The work we do here is unpaid, yet I consider it important. If we lose the Pickering Post, it will be a great setback.

If you want your free speech back, you will have to make sacrifices for the fight. That doesn’t mean storming a beach under fire. It just means biting your tongue sometimes and understanding that those of us doing the heavy lifting could be put at risk by your indiscretion. Loose lips sink ships.

If your post is deleted, it is because we think it puts us at risk. Please use that as a guide for future posts. If we miss your post, someone else may pick up on it and use it as an excuse to try to fry us.

Do not attack the moderators or the people running the site. No, we are not Larry, but we do our best in a difficult situation. We would like to have completely free speech but we are not prepared to put ourselves at risk to make some hollow gesture. 

If you do not like the way this site runs, please find an alternative or start your own blog in competition. We are happy for you to promote it in the comments section.

If you want to continue posting on here, please be mindful of the risks you could be exposing us to. If we don’t get cooperation, we will just call it a day.