Holy Corruption, Batman! Soros the Joker was in on Ukraine too?

Yes Robin! To Ukraine. We’ve not a minute to lose! Soros The Joker is at it again! With Trump as president, we’ll stop him!

“Yes, Robin. It’s true. The Grand Wizard of Evil—The Great Poobah of Corruption—Geörgy Schwartz (a.k.a. George Soros) was behind the politicians who so fouled the 2016 election in America using ill-gotten gains from a lifetime of crime!”

Long story short? Soros sought control of the natural gas industry in Ukraine to leverage in the energy market against Russia – but needed U.S. government stooges to make the play for him.

His political purchases in Washington, DC were delivering just that – but then along came The Trump – a very big surprise to Soros and the Democrats apparently, because all their dirty laundry was still hanging out in Ukraine when the new President moved into the White House in 2017.

Panic ensued and all the apparatus of the Deep State was put into operation to remove him even before he took the oath of office, to prevent detection of what they had done in faraway Ukraine.

Soros was already indicted in France and under investigation in both Ukraine and his home nation of Hungary, but regardless, this former Nazi is more protected by Democrats in the U.S. than the Spotted Owl.

Why? Because they are of one Globalist mind (and money—his).

Soros is the number one purchaser of politicians in the world. He governs the entire Democrat party in America as well as its domestic and foreign policy by purchasing that party’s power players and cutting them in on lucrative situations to maintain that control.

Ukraine was a huge play, for example, and he had all the key Democrats from top to lower top, set to make a fortune there – while he made several (fortunes). It’s known as The Soros Play.

And this play required more than just the Yanks. Soros needed EU players as well, so he went shopping.

Nigel Farage announced in the EU Parliament that a Soros Open Society memo bragged of controlling 226 members of 571 (40%) in that corrupt body as well.

Between all the Democrats Yanks and 40% of the Brussels sissies, Soros controls a healthy chunk of Western Civilisation, which Nigel Farage described as “The biggest international Collusion in history.”

Stage set. Corrupt players in place. Go

Soros put his top minions on the job – President Obama and his corrupt Vice President Biden – as well as two other Soros recruits – Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, both Secretaries of State for Obama. Their orders were to get this Ukraine energy takeover done while energising his Brussels punks to assist with pressure from the EU.

But there is a new wrinkle to all of this.

It was just disclosed yesterday that George Soros was also being investigated by consecutive Ukraine Prosecutor Generals, Yuri Lutsenko and Viktor Shokin – when the Obama Administration corruptly forced the investigations closed back in 2016.

Could that be why Democrat Senators Durbin, Leahey and Menendez recently travelled to Ukraine to warn them to be quiet about all of this under Trump as well, or lose funding? Yes, but then there was a miracle.

An honest comedian was elected President of Ukraine to battle such Jokers.

Obama was beholden to Soros for all – and could not refuse the Godfather on any request

There would have been no Obama presidency without George Soros. Human Events magazine credited the old Nazi with making an Obama Administration even possible, and they’re right:

“The first shots in the Obama Revolution, the highly unlikely campaign that elevated an inexperienced former Chicago community organizer born in Hawaii and raised in Indonesia into the Oval Office, were fired at the Long Island Southampton beach house of billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros.”

Soros funded Obama’s 10-year career in national politics with millions, but made billions in return on insider profiteering, mainly in the energy sector, but also through having special access to his State Department – even directing it from time to time on geopolitical matters (specifically Ukraine and Iran) – but always to his own benefit.

We’ve previously discussed how Tom Steyer, Marty Nesbitt and other Obama insiders were told to trash energy stocks, offshore platforms and coal by day to make Obama look ‘environmental’, while snatching up those publicly crushed shares at a discount that night – with Uncle George Soros being lead pig at the Democrat insider’s feed trough.

Hillary Clinton? Well, she should just call him ‘Daddy’. I’ll leave it at that, adding that without Soros, she might have had to stay home making cookies for Chelsea – but then her Clinton Foundation would be light a few billion.

