Michael Bloomberg channels Clive Palmer

Excuse me America? Is the Presidency for Sale?

This week, at least, Michael Rubens Bloomberg is a Democrat.

Why? Because he knows that no one but God could beat Donald Trump on the Republican side, so he’s doubling down on his $31 million 2018 gamble.

Gamble? That’s right.  Bloomey spent $31 million during last year’s mid-terms buying races for Democrat Socialists in the 31 mostly-Democrat districts Trump won in 2016, to ingratiate himself to the Lefties—$1M each.

And for that little favour—all they had to do was impeach Trump.

I know it sounds crazy, but it wasn’t. Bloomey saw this day coming and wanted Dem Socialistas to take over the House of Representatives in the mid-terms to impeach Trump so he [Bloomey] could buy the race in 2020.

Bloomberg donated to many democrat campaigns
His Muslim mouthpiece said it out loud and clear. Impeach that mother…

They even ran on it, or as his mouthpiece, Rashida Tlaib, said on the night of her election, “First thing we’re gonna do is impeach that MotherF**ker, Baby!”, speaking to her young son and the world on camera.

Nice people, eh?

So, they ran on impeachment, they voted for impeachment, and this week they’re doing impeachment without a single stated reason or count, just as Bloomey’s $31 million intended when he bought 31 seats for them.

In other words, they chose the punishment before Trump took office—impeachment—and have now spent $45 million taxpayer dollars, three years, and four investigations seeking a crime, unsuccessfully. 

Welcome to Socialist Amerika, Comrades!

But Bloomey may have screwed the pooch

Many of these newly-minted radicals were once Americans with normal sensibilities before Left-Wing billionaires started paying them to riot, burn things and come unhinged when opposing views were expressed.

Democrat debate
Room for commies, socialists and fascists—but not for our flag

There is still a sense of fairness in most Americans and they don’t like what is happening.  That’s one thing about my countrymen you can still count on.

Perhaps from being dragged to church occasionally, or even harking back to real Americanism, no amount of Socialist crap can completely remove it.

Even pathetic losers working their asses off for something and then watching the rich guy ride in to steal the election has enraged the public.

Bloomey did not enter even one debate, which makes it very unfair.

Debate or Love Fest?

So damn many fringe Libs are running for President they had to break up the debates and make them two-night affairs each.

I kid you not.  They put half on display one night and the other half the next night in some of the least memorable TV in history, but they were there, and Bloomey wasn’t.

The moderators should have been called leftorators as they pitched softball questions aimed at anything but truth to elicit the best Trump-bashing soundbite for their so-called ‘news’ the next day.

“Do you think that there has ever been a more disgusting pig living and working in the White House than Donald Trump?” (wild applause)

“Clearly not, Rachel,” would be a typical response. (even louder applause)

But the point is, even these drippy losers have been taking, dodging, and throwing punches for most of this year.

They’ve paid their dues.  All Bloomey’s paid is a ton of cash.

So last week’s $30 million? What did it do for him?

Not much, which is some justice.

Democrat? Republican? Independent? Who knows. He’s a switch hitter

Bloomey’s polling 12th down among some remarkably unrecognisable names with higher unfavorables than any candidate (25%) and only 2-4% support depending on the poll.

That will definitely increase, but not as much as Bloomey thinks, even with his bags of cash and overly-flexible spine. 

He’s really more of jellyfish willing to go with the tide.

For example, he was a Democrat then Republican mayor of New York for two terms and built on Rudy Giuliani’s police practices that caused crime to plummet.

He then went Independent, now back to Democrat, but this past weekend he was on an apology tour. He actually apologized for doing what worked.

Bloomberg adresses black church to apologise
Bloomey begs forgiveness at east New York’s Christian cultural center, one of the city’s largest black churches Sunday for his stop and frisk policing that prevented so many crimes – many of them against Black people.

But the others running on the Democrat Socialist ticket are basically inanimate objects, so even a jellyfish like Bloomey has a tentacle up on them in the political food chain.

Bottom line, these idiots deserve each other

Bloomey and the Democrat candidates are all doing what Liberals always do for power, which is anything and everything.

Nothing else matters to them.  Nothing.

Bloomberg intentionally bought 31 seats to get a Democrat majority in the House of Representatives last November, knowing then that he planned to get in the race this year as a Democrat—but needed to knock out Trump.

Those same Democrats took his money and signed in blood to destroy an innocent man—the President—in return for it. 

Quid pro quo.

Impeachment a Damp Squib

And all but two Democrats in the entire House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump without even stating a crime, so it worked.

But not a single Republican joined them—even the ones who hate him— because it is legally impossible to do so without a stated crime, and the public has noticed, again, the unfairness of what is being done.

While Democrats sink in the polls, Trump’s hitting record numbers.

And when every witness said the same thing when asked by the staged ‘impeachment’ committee about his ‘crimes’ it solidified that support:

“Is there any evidence the President committed bribery?”




“Any evidence of High Crimes and Misdemeanors?”


That’s all folks! This cartoon is over

Bugs bunny

So that’s it, folks. The law never stops Liberals from doing what they want, so the House of Representatives will earn Bloomey’s cash and impeach Trump quite soon even though they have failed to follow due process.

But the adults are in The Senate, and this will either be dead on arrival because of those failures to follow law, or used to expose the Democrats for who and what they are—and the President will be even stronger in the end.

So by law, it’s over.

The Constitution states only four reasons for impeachment and the entire parade of Trump haters had to say the same—he didn’t commit bribery. He didn’t commit treason.  And he did not commit a single High Crime or Misdemeanour.

So the hell with them all

Donald Trump as a boxer to fight bloomberg
Bring it on, says the champ.  He’s tanned, rested and ready

I wish Michael Bloomberg an ignominious defeat at the hands of the mob during the Democrat Socialist primary for trying to buy the candidacy without doing the work.

And for whichever one of these lightweights who draws the short straw and has to go in the ring with the Killer, may his or her crushing defeat take their anti-American party down with them.

America is an idea, not just a place. 

Inalienable rights and God-given freedoms; property rights, rugged individualism, and taking care of ourselves.

Those are our ideals, not cradle-to-grave Nanny State, elimination of free speech, open borders and stealing from your neighbours by voting to do so—then stealing his gun so he can’t stop you.

That’s what we’ve been against since 1776.

And under President Trump, our American spirit is alive again.

We’ve had enough.

So Bloomey’s cash is wasted, as are the billions George Soros, Tom Steyer, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and other oligarchs have spent on Trump’s defeat.

He will win this match in 2020, by 60%.  Book it now while he’s still the underdog.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland