Local control of education: Lose it and you lose your nation – That’s a Promise!

Many people are realising that State control of education is indoctrinating our youth and dumbing us down rather than educating. But what can we do about it?

“He alone who owns the youth gains the future,” said one of the most evil men of the past century.

That man was Adolf Hitler, and he made another important point. He said, “Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.”

That’s why my home nation of America mandated that education should remain the sole function of individual States or ‘the local people’.

Our founders wanted education to remain in the hands of those who lived in these locales. Each individual laboratory of freedom was intended to control its own future.

They rejected control by far away potential collectivists with a federal agenda as a danger, which which has proven quite prescient.

These competing models were essential. Some experiments would produce better results than others, giving poorly performing States ideas for improvement.

As in the free market, competition brings about innovation faster and better than any other means. Unfortunately, this competition has been abolished.

Another brick in the wall
Another brick in the wall, is not what we want. Allowing federal power to usurp local authority will morph education into indoctrination

Hitler realised he could weaponise education. Mandating indoctrination through propaganda can turn ‘education’ into a tool of power. It is the ring that controls the mind.

America’s Federal Government has no authority to get involved in education. Despite this fact, the Socialist Democrats began federalising it decades ago in violation of my nation’s Constitution.

Rotten School Apples Have a Common Core

As crescendo to this creeping federalism, President Obama imposed ‘Common Core’ on America in 2010. This cookie-cutter, federalised curricula is now used as a tool to program kids with Left Wing propaganda. 

Ring of Power educational indoctrination
The ring of power—and a college classroom teaching Leftist ideology

Less than a decade later, Karl Marx is American students’ choice for the most important man in history. Incredibly, 53% of them view Socialism favourably.

So how do we take back our education system?

For much of American history, there was no such thing as government education. 

I studied this history when setting up a home-school for my own children and found that North Carolina only mandated ‘public education’ in 1851 “to inoculate children from the heretics of the highlands” (Scottish immigrants like my own ancestors, I suppose).

That was the winning argument after two years of debate in our State Legislature.

So mind control was their reason for taking education from the local to the State level and total control appears to be the reason for the next jump to federal.

Public education actually squashes learning

True. In my research, I learned that literacy rates went down and never recovered after public education became mandatory, not only in North Carolina but other states such as New York.

It’s no surprise that putting a bunch of crazy kids in one room together to learn doesn’t work, but that took me down another path of investigation and enquiry.

Why did kids actually learn more in their communities and homes before education became ‘mandatory’ and public?

The answer was simple according to scholars who wrote about it.  Communities educated their own through action and application. A kid who wanted to learn knots would watch the sail maker – and he would teach them.

Want to learn to bake bread?  You watched and asked the baker or his wife.

Everyone in town assisted, and through apprenticeships and churches, a purpose was seen for learning—even if it was just to count pages as a printer’s assistant or read the Bible and newspaper to be a full member of the community.

Shoemakers apprentice
The real learning came after school in communities of old

Literacy was a natural by-product of curiosity and need.

We can do that again by creating a better, cheaper alternative under our own local control – right down to our individual neighbourhoods–and tailored to them.

Keep the classroom for basics

During my studies to prepare for home-schooling my own children in the 1990s I learned that the average day of education was already less than 90 minutes of actual instruction in reading, math, science, and history.

Less time was spent on education than getting to and from the schools.

The rest of the day was spent acting as a baby-sitter. This is still done to justify union wages for teachers who act as little more than government teams mandating Leftist cultural policies.

So, what if we spent the rest of that day in a better way – like real learning?

That idea is based on experience – and it has worked wherever tried.

We will make education work without government

On-line courses and outlines in most basic subjects are readily available. For this plan, however, we want Western value-centric course material such as that which is provided (and taught) at Hillsdale College. (https://www.hillsdale.edu).

I urge you to take a look. From their college and high school content, we can create a free-market oriented curriculum, or even download it from Hillsdale as basis of our courses.

Professor Richard Feynman
Physics was boring as hell to me until I found Nobel Prize Winner Professor Richard Feynman’s “Six Easy Pieces” as example

Some of the best professors of all time are just a click away and much of the best content is on-line for free, like Professor Feyman’s amazing course on Quantum Physics.


But to take it to the next step, we must actively engage the student and show them why this information is relevant. Show them the rod, then teach them to fish.

So, after studying physics in principle, we proved Bernouilli’s Principle of Lift, as example, by making and testing wings of various shapes made from coat hangers and cardboard.

We tied them to a fan to test them out. The molecules flowed over the wing’s curved upper surface faster than the flat bottom creating lower pressure and forcing them to rise. That, of course, is how a wing lifts an airplane–yes, an entire airplane–just by molecules flowing at different speeds over the wing’s surface.

This brought us to another discussion – what exactly are molecules? How do they work and what are their forms? Gas, liquid, and solid, of course, and an answer often brings on the next question and so on.

Re-enforcing the learning

Setting up opportunities for kids to then put knowledge to work in real life acts to re-enforce the importance of its learning. Teach a little geometry, then go outside and build something to see why that knowledge is so important.

If learning is a life choice, then it’s no longer ‘work’ to learn. Eventually it becomes its own purpose.

In school we give the tools.  Outside of school we make them useful.

