God, I love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). American politics was just so dull and sensible before she came along. As a self-described “woman of colour,” she is acutely aware of the injustices which crush down on non-Whites everywhere.

For instance, what about the human right of “people of colour” to live in a White country like America?

Donald Trump seems determined to trample this right under his Jack boot by building a wall and forcing people to come into the USA legally. I know right?

That is exactly how Hitler got going and we all know how that ended. No wonder the ADL and Chuck Schumer hate him so much.

To highlight this humanitarian catastrophe, AOC trudged down to the border herself in a Gucci pant suit to expose the reality of the situation. When she got there, things were far worse than even she expected. She literally broke down.

Oh the Humanity.

Paul Joseph Watson takes up the story with his usual brilliance: