Donald Trump in the crosshairs, AOC clueless

The anatomy of a coup.

The deep state Coup d’etat against Donald J. Trump began exactly 19 minutes after his beautiful wife, Melania, kissed him on the cheek following his swearing-in by America’s Chief Justice, John Roberts.

The 45th President of America was targeted at that moment by forces who will ultimately kill him—unless they go first—which may be an order too tall for even America’s most dynamic president in history—Donald J. Trump.

Yes. The Democrat rag of record, The Washington Post, announced less than 20 minutes after that kiss, “The Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun.”

“Impeach for what?  He hasn’t even taken office!” I thought to myself.

The Media wing of the Democrat Socialist Party reported those words to the world, leaving no room for speculation.

My next thought? “They plan to kill him,” just like they did my childhood hero, President John Kennedy, when I was 10 years old.

We may never find out in who’s ear Judas has whispered the kill order, but it has been given, and of this, I have no doubt.

Trump JFK an Lincoln
The best, they die young.  American socialists will stop at nothing now that trump has transformed america! Dark forces will not allow Donald to continue his success. Sorry Mr. President. The socialist masters have had enough!

The Democrat’s Kiss of Judas

The Democrat Socialists did not even wait for inauguration day to don their Che Guevara T-shirts and lace up their war boots. 

More than a month before the man had even taken office, Vanity Fair published an article “Democrats are Paving the Way to Impeach Donald Trump.”

They have done nothing since taking control of the House of Representatives except plot against him—and I mean nothing.

Within 24 hours of President Trump taking office on January 20, 2017, left-wing activists were being bussed to Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York City, San Francisco, and Albuquerque to ‘protest’—courtesy of George Soros.

Antifa protest
“Antifa calls out George Soros for late payment.”

It later came out that many if not most of these spontaneous ‘protesters’ including Antifa were actually paid to be there—again, courtesy of Uncle George.

See article here:

The Media Impeachment Circus

The New York Times was next in the Conga line of Democrat Socialist anti-Trumpers proclaiming ‘the path to impeachment has been embarked upon’.

Though we held an election on November 8, 2016, the Left-Wing lapdogs of the press deemed that fact held no credence with the Self-appointed Elites. 

Who are we deplorables to decide such things as leaders of our nations?

Those are the battle lines now drawn.

Are the nations for which we bleed, die and care so deeply ours—or do they belong to Elites backed by George Soros?

Are our elections just a farce?  It certainly seems that way today as Democrat Socialists go about trying to remove the President without cause.

Soros not only funded the Antifa Fascists and Black Lives Matter riots all over my home nation—he also backed the self-described “Pussy Hat” anti-Trump rioters, women wearing headgear they claim represent vaginas.

Yeah, i thought it was a joke too but here they are ‘in the flesh’

Worse, as we published last year, Soros money prompted, promoted and funded the Central American invasion of America. He did it just to get new Socialist voters in the country in time to steal the White House in 2020.

Using two Catholic charity front groups (since disavowed by the Church) Soros and the United Nations paid, bussed, fed, clothed, watered, and housed tens of thousands of invaders all the way to the U.S. border.

The Democrat Socialists even sent Congressional staffers and attorneys to advise their new illegal voters to tell border officials they were ‘fleeing
violence’—to take advantage of a loophole in the law that allowed them in.

I count six girls.  How many sheilas can you find in all these waldos and wallys, mates?

Though we elected Donald J. Trump to stop this madness, the Democrat Socialists don’t give a tinker’s damn about what we think or want.

Their lust for absolute power is so great—it includes swapping us out for foreigners if need be—as they can no longer lawfully win elections.

How dare you!  Only papa soros and i decide vat you vant!

So today the Democrat Socialists start Impeachment

For what you ask?  Well, three years later, they still can’t tell us that.

In what is now known as ‘The Witch Hunt’, Trump-Hater Robert Mueller wasted $35 million taxpayer dollars in an illegal investigation in search of a crime—rather than of a crime, as required by law.

His tag-team of 18 partisan hacks and 40 FBI agents issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants, and interviewed more than 500 witnesses.

What did they come up with?  Absolutely nothing.

Irregardless, Mueller’s goons wrote a 448 page ‘report’ about everything they thought President Trump might have done, just to smear him.

The Allegations Are All False

This was in spite of admitting that every single allegation was false, contrived, or made up out of whole cloth in a ‘dossier’ created in collusion with foreign spies and paid for by the FBI, CIA and Democrat Party.

Those not familiar with America’s Constitution should know that ‘impeachment’ requires a leader to accept bribes, commit treason or be guilty of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”—a very high bar.

Impeachment is akin to the death penalty for a politician and is not to be done lightly.

Yet the Democrat-run House of Representatives begins impeachment proceedings today, November 13—as promised before Trump even took office three years ago—and they do so for no stated crime.

MSLSD’s Rachel Madcow has a meltdown after Mueller’s report exonerates President Trump of any wrongdoing whatsoever

Why are they out to destroy Trump?

In short, Donald Trump has been too successful, so the Godfather is taking him out.

They know they can’t beat a man who restored the economy of the United States in just three short years by applying Conservative principles.

 We’ve found no Democrats or RINOS (republicans in name only) who are not beholden to the socialist godfather including the last two republican candidates for President, Romney & McCain

Cutting taxes and regulations proved to be economic principles that work for everyone.  The Godfather of American Socialism can’t have that.

In contrast to Trump and his winning policies, every candidate on the Democrat side has adopted such a radical, Socialist platform—not a plank of which is legal under my nation’s Constitution—that they cannot win.