For sure there would have been no sell-out of her nation giving Russia 20% of America’s uranium stores without Soros.

Her State Department approved this traitorous sale of Uranium One to Putin in exchange for $145 million in gifts to her Clinton Foundation – setting a new record in pay-to-play politics.

As Secretary of State, this Queen of pay-to-play even assigned staff to take care of George Soros’ needs – and helped him make billions while she was in office. Yes. Billions.

John Kerry? It’s a little more complicated.

It’s no secret Uncle George slipped more than $23 million to John Kerry’s unsuccessful bid for President in 2004 – that’s public information – but the payback is less transparent and a little more subtle than Clinton’s.


John Kerry’s service to Soros during his stint as Mr Pay-to-Play under Obama included introducing him at private State Department events and giving special privileges at the highest levels of U.S. Government – a practice unheard of before Obama’s reign of corruption.

The Washington Free Beacon quoted former Bush advisor, Michael Rubin as saying Kerry’s introduction of Soros at private State Department functions was “the diplomatic equivalent of prostitution,” (following Hillary’s lead) and there were handsome rewards.

Soros even found and introduced a nice Iranian-American boy to marry the Kerrys’ daughter and hooked them up with lucrative contracts to pad their secret offshore accounts from insider deals in Iran – the land of the mullahs, which is perhaps America’s worst enemy.

Some have called what Kerry has done since with those contracts (and contacts) treason, but we’ll just call it payback from Uncle George for the purposes of this report.

But as you can see, it has paid off. John Kerry is rich as King Croesus.

So, when was the last time the U.S ordered a foreign nation to stop investigating corruption?

Well, I’m not sure it ever happened before August of 2016, but we can prove it did then, in service to the man under investigation – George Soros.

Marie Yovanovitch was put in place as Ambassador to Ukraine on August 18, 2016 during the heat of the election campaign when it dawned on these arrogant Democrats that Trump actually had a chance of winning.

Corrupt practices leading back to the Obama Administration and its main funders were under serious scrutiny by Ukraine’s top prosecutors and if Trump won, even their permanent Deep Staters could never completely cover it up – as history is proving at this very minute.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was implicated in the investigation, as was Tony Podesta (Democrat operative), Alexandra Chalupa (DNC contractor who directly sought ‘dirt on Trump campaign’ from Ukraine government), Joe Biden and John Kerry’s family payoffs from a Ukraine natural gas giant, Nancy Pelosi’s family connections to Ukraine oil deals through her son, Paul Jr., and most importantly, they had to protect the Grand Wizard’s attempted takeover of the nation’s natural gas assets to keep the dirty cash rolling in.

It was paramount that this scheme is covered up – to protect them all.

But in rides Lone Ranger, Yuri Lutsenko

Ukraine dirt was under all their fingernails, so when national hero, Yuri Lutsenko, was hired to clean up the mess Soros and Obama’s people had made of his country – the Obama Administration went into panic mode.

Lutsenko was getting close to indictments of the company they used as their piggy bank – Burisma Holdings – and Soros had been identified as being the funder of much anti-Ukraine activity and corruption through front organisations set up to aid U.S Democrats.

U.S. Ambassador Yovanovitch was sent in by Obama and Secretary of State Kerry as a pinch-hitter to clear the bases, which were loaded.

She immediately sought out Prosecutor General Lutsenko and ordered him to shut down an investigation of the Democrats and their donors over their illegal activities in Ukraine – or lose funding – quid pro quo Democrat style.

Dispensing with pleasantries, Yovanovitch, (according to columnist John Solomon who interviewed Lutsenko) said the U.S. Ambassador “gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute.” Truly unprecedented.

On that list was not only the company from which Secretary of State, John Kerry and Vice-President Joe Biden’s kids were profiteering, but also the Obama Administration/Soros funded front group going under the unlikely moniker of AntAC (Anti-Corruption Action Centre) for well….corruption.

This implicated Hillary Clinton, her campaign, several top Democrats, and even the President of the United States who approved the scheme.

What do you do when busted? You say it was Trump!

