Freddy Krueger
I’m from agenda 21 and I’m here to help you…no really my dear!

Everyone’s heard of Freddie Krueger, right?  Even those of us who never saw a single Elm Street horror movie know who he is.

Suppose I told you there is something far more scary, far more real and far more insidious, already lurking in your community – and you don’t even know it yet?

The Club of Rome founders
With the best of intentions of course—a 90% reduction

Agenda 21 is Not a Conspiracy

This is not sci-fi or a conspiracy theory because the facts are clear, historical – and from their own archives. I didn’t write their agenda, they did.

And the richest most powerful people are still very much behind this system of ‘global policy’.  Richardson Post readers will recognise some of the worst of the bandits, of course, while most of the world worries about Freddie – or their Halloween costume instead.

The Club of Rome members
Soros flanks Clinton on both sides—an evil sandwich indeed. Even Bob Mueller, the man who tried to destroy Donald Trump is on board!

These people are proud heirs of Alexander King and Aurelio Peccei’s plan to decimate mankind. If you have issue with that, this is their material, not mine.

Ted Turner (Turner Broadcasting), as example, was one of the first American members of The Club of Rome. He donated $20 million to put the plan into action.

Originally, Ted wanted to reduce ‘us’ by 90%, saying 200-300 million was about right, which he graciously upped to 2 billion. Thanks, Ted.

This probably sounds ‘nuts’ to the point I’m losing readers, so I’ll turn it over to Ted instead. Did I make this up, or does he say it?

The Club of Rome

The Club of Rome was started in 1968 – a FACT – but it was not until the Bush/Clinton/Bush years that its global policy advanced in my country. Serious action on the agenda was deployed under those leaders – and enacted under Obama. 

The first small challenge, of course, was the issue of taking over all property to subjugate us – or at least putting private property under their total control.

That is where I met Agenda 21 in 2013. It is also the purpose of the Dem Socialists’ “New Green Deal” in America right now, as covered in previous articles.

My brother is a Commissioner in Roanoke County, Virginia, as well as one of that area’s largest landholders, which is how his public and private roles had an opportunity to intersect.

Government Using Non-existent Laws

This came about when government ‘agents’ began enforcing non-laws. They started fining and threatening imprisonment or seizure for farmers tending their own lands.

This was done under what they called ‘Agenda 21,’ which none of us had heard of before.

What were their crimes?  Filling potholes on their farm roads, for example, cleaning out road ditches as they and their ancestors had always done – and draining water from their croplands and pastures when there was too much rain.

They also created firebreaks in fire prone areas. Pretty smart.

One hard-core criminal, Navy vet, Joe Robertson, dug fire-break ponds to protect himself and family.

He wisely did this to prevent wildfires from unkempt government-managed forests like the ones decimating nearby California today because of inept policies designed to placate Soros activists rather those whose home are burning.

Joe Robertson jailed under agenda 21
77-year-old Joe Robertson was fined $750,000 and sentenced to 15 years for this. He died in prison because of agenda 21.

Taking Over the World’s Land and Resources

Under Barack Hussein Obama, croplands with any standing water were designated ‘wetlands’ and normal activities became illegal without extensive studies – at the landowners’ expense.

These were accompanied by exorbitant, unaffordable fines and/or imprisonment, as happened to Joe Robertson (above).

The Obama Department of Justice claimed that Robertson’s firebreaks may have a negative impact on the quality of a “nearby river” – nearby being 26 miles away.  Joe died in prison while on appeal last year – for a law that never was.

President Trump put an end to this nonsense a few months ago. That is another reason the Democrat Socialists and One Worlders are so desperate to destroy him through impeachment – or worse.

When my brother raised the issue with the Roanoke County agents involved, they said compliance with Agenda 21 was ‘voluntary’ on their part. They claimed this, even though it was never voted on by Jim and his fellow commissioners – or anyone else.

“But you’re throttling these people’s rights to use their own property or make a living!” said Jim.  “By what authority do you claim to act, and where do all of these ‘fines’ go?”

Agenda 21 is a Government Shakedown

The bureaucrats finally admitted that Agenda 21 was funding itself with these illegal fines and seizures.

These funds were then being recycled to terrorise and even seize land from other landowners.

This was done with no more authority of law than an open-range gangster in the 1800s and was all coming from the Democrat regime in Washington.

Agenda 21, planned long ago, was the birth of the Climate Hoax – to put us under global elite control

Sounds crazy, I know, but Australian PM, Anne Bressington, learned of the same illegal activities of Agenda 21 as my brother, through constituent ranchers and farmers in South Australia.

She is working tirelessly today to put an end to Agenda 21 through her State’s Legislative Council, of which she is a member.

If you do nothing else today, I beg you to listen to MP Bressington’s brief speech about this dangerous organisation and its malicious intent.

Start from 3.00

Agenda 21 is Worldwide

Agenda 21 is now in effect in all Western and Anglo Heritage nations under the auspices of the United Nations, private Leftist NGOs and un-elected Deep State bureaucrats.

