Win, win bloody win! For God’s sake Donald, can’t you give us all a break? The Mueller investigation is falling around the Democrats ears, the economy is roaring and if that isn’t bad enough, Trump is now going to build the wall to keep Americans safe.

The Supreme Court has finally decided to allow the President to do what he promised the voters he would and build the border wall. Mexico won’t pay for it of course – at least not directly.

But if you count all the money that will be saved from not having millions of illegal aliens streaming across the border, it will probably pay for itself. In other words, criminal Mexicans will pay for the wall by not entering the USA illegally and costing the country a fortune.

The big losers of course, will be the immigration lawyers who drum up business doing pro bono work for the Southern Poverty Law Centre, which (as the name doesn’t imply) is staffed by wealthy lawyers. The savings to taxpayers from those endless lawsuits will at least pay for the barbed wire on top.

Who knows what other savings will be had from MS13 gangbangers who never get into the USA? Not only that, but what about the Middle Eastern terrorists who are said to be working with Mexican drug cartels? One thwarted terror attack would save enough money to pay for a huge stretch of razor wire.

Come on guys – celebrate this diversity. What’s wrong with you?

I guess we will never know for sure how much Trump will save the USA by building the wall. One thing is for sure, it won’t just benefit the USA. Mexico has suffered horribly from the guns which were smuggled back from the USA – many of them courtesy of Barry Obama’s “Fast and Furious” program – a real winner that one was.

Barry had a rather unconventional plan for dealing with criminals coming across the border. Instead of building a wall to keep them out like…er…. every other country on earth (excepting the ones which are so crap that no one wants to get in anyway) he dreamed up a cunning plan.

He would sell guns to people who he was sure would give or sell them to hardened drug gang members. It wasn’t just a few guns either. It was lots of guns, high powered guns, and bullets – lots of bullets.

Then – and here’s the really cunning part – they would track the guns and bullets and when they found them, they would pounce on these ruthless, murderous drug gang members and shout “now we’ve got you!” or something.

Please note: I believe this is a photo shopped image. Chuck Schummer hasn’t joined MS13 – as far as I know.

The plan never seems to have received a thorough critical analysis until one of the aforementioned bullets was found inside the dead body of United States Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Lots more of those guns were found adjacent to murder victims in Mexico and the USA.

That was the moment that a lot of Americans seem to have decided that an Affirmative Action program is probably not the best way to choose the President and the Attorney General.

So now we have Trump, and finally, he is starting to make some real headway. His main problem seems to be finding talented people who don’t hate America. That is the result of having radical Left-Wing activists in charge of the universities for decades.

21st century students riot over someone talking.

Trump needs to address that as a matter of emergency. It may sound less sexy than the wall, but it is just as vital. Enemies within a nation are every bit as dangerous as enemies outside. Especially in such a vital spot.

Let’s hope the Donald can have a win in American universities. If he does, the American people will be able to keep on winning long after Trump is gone.