That was why Obama launched his ‘counter-intelligence’ action in the summer of 2016 against Trump and his campaign to give his own people cover – and hide what they had done – by turning the probe on Trump’s temporary campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and other non-essential Trump campaigners. It was a cover.

Soros-funded Ant AC – even while under investigation – was used to do that.

What a name, Ant AC. It’s like their Fascist Antifa being called ‘Anti-Fascists’ thinking we’d believe the bullshit name rather than see what they do, and they planned to use it to drag Hillary – the worst candidate in history – over the finish line against Trump.

So, the scam was to get Hillary elected using foreign dirt and spies, but what did Kerry get out of it?

Keep in mind that Kerry has already reaped tens of millions from Soros groups before, which is public information, but it is likely other fortunes flowed his way from Soros for shutting down the investigation in Ukraine.

Remember also from my last article that John Kerry’s stepson was a partner with Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, in Rosemont Seneca – the little U.S. company paid $166,000 a month to ‘advise’ Ukraine’s natural gas giant, Burisma Holdings, on ‘legal affairs in Ukraine’, and it just broke today that Vice President, Joe Biden, was paid $900,000 for ‘consulting’ by Burisma Holdings, which corresponds in timing with Biden threatening Ukraine he would withhold $1.2 Billion in funding unless these investigations were shut down.

These kids knew nothing about natural gas or Ukraine law, but raked in $3 million (we know about so far) for their family relations, which President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has now traced from Burisma’s accounts to Latvia, to Cyprus – which is called money-laundering – before hitting the Biden/Kerry boys’ account in New York.

The Democrats were so woven into Ukraine, they were bumping into each other, including Speaker of the House, Nancy ‘Stretch’ Pelosi, the Impeachment Queen now trying to take down Trump.

That’s right. The Impeachment hoax is meant to distract attention from what’s coming out

Pelosi launched impeachment proceedings against President Trump last week in retaliation for his looking into the Democrat’s Ukraine scandal – but also to protect her own kid and much of the Democrat hierarchy – including Obama.

Like most other Democrat leaders, Nancy’s son, Paul Pelosi, Jr., is also on the Board of Ukraine-related businesses (Viscoil and NRGLab).

His experience in the field to justify such a position is the same as Democrat Vice-President’s kid and Democrat Secretary of State’s stepson at Burisma – none except that his Daddy sleeps with his Mama – and he’s also a Democrat.

I live next door to Ukraine (in Poland) and know a couple of top advisors to the new President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

According to them, something amazing is happening.

By simply cutting off the Democrats’ corruption and access to Ukraine officials – Ukraine’s own corruption is disappearing.

No Democrats and Obamites to bribe them, no officials on the take. Amazing.

It appears the Democrats were not only the beneficiaries of Ukraine corruption but its cause.

Our Polish President, Andrzej Duda, was the first person President Zelenskyy spoke with after his big (73%) win over the Democrats’ collaborators.

These same corrupt Democrats tried to hurt Poland, and it is not forgotten.

President Duda promised to help Ukraine in cleaning up the mess the Democrats caused, and some very serious people here in Warsaw are on it already.

More to come on that–and watch for breaking news on Romania. I don’t have enough corroboration yet, but the Democrats were there too and it stinks.

New sheriff in town, Nancy, and you’re pretty much screwed – all of you.

President Zelenskyy may have been a comedian before he took over Ukraine as its leader, but getting rid of people like you who trashed his nation is no joke, Nancy.

You, your son, George Soros, Joe Biden and his kid, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and even Mitt Romney – you’re all on notice. Game over.

None of your Deep Staters is being allowed near this investigation. The Eastern Europeans are working directly with Attorney General William Barr using private investigators, but I promise you, it’s happening.

And in closing, President Zelenskyy will have some questions for you:

1. What are Dem spooks like Cofer Black (CIA) and U.S. Democrat banker Alan Apter (Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley) doing running Ukraine’s largest energy company?

2. Why are U.S. Democrat politicians’ kids like Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s stepson and his campaign guy (Devin Archer) ‘advising’ Burisma Holdings with a total collective experience of zero?

