Donald Trump with American Flag

Democrats admit “If we don’t impeach The Donald, he will get re-elected,”

  • Greatest economy in American history
  • Lowest unemployment ever – for all racial groups
  • Energy independence by intent
  • 7 million new jobs
  • Ending wars rather than starting them
  • Largest tax cuts in history
  • Slashed government regulations
  • Secured the border
  • Put America (and Americans) first

“The President leaves us no choice,” says the fascistic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

“We must impeach President Donald Trump.”

No crime stated.  Not a single witness to any predicate crime presented.

In fact, ‘Dear Leader’ Pelosi has not even held the mandatory vote in the House of Representatives to start such proceedings (with a 2/3 majority), yet on Monday morning, December 9th, she will press a vote to remove the most successful president in American history.

Why you ask?

“Well,” Nancy mumbles, “The President leaves us no choice.” Say what?

Are you confused yet?

Yep. And so are the 63 million Republicans and Democrats who elected him. 

The Socialists are willing to destroy the greatest economy ever, just to prevent the world from seeing how amazingly America’s historic principles can work—anywhere—whenever they are applied.

They were within one election of plunging the United States into Socialist ‘One World’ darkness in service to their Master.

Trump Saved America

And then along came Trump.  Now they’re scrambling to remove him before everyone sees the examples side by side, within 1,000 miles of each other.

Their collectivist system took Venezuela from the fourth richest nation on earth to its economic knees in a decade while Donald Trump used the opposite to restore America to economic dominance in just three.

Which do you prefer? 

Starvation, 85% of businesses closed, open killing on the streets, chaos and death; or full employment, full bellies, and knowing that your kids will do even better than you?

Take your time.  We’ll wait on the answer.

How the hell did ‘stupid’ get so close to winning out?

That’s a great question. 

But when you have the malign merger of the 6 remaining media magnates, the nation’s largest political cult, and the entire education system—all reading from the same script by design, the Orwellian outcome is pre-determined.

Add in a few malevolent billionaires who intend to run the One World Order?

And yes, the satanic lure of Socialist promises—never once in history actually fulfilled—can be sold to the world once more apparently, even when real time evidence shows its abject failings.

That’s why they hate Trump and are willing to destroy America rather than let him succeed—he’s making the contrast look too stark in real time.

So how did this happen in America?

Another great question, so here’s a short anecdotal answer.

I was a Democrat in the 1970s while also writing a syndicated column, “The Conservative View,” without any hypocrisy or even the slightest conflict of ideologies.

By the 1976 convention, the Democrat platform was communist

The Democrat Party was conservative.  But boy-oh-boy did that change!

Yes, The Democrat Party bolted left like a lightning bolt and is headed off the cliff in 2020. 

It is, in fact, quite likely that the party will be reduced to irrelevance like the old Socialists I see in parades occasionally here in Warsaw, Poland wearing drab, outdated clothing and berets from their communist days.

And they’ve taken it as far as Americans will allow

It’s as if it happened overnight

The Democrat Platform is Cut and Pasted Marxism

I had just penned a column about The Communist Manifesto the week before the Democrat National Convention in 1976, when long-shot ’72 candidate, Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, was invited to read the new platform at the party’s convention in New York City.

It was fresh on my mind from the article, so I was stunned to hear her words.

Not only were the ‘planks’ of the ’76 Democrat platform the same as the Communist Party, they were in the same order.

This was no accident. 

I joined the Republican Party the next day, and it took a few years, but a Champion appeared on the horizon.

His name was Ronald Wilson Reagan.

The only American President who came close to trump’s economy

The nation got a much needed reprieve under Ronald Reagan or it would already be under the boot of Socialism.

I’m also quite sure the U.S.S.R. would still be in existence and Eastern Europe would still be a cluster of grey Soviet satellite states as opposed to the vibrant economies they are today.

USA Boomed Under Capitalism

President Reagan slashed socialist tax rates (The Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981) from 70% to 50% and did it again with The Tax Reform Act of 1986 taking the top rate all the way down to 28%.

The economy boomed—and tax revenues actually doubled within two years.

How?  The same as is happening right now under Trump’s historic cuts.

When people have more money in their pockets, they invest and spend which has a ‘multiplier effect’ of roughly 4:1.  Government takes a dollar, that has a negative multiplier effect of -1.3.

I buy a car from you.  You buy a new house.  We both have created more jobs and more income, while circulating that new money—or not and lose.

Money then starts rushing in from offshore and abroad to invest at the lower tax rates. Businesses move back to America.

Success feeds on success—and everything does better as people prosper.

Sensible economic policies always work.  Low taxes & minimal regs attract $$

So, Where Did the Debt Come From?

So why did America get deeper in debt under Reagan and now under Trump?

You’ve hit the problem on the head.

The Socialists control the House of Representatives under Trump just as they did under Reagan and they always spend the nation into oblivion—if they are allowed.

To his everlasting discredit, Reagan tried to ‘get along’ and allowed it.

For every new dollar of revenue produced by Reagan’s tax cuts, the Socialists spent two—just as they are doing now under Trump.

