Barack Obama with George Soros

We Undershot this Story by a Mile

We do our best here at the Richardson Post to dig up the facts that others won’t tell but we grossly under-reported the magnitude of this one.

While focusing so diligently on the Ukraine pimple of U.S. diplomatic corruption, we missed 800 pustules where the seeds of revolution had been intentionally sown – by the same Shadow Government players.

We’ve established who put Obama in the White House, but could not show ‘why’ until now.

I won’t bore you again with that backstory, but for new readers, according to Human Events and other sources previously cited, without George Soros, small-time Socialist Community organiser, Barack Obama, would have remained just that.

“Change We Can Believe In” – You’d Better Believe It

Obama said he would ‘fundamentally transform America’ we just didn’t realise in what diabolical direction and how successfully. Now we know why Soros funded putting him in the Senate and then the White House.

Unfortunately for the Western World, their union has birthed gremlins across the globe, perverting the framework of my nation’s foreign policy. These Gremlins were unseen and unheard – until this very moment.

Their plan was not only put into action, it was turbocharged. These termites are under the floorboards of every outpost of the United States – living and thriving in its embassies abroad – designed to survive regardless of who is president like cockroaches in nuclear war.

Who Really Runs the Country

You think Donald Trump runs U.S. Foreign Policy? Think again

Alex Ross, State Department fixer
Senior advisor Alec Ross-the U.S. State department/Soros evangelist for World revolution

The young man in the picture above, Alec Ross, was inserted into the Obama campaign as early as 2008 and is credited with developing then-Senator Barack Obama’s ‘technology and innovation plan’.

He convened more than 500 loyal advisors ‘in the process of cultivating the candidate’s innovation agenda’ becoming Senior Advisor on Innovation in the Obama State Department to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton described his work by saying that “Alec Ross has been my right hand on all that we’re doing for internet freedom.” Personally, I think ‘freedom’ was the last thing they planned. Quite the opposite, in fact, as this story unfolds.

Wikipedia adds that “Alex (sic) helped institute a solid Democratic base in the State Dept that would last long after he and Hillary left.”

Their plan was successful, as we are seeing today in the attempts by those same stalwarts to destroy my home nation’s form of government and remove its sitting President through a calculated coup.

Ukraine Was Just the Tip of a Rotten Iceberg

I caught this line researching the Ukraine scandal: “[Alec] worked with Hillary Clinton instituting Civil Society 2.0 to create revolution and regime change in other countries starting in 2009.” That was when I finally realised that the software analogy was actually saying something.

This wasn’t just for Ukraine.  This program was for the whole system – country by country – and the bastards were actually bragging about it!

The plan wasn’t just Ukraine, it was the Western World and perhaps, even beyond.

Journalist, Glenn Beck, published Alec Ross on film in the Ukraine Embassy teaching radicals how to begin ‘leaderless revolutions’ that cannot be stopped, ‘through the use of social media’.

Using joint funding from the Obama Administration’s U.S. AID Program and George Soros, 800 such sessions were held during Ross’s tenure. That fact was also admitted by him at that celebration in the U.S. Embassy in Kiev.

This was done in conjunction with the State Department criminals we’ve previously exposed – Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch – who now attempt to cover their own misdeeds by attacking President Trump in staged hearings in the House of Representatives.

Alec Ross openly advocates the use of chaotic times for regime change (to Soros’ Socialist image of government, of course) and teaches the tools to achieve this. His work is funded, unknowingly, by U.S. taxpayers through covert mishandling of State Department funds.

Journey Down the Ukrainian Rabbit Hole

And that’s what started us on the Ukraine story.

Full disclosure, I have close connections in the Ukraine on both the Russian side of the story and the Ukraine patriot side. I understand both, though I always side with National patriots.

Russia has historical ties and formerly controlled Crimea as the U.S.S.R. So while America had a weak President, Putin made sure he got back full access to his base on the Black Sea by invading Ukraine.

I see it as his Russian form of ‘manifest destiny’ – the theory used by American presidents to take lands from Mexico, Spain, France and the Native population in North America ‘from sea to shining sea’.

But when we learned Ukraine patriot hero and Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko was investigating the misuse of U.S. funds there, I caught the train to Ukraine to learn more from our contacts, who are his close associates.

Like myself, Lutsenko had been a political prisoner, so I felt a kinship with him on the patriot side – but his investigation was abruptly shut down – by those who were part of the corrupt cabal.

And they were not Ukrainians. No.