3. Why is a former Prime Minister of another Eastern European nation suspected of corrupt practices (Aleksander Kwaśniewski) on the Board?

4. Why is Burisma based in Cyprus instead of Ukraine, when “Burisma Holdings is part of the vast business empire of Ukraine’s second richest billionaire oligarch, Ihor Kolomoisky,” according to your own reports?

5. And why did Obama’s State Department, Victoria Nuland (a familiar name from the Russia Hoax), pressure Ukraine to put Soros-friendly oligarch Kolomoisky as Governor, in charge of the Dnipropetrovsk oblast (region) where shale deposits and natural gas are most plentiful, to give out mining rights there—mainly to Burisma?

Enquiring minds want to know.

President Zelenskyy will also ask why Greek-Cypriots, Christina Sofocleous, Riginos Charalampous, and Marina Pericleous are on the board and handling Burisma’s money – while living in Cyprus.

The only Ukrainian on the board is the founder’s daughter, Karina Zlochevska, and she is as clueless about energy as the Democrat hacks.

Not a single ‘energy’ person on the Board, and only one common denominator – ties to Democrat puppeteer, George Soros.

Burisma Holdings is nothing but a club for powerful Democrats to enrich themselves and Soros

So President Zelnskyy will have one final question for you boys and girls before seeking indictments.

How is it that all of this started in U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s state of Delaware – where he’s been Senator since 1973?

You’re a little surprised President Zelenskyy already found out this little fact, aren’t you, Nancy? Your own media will never mention it, so we’ve decided to tell you about it from over here.

It will be some time before this part of the story is told, given the media’s loyalty to Obamaism.

But President Zelenskyy’s people already know about Sunrise Energy Resources in Delaware, and Burisma’s later catch-bin, Millington Solutions Limited, which briefly held all these assets before quietly closing that company and mysteriously letting Burisma claim those shares in some incredible act of corporate magic in Joe Biden’s home-state.

We can’t tell you how that happened, but Joe Biden can. Ask him.

The mighty Burisma Holdings was nothing until it became a major shareholder of Sunrise Energy Resources – a Delaware corporation – where Joe Biden was Senator, and his brother Jim Biden, makes sure that the ‘family’ gets a cut of any deal that goes down – or it doesn’t go down.

Those are Jim Biden’s own words, by the way, not mine. I personally heard them sitting in the back of a big black Cadillac SUV back in the late 1990s.

Yep. I have my own Jim and Joe Biden shake-down story.

My client back then, Le Bleu Water, was trying to get distribution in the Biden Family’s areas of control.

Delaware is just the small state where Joe Biden chose to run for Senator, but his home state of Pennsylvania is the Bidens’ playground, and I was told by brother Jim that nothing would be allowed there unless Joe (or his campaign) ‘profited handsomely’.

When we threatened to report the Biden boys to the FBI, Joe had his wife, Jill, call us crying, begging that we do not tell on them during her husband’s re-election – and promising to ‘work it out’.

It doesn’t take the direct experience of the Biden’s corruption to question a convoluted scheme by which a Cyprus-based company owned by Ukraine’s #2 oligarch – Soros/Clinton ally, Kolomoisky—buys into an existing Delaware company in a state the Bidens control – to acquire Ukrainian companies Esko-Pivnich and Pari.

Why would they do that? Because those companies owned gas exploration licences in Ukraine – and not much else – but it was the first step in a long-term plan for Uncle George Soros – the Democrats’ Godfather – to have major control over that nation’s energy sector.

Next, the Obama Administration, through Vice President Joe Biden, extorts the Ukraine government to not only end its investigation of this oligarch, Kolomoisky….but put him in charge of allocating drilling permits in the best parts of Ukraine – which, surprise, surprise, he gave to Burisma Holdings!

The company is worth billions overnight and Uncle George Soros has his energy play, gangster style.

And all of the CIA/Democrat thugs are put on the Board of Directors of the company to control it – without having a single energy guy among them.

More to come…..