As we saw in Virginia and Montana in the U.S.  and South Australia, a supra-government agenda is being implemented worldwide.

This is happening despite the fact that this agenda was never passed or approved by any of our elected representatives

Global policy is being implemented at local levels

Agenda 21 was supposed to be a complete secret.  Governments never wanted people to know that they were in agreement. Unfortunately, though, most of them were – including my home nation of America.

I remember the chilling speech given by President George H.W. Bush on September 11, 1990 when he first announced, ‘The New World Order’, saying the United Nations would be empowered through its peace-keeping role to basically rule the world. 

That was thirty years ago, but you can see it here.

Bush admitted being a part of this plan and approving of it when he said, “When we are successful – and we will be…”

He said this about implementing and handing over America’s sovereignty to the United Nations. That cost him my vote (and his re-election in my opinion).

This agenda was set by The Club of Rome back in 1968. That event is recorded in the book, “The First Global Revolution” (page 104-105).

If There Isn’t a Crisis – Create One

Their creation of a ‘Crisis’ was an intentional act to frighten people into accepting a global solution to local problems under the rule of this New World Order via the United Nations.

The document unabashedly chose water shortage, pollution, global warming, and famine as the four fingers of their fist of fear, with the thumb being that it was all caused by human intervention us – to build consensus for a “global solution.”

If we are the cause of this ‘crisis’, guess what these rich elites’ ‘final solution’ was to be?  Yep.  They make Freddie Krueger look like a lightweight.

Let’s review their reasons for ‘reducing’ us by 90%

  1. Water shortage – We are using and drinking the same water the dinosaurs drank 65 million years ago. There are wasteful agricultural methods, sure, but how well has putting government in charge of waterways and management worked out for Australia? Not well at all, so imagine if the U.N. were running it out of New York? No thanks.
  2. Pollution – In the 1970s the Hudson River in New York had steam rising from its surface even in summer, with trash and appliances floating in its stream.  Last time I was there, men were fishing for salmon. Don’t tell me we’re not fixing this problem.
  3. Global Warming – Temperatures have not budged in 15 years (and in fact have gone down 1.3 degrees) and Antarctica has record ice mass, so all thinking people have called bullshit on this one already as well.
  4. Famine – There are roughly 7 billion souls living on earth and last year we produced food for 10.  Food ‘shortages’ are the result of bad government.

The nature of economics is taking care of population growth (with the exception of Islamic nations), if that ever has been a problem. As economies improve, people have fewer children.

Populations Drop Naturally – In the Civilised World

Here in Eastern Europe, as example, governments such as Poland are paying couples 500 PLN per month for each new child because our populations are plummeting so fast. Same in Hungary and elsewhere.

China and Japan have populations dropping so quickly, robots are not just technology, they’re critical for having work done in the very near future.

Only the Muslim world has huge population growth today and that is due to its medieval ideology of world domination through jihad. 

Mullahs and clerics demand Muslim couples to birth soldiers.

This cry can be heard in London mosques today.

Their system intentionally breeds killers to invade and take over our Western nations – and it’s the same bloody group of thugs like Soros, who are funding and encouraging that through his Open Society Foundation.

If the Club of Rome with its effete Elites really want to do something to reduce our numbers, leave the Muslims landlocked with no escape hatch or anyone to kill but each other, rather than dumping them on us.

That would be the end of the problem as Trump proved in Syria just last week.  Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, Wahabis and even subsects of each branch of Islam were killing each other within an hour of his troop pullout.

Let them do it.

So how do we stop Agenda 21?

As suggested in my last article: Step One is to get the hell out of the United Nations.  It’s The Club of Rome’s vehicle for this world takeover, and we will ultimately have to fight them.

And I do not suggest tiptoeing gently out of their sanguine halls which have been responsible for so much death, I mean do it loudly – and take all your friends with you. 

Call the bastards out on what they are doing and starve them of funds.

This is not a time to be polite or decorous. This is a war for the survival of Western Civilisation.

Step 2 is to, rout out every Agenda 21 ‘plant’ in your country from national to local, and charge them with treason. 

You think that’s too harsh?

Think again.  These termites are working underground for an international cabal whose ultimate goal is to eliminate 90% of your people.  No punishment can be too harsh – especially when their reasons are all provable lies.

It’s nothing more than a power grab by the Elites who have put their plan into hyperdrive because of the election of Donald Trump. 

If Hillary Clinton was now POTUS, it would already be too late.

You may notice in the chart above, who is at the top between the UN and The Club of Rome – her husband.

Then finally: your leaders should not be in the position of having to answer to any authority but you – the people who elected them. Find any international pacts or agreements that put them in that position – and remove your nation from them.

Your rights are God-given – and the people trying to take them are working on the other team. Their ultimate destination is Hell – and I see it as our job to help them to get there as quickly as possible.

Howell W. Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

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