Victoria Nuland actually feeding the protestors and revolutionaries on the streets of Kiev to encourage them!
U.S. ambassador Pyatt and Asst. Sec. Of State, Victoria Nuland actually feeding the protestors and revolutionaries on the streets of Kiev to encourage them!

‘Orange Revolution’ was actually Red, White and Blue

On the contrary, the corrupt parties under investigation were U.S. officials, politicians, a Nazi billionaire, and Democrat partisan ambassadors with an agenda – now shown to have been instrumental in the 2014 Ukraine Revolution.

The U.S. Ambassador and his boss/girlfriend handing out cookies to the revolutionaries in the picture above supports this theory–as do admissions from Ukrainian leaders and a Parliamentarian there, Serhiy Leshchenko.

Prosecutor Lutsenko confided in close associates that he learned the U.S. Embassy redirected $4.4 million in funds that were to be used for his fight against corruption.

Rather than being used to fight corruption, these funds were used to cause it instead.

That was accomplished using a joint venture of the Obama Administration and George Soros, called AntAc as their vehicle to sow the seeds of revolution.

Ukraine ambassador Yovanovitch trying to get her State Department/Soros cabal’s nose under the tent
Ukraine ambassador Yovanovitch trying to get her State Department/Soros cabal’s nose under the tent here—without success—Poland can tell commies and fascists on sight

They tried it here in Poland, but the new Conservative government refused. We know a bit about Nazis, Fascists, Communists, Socialists–and Soros, for that matter.

Then, the Wheels Started Falling Off

What the new Ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, may not have known when she was flown in to crush the Ukraine investigation – ostensibly of Vice President Joe Biden and Burisma Holdings – was that Yuriy Lutsenko already had their little front organisation, AntAc, and its non-government funder, George Soros, in his crosshairs.

Panicked, Yovanovitch literally listed off people who absolutely were not to be prosecuted including George Soros, Vice-President Joe Biden; his son Hunter and the company for which he, Sec. of State John Kerry’s son, and Devon Archer – a close Biden associate, as well as Sen. Mitt Romney’s man, CIA officer, Cofer Black all acted as Members of the Board – Burisma Holdings.

To ensure that Lutsenko and the new government complied, Yovanovitch made clear that funds for military aid were withheld – the same thing they now accuse Trump of doing, though he did not.

Obama sent blankets. Trump sent Javelin tank-busting missiles and hundreds of millions of dollars, indicating that the wrong President is on trial.

We’ve covered Burisma and the Obama cover-up in Ukraine for a year, but I thought that was ‘it’ frankly.

But was I ever wrong.  Apologies to our readers for my underestimating this thing.

Feeding sharks on a whale's back

It’s like thinking you’re on a small island, then realising you’re actually on the back of a dead whale when the sharks show up

“Spontaneous” Protests in Reality, Were Planned and Directed

You see, these members of the State Department/George Soros cabal equate their “Civl Society 2.0” as Hillary Clinton describes above and George Soros’ ‘Open Society’ as the same – and even share organisational frameworks and forums all over the world.

The ‘Arab Spring’, Egypt, Guatemala, the Central American caravans, the invasion of Europe by North African Muslims – the 2014 Ukraine revolution, for that matter – and pretty much every other disruptive revolt, unrest or political upheaval worldwide, have one thing in common.

All of them have been intentionally fomented by the U.S. State Department in conjunction with corrupt George Soros linked NGOs, who trained the ‘spontaneous’ uprisers.

This is no longer speculation. Alec Ross admitted it – nay – he bragged about it in the Embassy in Kiev, on film.

But why do they seek chaos, worldwide?

It’s hard for normal people to think like these sick, arrogant, self-appointed Elites, but when I listened to Alec Ross teaching activists to disrupt and cause havoc in Ukraine – and admit to training 800+ such groups on behalf of the U.S. State Department, worldwide – I no longer had to speculate.

The Sole Object is Power

He told them that “The Dictator’s Handbook” made it clear, that created chaos was the perfect situation in which to achieve their goal and that was put on the screen in bold capital red letters – POWER.

Back on November 25, 2013, Ross gave a talk at the Chatham House conference ‘Power and Commerce in the Internet Age’, saying that this new ability to influence could be good or bad.

By 2014, his spiel changed to “Global Rebellion: moving from geopolitical power and centralised state actors to a ‘technology-enabled citizenry’.”

His decision by then – perhaps after working for the world’s most power-hungry woman, Hillary Clinton – was clearly to work toward a co-ordinated One World Order as ‘the hoped for reality’ to borrow his own words.

Leadership and institutions are necessary, Ross said, but who will provide them?  Soros-style organisations, backed by U.S. Embassies in those nations is his present-day stance, it seems. At least, that is what is borne out by their actions.

One word on Alec Ross’s huge screen explained the basis of this quest for worldwide rebellion, and it was in large, red capital letters again, of course:

POWER – and readers of The Richardson Post already know who’s their Daddy now.

So what is to be done?

How to Get Out of This Mess

Many are speculating that the illegitimate ‘Impeachment’ hearings being staged by the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives will morph into a discussion of this Shadow Government cabal when the matter reaches the Senate.

That would be a mistake.

Not a single Constitutional protocol has been followed by the Socialists in their quest to oust President Trump. Legitimising it by even taking it up in the Senate Judiciary Committee would be a grievous error.

It should be officially declared “Dead on Arrival” as promised by Judiciary Committee Chairman, Lindsay Graham – but he does not have the only say in the matter.

I also worry that Senator Graham – a Republican – may be compromised, we are sad to report, as was the disgraceful (now dead) Senator John McCain, who was instrumental in the fake Trump ‘dossier’s’ distribution.

Senators Graham and McCain being ‘honoured’ by ousted President Petro Poroshenko – escorted by fired Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch!

So this all stinks to high heaven. It demands an immediate and deep dive into the State Department’s intentionally created Shadow Government under the control of George Soros – links to which have now been exposed.

Fortunately, this news is everywhere today and can no longer be ignored even by lazy politicians.

Senate Homeland Security Chairman, Ron Johnson investigating   possible State department corruption

“There is an indication”, Johnson reports, “that there were a number of high level FBI officials holding offsite meetings on how to bring down President Trump.”

No kidding, Senator Johnson. We’ve only been reporting on that for a year or so, but welcome to the party.

RINOs Finally Waking Up?

Not by coincidence, Senate Homeland Security Chairman, Ron Johnson, appears to have awoken from his Rip Van Winkle nap. He is now promising just such an investigation after a Glenn Beck exposé this week in America shook its foundations.

Today, the headlines in America were “Johnson has now come across at least two ‘secret sleeper cells’ in government working against the President and [our] Country.”

Admitting the FBI’s inclusion as part of the Coup and ‘sleeper cells’ plotting the coup will inevitably lead Johnson’s Committee to the Shadow Government of ‘State’.

That’s where the false evidence for their ‘dossier’ –  using Ukraine government officials to ‘dig up dirt on Donald Trump’ was created, as has now been admitted.

I say ‘admitted’ as Ukraine’s federal court “formally concluded that law enforcement officials there illegally tried to intervene in the 2016 U.S. election”.

The court ruling stated that leaking documents of Manafort’s business dealings after he was named Trump’s campaign chairman, was clearly detrimental to President Trump and a violation of Ukraine law against interfering in the elections of foreign nations.

And a Ukrainian parliamentarian released a tape recording of a top Ukrainian law enforcement official bragging that he was responsible for the leak and was trying to help Clinton win, according to an article by John Solomon at The Hill published just today.

It’s Now or Never

If this is not stopped, the U.S. can quit wasting time and money on elections.

Every vote counts
Does it really? I’m not so sure anymore, but it should!

If unelected self-appointed bureaucrats (ultimately answering to George Soros) run foreign policy with virtually unlimited budgets regardless of who is President, there is little left for a Commander in Chief to do.

In liaison with their counterparts in the CIA, this Shadow Government has caused havoc worldwide.

They have created horrible wars to destabilise the globe – none of which have done anything other than drain the nation’s coffers and fill its body-bags and coffins with America’s youth.

Donald Trump was elected in 2016 to secure our borders and stop endless wars, yet he has been prevented by the State Department cabal from accomplishing either.

The Serpents Hiding in the Rainbow

The Senate Homeland Security Committee must take this public information which The Richardson Post, Judicial Watch, Dan Bongino, John Solomon, Glenn Beck and others have brought forward, and use it to fix this mess now.

Then, the strategy we published yesterday of bringing about a shutdown and firing as many of these Shadow Government serpents is the inevitable – and only – solution to restoring the American rainbow–and protecting the world from State Department created “spontaneous revolutions”.

The Department of Justice and FBI are too compromised to be of any value in this, as they have, in fact, supported the Shadow Government in the Coup, so Executive action is the only alternative that remains.

Shut down the government at the next budget battle, Mr. President, lay them off, and on Day 30, make those layoffs permanent – including at the FBI and DOJ.

The life you save may be your own, but the country-and world- you save will be ours.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland