French Generals call Macron ‘Traitor’ for signing Migration Pact

This week, United Nations began human trafficking into Europe. Emanuel Macron may face more than just riots after signing onto the U.N. Migration Pact.

His military leaders have called it ‘treason.’ That is not a good thing to be called by men with guns when all you have is a ball-less pink pen.

Unelected United Nation One-Worlders have crept beyond the asylum gates this time.

They lied their way into getting a majority of signatures on their Open Migration Pact.

Because they did that, they now claim to have the global authority to flood our sovereign nations with anyone of their choosing.

The ‘non-binding’ Pact was passed, they say. So now they claim it to be ‘binding’.

So even awake leaders who refused to sign on to this outrageous relocation scheme to promote Islam, will be “forced to take their fair share.”

UN Globalists are ‘demanding’ that President Trump open the borders of America to all comers.

They want him to do that, even though America is already receiving roughly 5 million souls a year – legally and not – while his nation isn’t even a party to the Pact.

So how bad is the Migration Pact?

It’s bad enough that all Anglo Heritage and Free Nations should dash to remove themselves from the United Nations immediately, rather than give breath to this latest farce to Islamify the world, which is the real scheme here. 

Is that bad enough for you?  Well I hope so.

And here’s how they’re doing it.  It is no accident that the United Nations’ Human Rights Council will determine which migrants can be forced on Western Civilisation between now and 2022.

This council is comprised of an incredibly non-diverse slug of heavily Muslim or Sharia nations. Most of these nations are the sources of the wars and human rights violations causing this ‘relocation’:

Check it out—Senegal, Nigeria (where Clarion Project reports between 45-60,000 Christians have been beheaded); Angola, Togo, Egypt, Tunisia, Rwanda, war-torn Somalia, Eritrea, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Nambia, Sudan, Mauritania, Libya, Indonesia, Pakistan, Qatar, Afghanistan, and the Western capital of human rights—Venezuela.

These nations will vote to flood our world with young, male Jihadists as required by their political ideology to make the globe Dar al-Islam (under Islamic rule) as commanded by the Quran.

Will super-rich Muslim oil nations take refugees?

The Geller Report recently declared that, “Muslim Countries refuse to take a single Syrian refugee.” They cited the risk of exposure to terrorism.  That should be a signal, shouldn’t it?

So how many of these Muslim ‘Refugees’ are welcomed by the world’s wealthiest Muslim countries? “Also according to the Geller Report: Saudi: 0, Kuwait: 0, Qatar: 0, Emirates: 0, Bahrain: 0,”.

These young, poor, almost exclusively male ‘migrants’ are too dangerous to house in Muslim nations—so they will vote to force them on Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada. It’s time to say, ‘no they won’t’.

Muslims making a love heart sign together
Here’s the U.N.’s promo photo of how wondrous jihad will be!

It’s high time Western Civilisation decamped the UN

A recent United Nation Conference on this Global Plot was held in Salt Lake City, Utah in the western part of my home nation. 

It was titled, “Building Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities” the main topic being flooding stable communities with unstable floods of non-assimilating people, and of course, Climate guff.

Bringing 5,000 people to the small city of Salt Lake, would have required the carbon footprint of China on a bad day, just to get them all there on jets with multiple stops.

But aside from the frightening agenda, a photographer was shut down by a United Nations Security Guard.

He told her that the famous Salt Palace had been taken over by the United Nations and was “international territory” rather than the United States, so she had no rights.

Watch this. Think Canberra or Ottawa. Then tell me we don’t need to get out of this shark tank while we can. We need to go back to Western Civilisation and let them deal with their own trash.

The U.N. thinks it can now come into our nations and declare taxpayer-funded public property ‘international territory’ while flying unvetted Jihadists into our borders by the plane-load without our permission? Yes. In fact, they do. It started here in Europe this week.

Refugees confronting military police
A Polish złoty for every woman you can find in this army of ‘refugees’.  That, my friends, is not by accident. They didn’t come to assimilate, no no. They came to conquer for allah

Refugees are already being flown into Europe

If you doubt me, then check out the German headlines this week:

“The UN Migration Agency/International Organization for Migration (IOM) has hailed the arrival of its ‘first’ planeload of 154 Somali migrants to Germany, along with dozens of Syrians transported to Romania using European Union funds.” 

This violates Romania’s Law No. 678/2001 prohibiting all forms of ‘trafficking in persons’ but the United Nation has declared itself sovereign over national laws.  They landed these unvetted warriors and dumped them on Romania without regard to the nation’s protest or its laws—at our expense, which is a harbinger of the future.

Yes, Western Civilisation. The Global war for our survival has begun.


Sir, I understand the political realities you face, but this situation demands action. The majority of your nation is tired of being invaded and paying the expense of it all.

So, by explaining to the public what is going on and having the courage to call out the United Nations on it—you will perhaps go down in history, as being the saviour of a free Australia.

To wit:

  • The United Nations has declared its non-binding pact on migrant resettlement you refused to sign last year as ‘binding’ on you, nonetheless. That usurps your sovereignty as Prime Minister and that of Australia.
  • The UN Human Rights Council of 43 nations is comprised mainly of Muslim, Communist, and war-torn countries. They are likely to vote to flood our societies with their own problems and people.
  • The only way to avoid direct confrontation if not war with UN forces after this declaration of supra-national sovereignty, is to withdraw from it.
  • I propose that you encourage other Western Heritage and Free Nations to follow your leadership, which would draw considerable support from The U.S., U.K., much of Western Europe and all of Eastern Europe under current leadership.
Scott Morrison pointing finger
That’s what we’re looking for, Sir! Boldness and courage!

Thank you for your consideration of this request, Prime Minister. God Bless our Nations, the Queen, and the greatest form of government and governance ever known.

Once we get this behind us, Sir, we should consider establishing The United Nations of Free People as the antidote of the Western-hating alliance from which we now seek delivery.

Thank you,

Howell W. Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland