Adam Schiff finger up in the air

Where the Hell are the Grown Ups?

So, which of you corrupt agencies is going to step out of the Swamp and do your damn job?

If a few of us gumshoe reporters have been able to ferret out a vast criminal enterprise carried out by top U.S. and EU officials for their own benefit in Ukraine, where are those whose job it is to investigate and prosecute them?

  • Where is the European Commission, for example? You let this happen in your own back yard.  Is it because 226 of your members are on Soros’ payroll, as revealed by Nigel Farage–in the minutes while in session?
  • Where is Interpol?  Crimes between nations is your purview Inspector Clouseau.  Why is this huge international crime ‘not your dog’? Are you scared of Soros after the last investigation–or compromised by him?
  • Where is the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of State? Two consecutive Secretaries of your agency conspired in a corrupt enterprise to enrichen themselves, their cronies, and obstruct justice.  Cat got your tongue Mr. IG– or are you in on the take too? You’re clearly compromised as recent events in Schifty Adam Schiff’s wheelhouse prove.
  • Where is the FBI? Are you boys and girls too busy licking your wounds from being part of the Coup against a sitting president to do anything– or just waiting for your own trial and prison as the largest group of traitors in American history? 
  • Where is the U.S. Department of Justice?  If I know all of this as a reporter, someone there has to know it too!  We’ve waited a year now on your feckless Inspector General as well.  Has anyone checked his pulse lately?
  • And where is the CIA?  As the hands-down winner of ‘The Most Corrupt Agency on Earth’ award, why not take this opportunity to try and redeem yourself before we shut your asses down and put Eric Snowden in charge?
  • Where are the United Nations for that matter?  Oh! You’re too busy building up terrorist organisations and bashing Israel to do anything meaningful. I’m sorry, but that means you’re also too busy for the United States to fund and house you. Time to turn your HQ into another Trump Tower–or homeless shelter.
  • And where the hell are the U.S. House and Senate investigative committees? I even tried to call my cousin who’s head of the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday past–and no one even answers the phone!

The 64,000 Dollar Question

When are these people going to do their jobs? If they don’t get off their collective duffs and address this criminality at the highest reaches of government(s), 2020 will be a revolution rather than an election.

This is not only about my nation of America, but England, Australia, Italy and beyond.

American Mob torches and pitchforks
We will make Soros’ antifa punks look like the snowflakes dressed in black they are. We’re not paid to be angry, dudes, we are angry, and we’re gonna fix this

At least in my home nation, all of these worthless bureaucrats and elected officials are too busy still trying to take down the disruptor, President Donald J. Trump, to do their damn jobs!

So here’s a message for these Deep Staters, One Worlders, BureaucRats and the assorted strutting Swamp Scum on TV in America this week trying to take down Trump.

if you don’t hit your mark – if you miss President Donald Trump with your assault (or worse) in the inevitable attempt to take him out – as has been implied by George Soros and his pet, Mitt Romney – “he won’t be president in 2020”–we the people will be coming after you and we’re bringing Hell with us including a specific agenda.

Here’s what you must do, Mr. President

First of all, I hope I’m speaking for the 63 million voters praying you, President Trump, not fall prey to the dark forces allied against you. Former Nazi collaborator, George Soros, has publicly set his millions of minions worldwide against you.

But there are untold billions of other angry citizens worldwide who are simply tired of Elites like Soros stealing our nations and ignoring our wishes.

You have millions of angry Brexiteers in the U.K., for example, who have been bent over the stump by Parliament – repeatedly. Donald Trump is the man who gave them (and Nigel Farage) hope and courage to persist.

You have millions of Frenchmen back on the streets this week and you are their hero. Macron does not have the courage to insult you anymore. He is hiding in the Bastille– baking cakes to ‘let the Yellow Vests eat’ when they storm the palace.

Spain?  Look at the polls.  Italy? Hungary? Poland? It’s not unreasonable to say that Donald Trump has started a worldwide Citizens’ Revolution. It’s even looking like ScoMo has come around down under. We can but hope.

Trump’s concern is America First, and that is what we wish all our leaders would do as well. We love our nations and want leaders that prefer us to some world order far away.

There is one way and one way only that you can slash the Deep State and its power, President Trump.

Here it is – and we hope you are still among us to deploy it, because I am convinced the Deep State/One Worlders plan to kill you, Sir.

Donald Trump with Guns at his Head
One man against an entire world of despots, socialists, tyrants and ‘elected’ leaders aided by a compromised media who seek to rule us.  High time to shut them off and fight back

Here’s the Plan:

When the election is secure– assuming he is still alive– Trump should tell Congress that its spending binge is over.

Put Congress on notice, that without the following sensible reforms, no budget will be signed for 2021 by President Donald J. Trump.

That will put them in a panic/hissy fit, which is where we want them. Make them shut the government down–then wait 30 days while they scream about this:

  • Zero base budgeting (except military) instead of “automatic increase” madness, or no budgets at all will be approved–and no ‘stop-gap’ measures
  • De-centralisation of all federal departments to the States– as you just did with the Dept of Interior. This will put federal employees closer to those they were intended to serve, while in reality, draining the Swamp. Swamp rats do not want to be posted in Biloxi, Missippi. They want the Swamp, so most will quit.
  • 5% reduction in federal workforce per annum through attrition for four years or by department layoffs if that is not adequate to hit the mark, with bonuses for department heads who exceed their goals – and a freeze on hiring
  • Schedule the largest real estate auction in history of the unoccupied Swamp property both unused and empty, so it can never be filled again

The Socialists will inevitably reject this, which will necessitate another government shutdown.

And here is the golden opportunity

Democrats crying after Trump's election
This is the vision. Overpaid Democrat Socialists crying in their lattes because they will no longer be paid to undermine the USA and its president

We’ve already said too much, perhaps, showing your potential hand. There is, however, a law we researched during the most recent shutdown that is your Ace in the hole.

When that became the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, ending on January 25, 2019, you just missed winning with a Royal Flush.

It worked well back then, Mr. President, so great, no problem. What you need to do now, is to let it– maybe even make it– happen again, as this may be your last shot.

Government Shutdown Means Swamp Rat Layoffs

You see, Mr. President, the 30th day of a government shutdown is magic. On that day and that day only – you can compel all of your executive department heads to produce a list of everyone that is ‘expendable’ in the Executive Branch. These people can then be laid off.

‘Expendable’ includes almost every one of the Deep State Rats as we learned during the last shutdown and hopefully–this includes your National Security Council and Obama moles who have so harmed you.

Rats, they are, Mr. President, and they White House needs to be rid of them.

Leave a note on Vice-President Pence and all of your heads of departments’ pillows, in case something happens to you. Remember– it must be done on the 30th day after official shutdown– or it will not work or be valid under the rules.

Then, and only then, can you fire these despicable Deep State rats who work to destroy you and our nation.

Drain That Swamp I say

I’m part of the angry mob in the picture above, so I say fire them all – and then offer a deal to any who want to be re-hired as a contractor after the ‘shutdown.’ Any re-hire should be for a maximum of 6 years. The job should also come with a 50% reduction in salary and no bonuses.


They want to be ‘public servants’ let them be that. They are not our overlords. They’re ‘temps’. Six-year, non-renewable contracts.  That’s it.

And one last thing, Mr. President.  All public servants, even if they are only peripherally involved in our government – but affecting it in any way– should be ordered to take or retake an ‘oath of office’ as mandated by federal law, 5 U.S.C. §3331:

(Any individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honour or profit in the civil service or uniformed services, must take the following oath including all Swamp Rats):

“I, Swamp Rat, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

Not a single bureaucrat who testified against you has lived up to his or her oath of office. By law, they should be prosecuted.

So, make their next job contingent upon compliance–or they are terminated with prejudice and can never be a Swamp Rat again for life.

 Problem(s) solved, Mr. President, courtesy of The Richardson Post.

Howell Woltz

International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland