Obama’s State Department Fixer, Victoria Nuland And Former Ukraine Ambassador, Geoffrey P. Pyatt, Covering For Obama Cockroaches Back In 2016


It seems like every time I lift a rock in Eastern Europe, the same dirty slugs come slithering out.

First, we had Spygate– the attempt to discredit then-candidate Trump. President Obama and his CIA pitbull John Brennan gave the order, but guess who put it in motion?

Victoria Nuland: the chief ‘fixer’ under both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry at The State Department (‘State’).

How? First, she obtained a fake collection of Russian lies paid for by the Democrat National Committee known as ‘The Steele dossier.’ Then, she spread it around the Swamp Media to smear candidate Trump.

Who acted as the liaison between Barack Obama, George Soros, and their collective?

Victoria Nuland.

Who created and executed the plot to force Ukraine to drop its investigation of Vice-President Biden and Obama’s mentor, George Soros?

Victoria Nuland.

Who also squashed the investigation into their seriously misnomered “Anti-Corruption Action Centre” (AntAc)– of which the Obama Administration had actually partnered with Soros?

You guessed it; Victoria Nuland.

Ant-Ac Activists In Ukraine
Obama/Soros’ Paid Ant-Ac Activists In Ukraine in their ‘F*Ck Corruption’ Tees-(No longer available After Nuland forced the investigation closed to protect Obama and Soros)!

We now know that Victoria Nuland actually instructed Vice Presdient Joe Biden to threaten the withholding of aid to Ukraine unless top Prosecutor, Viktor Shokin– who was investigating Biden’s son and George Soros– was fired. It was her plan.

A clever vixen, no?

This is not just speculation

But how do we know this? Because documents were released on order of a federal court last week proving it.

That was only thanks to a Freedom of Information filing by Citizens United – a private policy organisation investigating corruption (after three years of State Department obfuscation).

And, of course, ‘Quid pro Joe’ publicly bragged about it.

In one of most stupid acts in modern history, Joe Biden– now a presidential candidate in the U.S. – boasted about his Administration’s extortion of the Ukraine on video at the Council of Foreign Relations.

Quid pro quo Joe lays out his corruption for the world – “and son of a bitch! they fired him”

In that same recent court-ordered State Department document dump, we find that George Soros was directing much of that bureaucracy’s foreign policy under his grasshopper’s people through…you guessed it.

Victoria Nuland.

Soros was not only directing foreign policy in his efforts to take over Ukraine’s natural gas industry but at the level of minutiae, such as having Nuland and her staff vet article reviews for him (hat tip and thanks to John Solomon at The Hill):

“Toria, here is my take on Russia’s foray into the bond markets this week, based on the market chatter I’ve been able to pick up,” Soros aide, Canavan wrote in an email, released with heavy redactions hiding most of his advice to Nuland.

And who is “Toria”? – Toria is what close friends call Victoria Nuland – and this is not the only example in that dump. It was like Soros was using the State Department as his personal ‘staff’.

This is corruption at an unprecedented level

I cannot adequately convey how amazingly bizarre it is to have a foreigner – an avowed former Nazi collaborator at that – directing the de facto head of President Obama’s U.S. State Department in foreign policy.

He was doing this for his own personal financial gain of course, but with clear ties to the financial enhancement of top government officials family fortunes as well.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, actually invited George Soros to private State Department events on more than one occasion, as previously reported.

John Kerry with George Soros
So many top former officials are involved it is unlikely Trump will be allowed to survive—in their own words

Meanwhile, Kerry’s family and that of Speaker Pelosi, Senator Mitt Romney, VP Biden, and of course, the Clintons, stood ready for the Ukraine windfall.

Victoria Nuland ran the Department of State for Obama and his mentor, George Soros – under both Secretaries Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

It was also Nuland who directed Marie Yovanovitch to fly to Ukraine in August of 2016, to replace her alleged boyfriend, Geoffrey Pyatt (with Nuland in the photo above), perhaps, to protect him.

Saul Alinsky’s rules.  When you are about to get caught in a crime, accuse your opponent of it first – true or not is of no concern – just be the first!

Yovanovitch’s mission in 2016 was an international crime – and her boss, Victoria Nuland, was well aware of it because she was the conspiracy’s kingpin.

 Marie Yovanovitch, in Washington
And here comes ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, who was part of the scam, in Washington last week to point fingers at—(drum roll) Donald Trump, accusing him of doing what she actually did!

So they accused Trump of ‘collusion with foreign governments’ and ‘extortion’– both of which they had done – while Trump remains guiltless.

The real goal of course, was obscuring and deflecting what they had actually done. This was all subordinated and abetted by the six remaining outlets of ‘news’ including Murdoch’s (now Disney’s) FOX.

So, when in Ukraine….

Victoria Nuland’s orders were to give the Ukraine government a “do not investigate” list of corrupt Democrats.

These crooks were involved in Soros’ natural gas scheme with Burisma – whose players were already under criminal investigation by Prosecutor and national hero General Yuriy Lutsenko.

Lutsenko was put in office after Obama’s VP, Joe Biden, forced Viktor Shokin out (seen in the extortion scheme and bragged about in the clip above). So, the government chose someone above reproach to replace him– Yuriy Lutsenko.

And who stopped Lutsenko’s investigation into Democrat corruption?

Again, Victoria Nuland. Agent of the Obama Administration who had coordinated the take-down of Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump.

Ukraine opposition hero, Lutsenko
Ukraine opposition hero, Lutsenko, goes from prisoner to chief prosecutor to clean up US Democrat’s mess—but he is stopped by US ambassador Yovanovitch—to protect the Soros and Obama natural gas scheme

This seems to be a pattern with U.S. Democrats. They are actually guilty of the corruption in Ukraine– and appear to be continuing in every dark enterprise even today.

Meanwhile, Nuland sent Yovanovitch to prevent anyone in Ukraine from exposing them.

Straight from the Saul Alinsky handbook, while continuing to cry ‘corruption’, Nuland and Yovanovitch committed the most corrupt act possible.

They ordered a foreign government to stop investigations into their own corruption on behalf of the Grand Master– George Soros, and unless newly elected President Zelenskyy reopens the investigation as promised, they may yet get away with it.

Intrepid reporter, John Solomon, was here in Eastern Europe last month to interview the extorted Prosecutor General Lutsenko, who confirmed what happened.

He is the man who outed Ambassador Yovanovitch and Obama’s Eastern European cabal deployed to assist his mentor– Soros.

“Unfortunately,” Lutsenko told Solomon, “from the first meeting with the U.S. ambassador in Kiev, [Yovanovitch] she gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute.”

Who? Yovanovitch ordered that no one named Biden, no one named Soros, and no companies with which they were involved, including Burisma and their false-front fascist “AntAc” were to be further investigated.

And it gets worse.

AUGUST 2016– Clock’s ticking– and it looks like Trump is ascendant

The Obama/Soros cabal’s next extortive act by Nuland and Yovanovitch (and Secretary of State, Kerry) is the stuff of a Tom Clancy novel.

The target vehicle for Soros’ Ukraine gas takeover, Burisma, was owned by Soros/Clinton ally and #2 Ukraine oligarch– Igor Kolomoisky– who was then in exile for corruption.

Ihor Kolomoisky with John Kerry
That’s right Johnny boy, on your knees to Soros’ partner, Ihor Kolomoisky. We’ll take care of you later, don’t worry

No problem for Victoria Nuland and gang, because Kolomoisky was a huge Secretary of State Clinton’s Foundation and Obama donor–we’re talking many millions.

In an act of unprecedented chutzpah, they ordered the Ukraine to repatriate oligarch Kolomoisky (who was a high profile crook) to his home nation– cancelling all criminal allegations against him– for their own benefit and that of George Soros.

Now pay attention. In an act of unparalleled corruption, the Obama cabal, with Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch playing point, forced his appointment as Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast– the natural gas rich region Soros plans to exploit.

Reporter and author, Peter Schweizer, has confirmed this fact in his recent blockbuster, Secret Empires.

And guess which company gets the drilling permits in Ukraine from the new gangster-turned-Governor?

A secret shell company back in Vice President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware – Sunrise Energy Resources.

This company has since been absorbed by none other than Kolomoisky’s Cyprus-based shell company – Burisma Holdings.

As we know, this company is doing business in Ukraine– with Vice President Biden’s son sitting on its Board among other Democrat operatives, with only one Ukrainian–the founder’s daughter!

Another Coup d’etat!

It would be difficult to be a novelist when such true tales of crime and corruption are so readily available in the wake of the Obama Administration, which appears to have had the sole purpose of advancing the agenda of Barack’s mentor, Uncle George Soros.

And with all of this sordid crime being exposed weekly, what are the mainstream “swamp” media covering right now?

Oh yes – President Trump’s impeachment for asking the Ukrainian President to ‘look into all of this’ and is his sworn duty under his Constitution’s ‘take care’ clause.

Now it should be clear why they are so desperate to remove him at any cost.

They want to take down President Trump so that they can get back to “business as usual.”

Our only hope to make them accountable and to drain the swamp is to spread the news ourselves on our social channels or via emails.

Please keep this going and help us to hold these swamp rats accountable.

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