Karate Dojo
We were later involved in a private school of this design. The State demanded we have a “sport” (in my opinion, to force us to close)—so we taught karate!  The kids loved it and our school was ‘cool’

A laptop and a karate gi – and all you need then is imagination to start a Turning Point style school that will outperform any government school around.

But how do we afford to duplicate the Western World’s education system?

We don’t. We create something better, cheaper, completely portable, scalable, and without limits.

Our system is cyberwar compared to tanks and regiments.  We’re not trying to win a battle.  We’re giving kids the tools to win their own battles on any field against any enemy–for life.

The Richardson Post is keen to introduce you to the phenomenon known as Turning Point and we have now embarked on an exact package of ideas that we hope will be put into action—soon—in conjunction with this group or another.

We like Turning Point because they are already making a difference on campuses and colleges throughout America and the U.K. They speak our language.

Trump at Turning point

And it’s working well already.  Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point is on the right, of course, but who is that Orange Man visiting his training class?

The Turning Point in educational achievement

Turning Point USA and Turning Point UK are active on U.S. college campuses and universities—well over 1,300 of them—and have recently moved into high schools as well.

Conservative ideas and principles of freedom are being taught to kids who have unfortunately, been indoctrinated by Socialists who control education. 

That is not a random guess, by the way. According to recent studies, approximately 90% of teachers and professors adhere to Socialist philosophy.

Before attending Turning Point, many of these young people had no idea that they were being lied to – about both history and their Constitution(s). Imagine teaching them the truth from childhood instead of catching them so late?

What we have proposed is the creation of a standard Western Civilisation curriculum that simply teaches basic necessities – reading/writing/Western literature; math, sciences, and the history of Western Civilisation.

Any neighbourhood, town or city that can gather a handful of sincere parents and students becomes its own educational node.

Turning Point volunteers could become pod leaders. In turn, these leaders designate community learning opportunities and liaisons where more time is spent in the field.

The field of course, means libraries, parks, businesses and museums – rather than in a classroom and includes doing anything that prompts an idea, problem or question.

The group then works to solve these questions and problems, just like in real life.

Applied knowledge and the seeking thereof becomes an all-consuming habit as well as a community effort–just like before.

Church School
This is what school was like back when kids could read and do math (so its’ not the building)

But where will the money come from?

There just isn’t that much money involved, but we’re working on ideas to provide the amount needed to cover the start-up as well, and think we have it figured out.

Business leaders in communities will be keen to invest in such schools because they will want to hire the graduates from them.

As you can imagine, the kids they’re getting from the Socialist run schools today are basically worthless. I say that based on facts, not conjecture.

As an example, Baltimore, Maryland spends $16,000 per student ($1.4 Billion total each year) and not one student in that city’s 6 high schools passed the state math or reading proficiency test last year – not one.

Meanwhile a Bronx Charter school with the same demographics—mostly Black and Hispanic, but teaching along our lines and approach—achieved a 100% rate of passage for far less money per student.

Kids learning
It’s not the money.  It’s the attitude.

What does it cost to rent or occupy a small public building, church or empty office space? 

Other than a laptop, the Turning Point curriculum and minimal supervision— school is in session.

The school can charge a reasonable fee – and it would be reasonable without unsackable union teachers and all the bureaucratic supervisors in the government system–cheap in fact. I did it.

We also envision scholarships being available to the truly needy, as there is a windfall coming—the biggest in human history—and Turning Point or some worthy organisation will tap into that to see this project through all the way to the Outback.

That ‘Windfall’ you see, is my generation.  We’re dying

My generation known as the Baby Boomers were the biggest slug of humanity ever to enter society, but our day is soon finished.  I’ll be 66 this week and I have lost almost as many friends as are still here on Earth.

Over the next decade, it is estimated that we are leaving behind an unprecedented $63 trillion to a generation that thinks Socialism is just tickety-boo and Karl Marx was the greatest man who ever lived.

That’s $63,000,000,000,000 just in the U.S., mind you, which is why the Socialists are slobbering to get in power and take it away from us while we’re still alive.

So, here’s the challenge to my generation. We were taught to buy life insurance, but it’s not cash in hand.  It’s paid out to our beneficiaries when we die.

It’s not in our homes or businesses, so it messes up nothing in our estate planning, and it’s easy to re-assign it to a different beneficiary or a good cause.

Saving Western Civilisation, in my opinion, is a very good cause – much better than leaving it to kids who might donate it to some Socialist Democrat running for office back home!

So, to kick this thing off, I’ve committed to making Turning Point Education Foundation (or whatever it is ultimately called) the beneficiary of a $100,000 life insurance policy I’ve paid on since age 26.

Then I’m going to get on the phone to all my old clients, family members, drinking buddies, hunting buddies and even enemies, to thrash out this idea and make it happen – and I’m getting everyone I know to do the same.

Making it happen from there won’t be hard

The biggest hurdle is taking the first step, which for me was reading this book by John Taylor Gatto.

By the time you finish reading it, you’re ready to start

Gatto blows up every myth about education and was written by a man who became New York State’s ‘Teacher of the Year.’ He did this by working completely outside the rules and the system to produce outstanding students who loved to learn.

So, let’s do this.  Let’s save Western Civilisation by creating our own local systems of education. It’s time to supplant those managed by Socialists teaching Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes with our own teaching John Locke and Adam Smith.

Howell Woltz
The International Centre for Justice
Warsaw, Poland