I just had a request through from Tommy Robinson who is hoping to come to Australia and fill us all in on how life is going “back in the USSK.” If we all can lobby Peter Dutton and David Coleman, there may be a chance of that happening.

If Labour and the Greens take over in a couple of months time there will be no chance of him ever getting out here.

Please take some time out from the Richardson Post to email these two and ask for Tommy to get a visa.

From Tommy:

I have been advised that immigration minister, David Coleman, will be making a decision on my Australian visa application as early as Monday this week!

This is a watershed moment for Free Speech in Australia as this decision will set a precedent that will determine whether conservative speakers are allowed to travel to Australia in the future. We need EVERYONE to stand up and make their voices heard.

If you have a spare 5 minutes, I kindly ask you please write to David Coleman MP and Peter Dutton MP (Minister for Home Affairs) and remind them that free speech is a right and not a privilege, and that Australians are capable of making up their own minds on these issues.

Email David coleman MP at:

Email Peter Dutton at:

These guys wil be making their decision over the next twelve hours so this is crucial if you have any spare time out of your day. As always, I am forever grateful for your support. Let us stand up and be heard!!
Approx 12hrs

Thank you,


See his video on the corruption of what was once the most respected broadcaster in the world. How sad this is.