I came across an article about Tommy Robinson recently, in Britain’s Jewish Chronicle. This publication describes itself as “the world’s oldest and most influential Jewish newspaper.”

That might sound like hyperbole, but It is certainly the UK’s premier Jewish publication and represents mainstream Jewish opinion as far as I can tell. The article is penned by regular columnist David Aaronovich.


In the article, Aaronovich smears Tommy as a thuggish rabble rouser, describing him as a “headbanger.” He seems to imply that his aversion to murderous Jihadist neighbours is driven by a phobia of “gender segregation,” “Gay rights” and “Weird inward-looking schools.”

He implies that in the eyes of the indigenous White population; the Jewish community has very similar attributes to the Muslim community.

Dismissing Tommy’s strong support for Israel as practically a coincidence, he finishes off the article with a warning to his community.

Tommy Robinson visiting Israel. Is he sympathetic to Nazis?

“Once the unassimilable aliens were us” he opines. “Once the Tommy Robinsons were warning about us” [implying that Tommy is just a Nazi without a uniform -Ed]. “Once any self-respecting Jew with a sense of history would have seen a man like him coming. Now some don’t. Idiots.”

Of course, not all Jews hold these same beliefs. The JC itself once held strongly anti-Zionist views and then changed to strongly pro-Zionist views.

However, as the oldest and most influential Jewish publication in the World. I think that we can assume that it represents very mainstream Jewish opinion.

Judging from the video in our previous article, I think those opinions need to change – and soon. Jews have always seemed to gravitate towards Socialism (or even Communism) like moths to a flame. Some 80% voted for Obama.

This proclivity of many Jews for leftist causes always seems to be intertwined with a hankering for open borders and “diverse” populations. Jewish media executive, Michael Foster was the largest donor to the British Labour Party in the Blair/Brown years. He was also a campaigner for less White people in the media and entertainment industries.

David Abrahams was a close friend of Tony Blair who supplied £630,000 in donations to the Labour party. His friend Michael Levy (AKA “Lord Cashpoint”) raised a reported 100 million for Blair’s political benefit.

Tony “rub the Right’s nose in diversity” Blair with Michael Levy whom he ennobled as a lifetime Lord shortly after achieving power.

Blair was the architect of the UK open borders policy which was overseen by his Junior Minister Barbara Roche who coincidentally, was also Jewish.

Many of the more radical “open border” protest groups such as Antifa are also rumoured to be funded by Jewish financier George Soros. Again, Soros is not representative of all Jews, but neither is he the target of the Jewish Chronicle’s ire.

This support of, or at least tolerance of, the radical left by the Jewish community has worrying historical precedent.

In Germany, post WW1, there was considerable turmoil and poverty. This was greatly exacerbated by the hyperinflation which wiped out the savings of all Germans.

There were a number of Jewish led attempts at Communist revolution in Germany at that time, including two in Munich (not to mention a successful Jewish led Communist revolution in Hungary which installed the murderous Jewish leader Bela Kun).

Many Jews of the time were convinced that Communism and/or Socialism would be wonderful for the Jewish people.

Great news! An assassination attempt has been made on Hitler’s life, and for once not by Jewish communists or British Capitalists – From the diary of Anne Frank Friday, 21 July 1944.

There were many political rallies in Germany at that time. People were confused and looking for answers.

Leftists, Socialists and Communists would invariably turn up at these rallies and bash or attack anyone trying to have their say (sound familiar?).

These Leftists and Communists were eventually successful in shutting down all other political groups – except one. The National Socialist movement was made up of paramilitary thugs who did violence even better than the Left.

Hitler was a friend of the Muslims – so he can’t have been a real Nazi?

These “Nazis” were the only political force other than the Communists who could operate in that climate. This left the door open for them to eventually seize political power over the whole of Germany.

In case you have been living on Mars for the last 70 years, that didn’t work out well for the Jews of Germany (or Europe for that matter).

Is it just me, or does anyone else see some eerie parallels here? There is an old saying; that those who ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat them. So why are the Jewish community so blind to this?

There were no foreign units in the SS – Except this one.

Perhaps – and this is just idle speculation with no basis in fact – the way the Jewish community looks at history could be part of the problem.

Admittedly, they have had a rough time of it, but most people had a rough time in days gone by.

People did bad things – Peoples did bad things. No one was completely innocent. Yet Jewish historians seem to have a phobia of apportioning any blame whatsoever to Jewish participants in historical events.

Events such as Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany for instance. This was a terrible event of violence and murder against the Jews. I heard about it often.

What I never heard about was that this event was sparked by the murder of a German Nazi diplomat in France by a Jewish assassin.

Now, before you start screaming “ANTI-SEMITE!” at me, I in no way wish to imply that the Jewish people deserved Kristallnacht, or that most, or even many, Jews were responsible for it.

The Nazi regime was clearly dangerously anti-Semitic, as demonstrated by the event itself. You could make a case that the Nazi diplomat deserved what he got.

However, a smart Jewish person might also look at that event and conclude that murdering your political enemies, especially when they are in a position of power, might not be a good idea.

If we look at this event objectively, we can analyse it, make judgements and determine better courses of action for the future.

However, if we hide all Jewish mistakes and turn away from them, then we are likely to see this event as a spontaneous outpouring of baseless yet deadly anti-Jewish hatred which lurks under the surface of all White Christians.

If this really was the case, then a sensible course of action may be to undermine the power of White people in all majority White countries.

Perhaps this could be done by promoting the importation of squillions of non-White Third Worlders who could vote the white people into a disenfranchised impotence so they could never again rise up and threaten Jews.

Apart from the obvious absurdity of this proposition, it has a couple of serious moral flaws. Firstly, it is a grotesquely racist proposition to assume that all White people harbour some kind of inherent evil which may pop up at any time.

Were the boot on the other foot, one would expect the Jewish community to be screaming blue bloody murder at anyone who levelled such a baseless slur against their community.

Secondly, Jewish people are living extremely well in Western countries. They have lived in the Anglosphere since the time of Cromwell.

They have been given all the rights and freedoms of the native population and yet have never wished to integrate into the host society.

That in itself is not a problem – but to insist that members of the host society have no right to their own nation is not a great way to make yourself popular. In fact, if you were looking for ways to make yourself unpopular, that would have to be in the top ten and probably in the top five.

Lastly, the gross hypocrisy of screaming “RACIST” at White people who wish to remain as majorities in their own nations whilst simultaneously insisting that Israel exist as a Jewish ethno-state is an act of the most breath-taking, anti-White, racism.

I say that as an ardent supporter of Israel and the right of the Jewish people to claim it as their own. It’s the size of New Jersey for God’s sake.

The idea that the Arabic Palestinian people can’t possibly live outside of Israel (a distance you could cover in a couple of hours on a bicycle) whilst every other Muslim on the planet is camped outside the nearest airport waiting to emigrate to Sweden, is one of the most retarded things I’ve ever heard.

…….but the Palestinians can’t possibly leave their homeland!

Only slightly less retarded, are Jews who feign terror of living among White people – whom they insist may turn into foaming Nazis at any moment – yet have no intention of moving to Israel to live amongst their own people.

In fact, less than half of all Jews have bothered to move to Israel. Far less have moved outside of predominantly White nations. Excepting a few thousand Jews in India, there are almost no significant Jewish populations outside of White countries. The only significant Jewish population in Africa is in South Africa. That’s the country with all the White people in it.

Why then, are mainstream Jewish commentators so keen to turn White countries into the kind of s#@t hole countries they refuse to live in? If Jews like David Aaronovitch are so keen to see huge populations of non-Whites in White countries, then why do they never live in “diverse” areas themselves.

Himmler liked Muslims too. Obviously not a real Nazi either.

These are uncomfortable questions, and this is not a subject I enjoy writing about. There are a tiny handful of actual anti-Semites out there who don’t need any more oxygen than they have already.
However, as the last video of Tommy Robinson in Oldham showed, the situation is becoming downright scary.

The Jewish community wields enormous financial and political influence. If they were to swing their weight onto the side of the White majority, we could fix this problem in no time.

If they don’t, then I suspect we may be headed for the mother of all conflicts. Whichever side were to win such a stoush, the Jews would be the big losers.

Ashkenazi Jews in particular are renowned for extraordinarily high levels of intelligence, yet many of them are indeed acting like idiots. According to David Aaronovitch, Jews like Ezra Levant or Avi Yemeni who are support Tommy Robinson are the stupid ones. I agree that some Jews are acting really dumb.

 However, I don’t think it’s the ones who are supporting Tommy Robinson.

I include a transcript of David Aaronovitch’s article below in case it is changed or removed from its original spot.

Once, we’d have seen Mr Robinson coming

When Tommy Robinson makes anti-Muslim statements, we should be careful not to jump on board says David Aaronovitch

Tommy Robinson at an English Defence League rally outside Downing Street (Photo: Getty)

I don’t really know how important Hananya Naftali is to Benjamin Netanyahu. He is said to be the Prime Minister’s deputy social media adviser, and was described by the actual social media adviser who hired him, a Mr Topaz Luk, as a “superstar”. So maybe he matters. And therefore maybe it mattered when, this week, he saw it as part of his social media duty to tweet in support of the British anti-Muslim activist, Tommy Robinson.

“Free Tommy Robinson!” Naftali tweeted and then, showing a strange confidence in his understanding of English law, added, “He has done nothing wrong and it is his right to express his freedom of speech. #FreeTommy #FreeTommyRobinson.”

Mr Naftali has since deleted his tweet. Perhaps it was pointed out to him that if sainted Sir David Attenborough had done what Tommy Robinson had done and committed an aggravated contempt of court after already having been warned, then he, too, would have ended up in talking to the cockroaches in chokey. But by then it was too late to avoid the question: what in the name of the Almighty was an aide to the Israeli government doing giving support to a far-right British head-banger like Mr Robinson?

Perhaps he was a reader (I mused) of the website the Times of Israel, where a man who calls himself Brian of London in 2016 published a long account of how he escorted Mr Robinson round Israel. Brian, who is now an Israeli citizen and one of those aliyahites who has a fine contempt for the community he has left behind, was a big fan of the convicted former football hooligan. Tommy, “saw Jewish and Christian history and our obvious, deep love for our land. He saw the stunning country we built out of the diseased ruin it had become under a succession of emperors, sultans, caliphs and Imperial British troops.”

I know, I know, there’s someone’s history missing there, but let’s press on. “Since his earliest days opposing supremacist Islam on the streets of Luton”, continued Brian, skipping the bit about also opposing the fans of Newport County, “ Tommy knew most of what he heard about Israel in the mainstream press was distorted.”

According to Brian, then, what Tommy really represented was a solid ally in the confontation with the Muslim world. It’s him and us against the A-rabs. Brian concluded, “Tommy’s time in Israel confirmed to him that he is on the right side of a fight that will define Europe. On which side will British Jews line up? That remains to be seen.”

Well, let’s see. Do British Jews share Tommy Robinson’s view of Muslims as essentially unassimilable and alien? Because that it is what he thinks. Like Geert Wilders (who Brian retweets from time to time) Robinson argues that Islam is itself an incorrigible religion, with religious intolerance, violence and misogyny at its scriptural heart. Its followers are therefore enjoined to be incorrigible too, and thus negative aspects of behaviour of some Muslims — female inequality, domestic violence, female genital mutilation, grooming gangs, jihadi terror, gender segregation, sectarianism and homophobia — are at the very least latent characteristics in all of them.

Robinson regards it at his crusade to open the eyes of a docile and over-tolerant majority to the demographic disaster happening all around them. That’s why he visits courts during ongoing trials to make films there, that’s why he used to tweet every single negative story that featured a Muslim in it (while leaving alone any other people’s infractions). The result is propaganda not dissimilar to what would happen if you took every bad story about Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Britain and then generalised from them. You want to talk about gender segregation? Gay rights? Weird inward-looking schools? That’s Jews for you.

And that’s why, as soon as it appears that there might have been a terrorist incident involving Muslims, Tommy legs it down to the scene to do an atrocity-selfie on Youtube. Last October he was down by the Natural History Museum in Kensington almost moments after a car hit some pedestrians. It was, he told reporters, a “jihadi terror attack”. In fact it was a road accident involving a Nigerian uber driver who has been charged with dangerous driving and not being insured. I’d tell you more of what I think about that but it’s possible that the case is going on right now and I might be in contempt of court. Still, I’d have Hanyana Naftali’s support.Once the unassimilable aliens were us. Once the Tommy Robinsons were warning about us. Once any self-respecting Jew with a sense of history would have seen a man like him coming. Now some don’t. Idiots.