The impeachment Option starts today, but if it doesn’t work…..

Trump Has Massively Increased American Incomes

Under eight years of President Bush, median income only rose $400. Obama’ eight years—only $975. And under Trump? He’ll tell you himself.

“And under my administration, it [average median income per annum] rose $5,000 over slightly more than just 2 1/2 years. That’s a big difference.”

The Democrat Socialists have even started admitting they can’t beat him.

Here is Representative Al Green (Democrat from Texas) in a moment of uncharacteristic honesty saying it out loud.

There only two ways out of this pickle for the Dems

Impeachment cannot be achieved ultimately, as the Republican-controlled Senate will not go along with the ruse. The Socialist Democrats know that.

But they only have to wear down the public enough to win next year through
voter fraud, which is well set and working for them already.

the socialist Lilliputians are determined to keep Trump down

I’ve Seen Voter Fraud First Hand

I know this, because the Registrar back home in Virginia where I vote—a Democrat of course— illegally removed me and other Republicans from the rolls—but was caught before the election.

So what did he do?  He restored me to the voter rolls Saturday night, too late to get my absentee ballot from Poland to his office before last Tuesday.

Through another form of fraud, the Democrats have registered 3.55 million more voters than people living in their stronghold districts.

They have also been caught recruiting the estimated 23 million illegal aliens in America as Democrat voters—which is why they fight Voter ID laws.

You can’t buy a beer or a hotel room without ID, but vote? Sure! Come on!

Their plan is to steal the election in 2020, knowing they won’t pay a penalty for so doing. The Deep State protects them at all cost.

Their impeachment hoax is really just intended to tie down Gulliver Trump— not kill him—at least for now.

If they can weaken support for Trump through incessant attacks and obstruction while keeping him from being so stunningly successful, they will mark it up as a win.

OK, but what if Trump survives?

Let’s set the stage for that answer.

Imagine being so arrogant and detached from reality that you believe yourself to be God.  Your wish is therefore not a choice for the little people—it’s their duty to follow you because, well—you’re God, right?

‘I Am A God, I Created Everything’

The piece of human garbage in the picture actually said that.  Read the article for yourself. The link is here:

So, if Soros considers himself God, how far a reach is it to think that this arrogant billionaire—who supports almost every Left-wing regime on earth—would even flinch at removing his greatest obstacle through violence?

There is much blood on his withered hands already. What’s a little more?

But that wasn’t all. Soros also went along with his adoptive father to catalogue the Jews’ wealth for the Nazis to take. There are rumours that much of that wealth ended up under Soros’ management instead of Adolf Hitler’s and launched his disruptive career in Switzerland and London.

A former Nazi collaborator, who wrecked multiple economies and is under indictment in multiple nations (including his own)—and considers himself God? Is there anything he wouldn’t do?

So, the question I pose now, “Is such a man capable of ordering a hit on his worst enemy through international intelligence agencies which have already proven their loyalty to his worldwide cabal?”

The Deep State Plot to Take Down Donald Trump

Before answering, please know that President Barack Obama ordered at worst, or approved at best, the ‘counterintelligence’ probe of Donald Trump long before he was President with an illegal plan to prevent him from ever gaining office.

This has now been proven by document and admission of his subordinates.

And as shown in a previous article, it was billionaire George Soros who “gave birth to the Obama presidential candidacy.” He also basically made policy at Obama’s Department of State, as we have mentioned in previous Richardson Post articles.


The Planned CIA Takedown of Donald Trump

Obama’s CIA lackey, John Brennan, co-ordinated with the intelligence services of Australia, Italy and England to package a hit piece on Donald Trump.

He used foreign spies and Russian collaborators to prevent Trump from winning the presidency – by accusing him in that same fabricated dossier of being one!

According to recently released text messages between senior staff members Lisa Page and Peter Sztrok, the FBI, also fabricated an ‘insurance policy.’

They intended to use this knowingly false document to bring down Trump if by some chance he won – and they did this on orders from the Obama White House

This entire quagmire ultimately answers to one dark little man born Geörgy Schwartz, now known by his invented name, George Soros.

He admitted following the orders of Nazis during his ‘happiest days’ as a child. Would he even hesitate to have his last and greatest enemy taken out through violent means as he nears the end?

I don’t believe so.

I think the plan is already in the works and has been since 2017.  Why do I believe such an outrageous thing?  Because Soros said so.

‘Wall Street analysts actually likened him [Soros] to a “wounded beast” that is “hell bent on revenge”’

The most powerful people at Davos 2017 had one thing in common—all were one world order sycophants of Soros

According to a piece written by Ethan Huff, ‘Soros told a crowd of wealthy politicians and corporate heads at the power-players’ World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (pictured above), that he plans to “take down President Trump.”

He allegedly wanted to do that, in order to usher in a “financial armageddon” that fits his plans for a New World Order.’

There is no positive interpretation of Soros’ promise to ‘take down’ a sitting president of the United States, and given his past, it is likely to be lethal in nature.

In my opinion, a permanent solution, as Soros might have called it in his early years, will be sought.

So yes, I sadly expect these evil Globalists to attempt to murder my President.

Simply by returning to the principles that created the economic miracle in America, Trump has done more in a shorter time for his people than any leader in U.S. history.

Such success cannot be allowed to continue or act as a model for others to follow.

You see, this is their world and they intend to prove it to us all by destroying the one man standing in their way—Donald J. Trump.

Howell W. Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland