Rocky Horror Frankenfurter with Brad and Janet
Even Rocky kept his frankenfurter.

The United States is the rainbow vanguard of the world. Strangely, however, only 4.5% of that nation identifies as part of this new LGBT community.

I say ‘new’ because when I was a kid, it was very close to 0%. Out of our small town of roughly 7,500, there were two openly gay men and no women—though a couple of suspects. That’s statistically zero, folks.

So why is the majority of Western news filtered through this singular gay lens today?  Journalists tiptoe around in order not to ‘offend.’ Meanwhile – I’m offended.

Disclaimer—I couldn’t give two sniffs about what people do, or want to be, in their own bedroom.

I am, however, very much offended when a minority of less than 1 in 20 try to impose their non-traditional, biology-defying way of life on me, my children or grandchildren.

I really gag when they do it under the guise of ‘equality’ while seeking special treatment.

Last time I checked, if we drop our trousers, there are only one of two things we will see—a penis or a vagina. 

That’s not an opinion it’s a biological fact.

And I’m rather fond of my lot in life, thank you, but if you aren’t, I don’t hate you for it.

But I don’t wish to emulate your dissatisfaction with your natural born equipment. I don’t want to be forced to like what you have decided to be, and I don’t want to be forced to think it’s ‘normal’.

I’m with the kid on this one. I’m not very happy either
Drag queen story time is now a mainstay in American and British schools

I refuse to do so, because it’s a dangerous lie against biology which is being foisted on Western society as part of a larger agenda to divide and conquer.

Teaching non-biological choices as ‘normal’ is troubling enough, but kids are now being encouraged – if not demanded – to choose genders other than their actual biological ones, at very early ages.

Elementary schools now have ‘gender choice days’–after indoctrinating toddlers of the wonders of transgenderism. Guess what?  Kids are choosing to be something they are not, a decade before puberty —and regretting it later.

Evidence you ask? 

You bet. The rate of suicide is higher in transgender humans than any other category of unhappy people, including prisoners, soldiers with PTSD, terminally ill patients, divorcees—you name it.  It is an alarming 40%.

Despite these facts, there is a move in Socialist California to start children on sex change procedures as early as the age of six—almost a decade before puberty and in some locales, without the permission of their parents.

In Texas, (which is usually sane) an activist Democrat Judge and jury are forcing the possibility of chemical sex change on a six-year-old child over the objection of his father. He may be saved only by the Republican Governor of the State, Gregg Abbott.

Jeff younger lost his bid in court to stop mother from ‘transitioning’ his son

Who will win—liberal activists or the Constitution? It’s still a toss-up.

Though James prefers boy’s clothing and his given name, he is dressed as a girl for school when with his liberal activist mother and is called ‘Luna’.

This case is under review by Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, not through questioning the legality of forcing a sex change on a six-year old child, but on whether one parent has the sole power to do so!

And talk about Buyers’ Remorse

Walt Heyer transitioned from man to woman for a decade before realising his sickness was due to a childhood trauma rather than actual desire. 

He has now returned to his biological sex after what he describes as “falling down the rabbit hole” and is helping others deal with a range of transgender emotions from deep regret – to being suicidal.

Walt’s book, “Trans Life Survivors” details thirty such stories and the isolation these ‘regretters’ felt once they came back out of the ‘rabbit hole’.

40% suicide rate is not caused by ‘rejection’ in a society that is actively promoting it.

According to Heyer, people returning to normality experience isolation, “because of our society’s slavish obedience to political correctness which dictates that there is ‘no such thing’ as transgender regret.”

Even worse, the transgender lobby is making it very difficult for such people to get the counselling they desperately want and need.

Journalist, Stella Morabito, writes, “They’ve set up roadblocks in the form of new laws that virtually ban standard cognitive therapy for people who diagnose themselves with gender dysphoria, particularly those who are undecided about their path or actually regret it after the fact.”

Minority rights don’t trump my own—or biology.

I want nothing but the best for those who are confused about gender or who are openly gay and will fight for their right to be ‘equal’.

But I will also fight against any self-appointed or forced right to be treated differently—or to force those differences on me or others. I’m not having it.

U.S. Democrat Socialist activist judges are not only forcing their unnatural agenda on the citizenry but demanding we pay for it. I can’t believe I just wrote those words.

But yes. That just happened in Idaho, where taxpayers are—by order of the ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals – being forced to pay for the below paedophile’s sex change so he can feel more comfy in his prison jumpsuit.

Democrat-run 9th circuit court orders idaho to pay for ‘transition’

The State of Idaho’s Republican Governor, Brad Little, is refusing to squander his citizens’ money on such frivolity, but he may yet lose his position at the next election.

That is the sound of the alarm going off, folks. Our traditional Western values and societies are under such violent attack they are being burned to the ground from within.

We have definitely reached the point where normal Conservatives – most of us who do the working, living, and paying of taxes – need to stand up to the media, activist judges, and liberals.

It’s time to just say “No”. 

I’ll fight and even die for all to be treated equally – with the exception of those from abroad whose ideologies demand our death or subjugation – but I’ll also fight and die to defend our right to be normal and free in our own lands and nations.

Howell W. Woltz

International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland