But we called him a racist – How come he isn’t running away?

Love him or hate him, you have to give it to Trump – he picks his ground and never takes a backwards step. As the Swamp News Networks desperately throw mud at The Donald, they don’t realise how little of it is sticking to him – and how much is winding up all over their own snouts.

Trump is playing the Democratic contenders like a vintage Stradivarius. At this stage, 2020 looks like being a landslide of historic proportions. The only thing Trump will need to pull it off – is a pulse (note to Donald – steer clear of Arkansas).

Sadly, the US Constitution forbids a third term, even for Trump, so I was considering starting a GoFundMe campaign to bring Donald here to run Australia in 2024. I figured we could comfortably offer to triple his salary since he only takes one dollar per year (What! CNN forgot to mention that?).

Save this in your favourites file for next time you are feeling down in the dumps. Trump just on top of his game – Enjoy!