They cannot allow the fact that lower taxes near the 20% range produce more revenues than exorbitant socialist rates to register with the public.

It ruins their narrative for confiscatory taxation of ‘the rich’, so they spent us into the ditch to prevent it—as they are doing again today.

They must destroy any who can show the world that there is no system that produces wealth for all equal to ours or that sensible taxation and freedom produce for all like none other.

Will Donald Trump Actually be Impeached?

So, will President Trump be removed from office?

Impeached, yes.  Removed, no, and here’s why.

A relentless media campaign of vile lies abasing the president, Democrat voter fraud on steroids in 2018, and feckless anti-Trump hacks within the Republican Party combined to allow 31 seats in districts Trump won in 2016 to go to Socialists in 2018—and for them to take over the House of Representatives.

Those 31 representatives will be asked tomorrow by ‘Dear Leader’ Pelosi to vote against the success of their own constituents in an act that amounts to political suicide.

Supposing there are enough masochistic Socialists to bring Articles of Impeachment forward, the process then moves to the Senate for trial, controlled by the President’s party, where it will die an ignominious defeat.

All who want to lose their seats in 2020, vote with me to impeach the most successful president in American history. Hands up!

The odds of President Trump getting impeached are the same as Nancy Pelosi giving up hard liquor—zero.  It’s a kamikaze mission.

But Daddy Soros has given orders to take down Donald Trump to protect his own ass in both the US and Ukraine, so as foot soldiers of the Dark Lord, Nancy Pelosi and gang have no choice but to goose-step in abeyance even of their own self-preservation.

This act of infamy will cost Pelosi the gavel and her party the House.

But what about the spending binge?

Well nobody—even President Trump—can stop the Socialist spending binge without slashing the bloated government that spends it.

And disappointingly, there are still too many RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who are varying shades of pink themselves, so here’s where the tough love has to come in.

Unfortunately, hapless Republican leaders cost Trump the house by refusing to implement his sensible agenda in 2017-2018 when they could

Obviously, we need to have an open season on RINOs in 2020 without bag limit to give the President a team. Rid us of all of them, so they can’t even breed.

So far, the President has had to do it all in spite of them and still can if he follows these simple steps.

How to Drain the Swamp – Step One

Move every bloated federal agency possible, out of the Swamp (as the President just did with the Bureau of Land Management).

It was a stroke of pure genius. He moved the whole kit and caboodle to a remote part of Colorado in the Western United States.

The headlines read, “Headquarters staff now has 30 days to accept the reassignment or face removal from the agency. NOVEMBER 12, 2019.”

Swamp rats don’t live well outside the Swamp.

Life just isn’t worth living without infused lattes, wine bars, and their Democratic Socialist comrades, so many are choosing to quit rather than move to the boondocks and live among us Deplorables.

Brilliant move, Mr. President.  Make them want to quit rather than living amongst ‘us’ and it’s on them.

Why do elites like Marx, Engels and Pelosi always seek to put us  in breadlines while they live in mansions behind gates?

Step 2

Wait for the next budget battle. The Socialists plan to sink you into deficits like they did Reagan, so just say ‘no’ to their outrageous spending bills.

This will cause another government shutdown, as it did last year.

And now comes the good part. 

On the thirtieth day you, as President, must order the head of every department to give you a list of ‘non-essential’ employees under their management.

That number can reach as high as 1 million or more (most of them are ‘non-essential’ if not unconstitutional) so let the blood spill freely.

Feel our pain, not theirs.  They’ve had it too good for too long on our dime.

On the 31st day of the shutdown, you can make that layoff ‘permanent’.

You have just drained The Swamp, Mr President.

And 2020 is looking even better. Trump won 2,600 counties of 3,100 in 2016, maybe go for all 3,100 next year, chief? Let’s take our country back!

But don’t stop there, Sir.

The population of America, absent immigration, is in decline, so there is absolutely no justification for the Swamp practice of automatically increasing spending on all programs by 4%, especially when there is no inflation.

Step 3

Use your Executive power to require Zero-Base Budgeting from the directors of every department under your purview.

No longer can the slithering class be allowed to saddle our children with debt to fund unsustainable, unneeded, unwanted government.

Each department head must start at zero and justify every penny spent—every year—with bonuses for those who mark up the greatest reductions.

No more automatic increases of funding.

The slugs who oversee solar-powered beer production (you think I’m kidding) won’t be funded. Such stupid expenditures will disappear.

Slash the departments while you can—and make them justify every single penny they steal from us as if they had earned it themselves.

Step 4

Find legal means of revenue for federal government to replace the regressive income tax and the IRS, which has destroyed so many lives.

The Internal Revenue Service is nothing but a blunt political tool.

It was weaponised by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to use against his enemies.

Presidents John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, as well as the last president did so as well. Time to shut down this political machine.

Barack Obama viciously attacked, prosecuted, and targeted conservative groups or you would have won the popular vote in a landslide in 2016.

A weaponised politicised revenue agency can’t be trusted and a graduated system that allows special treatments cannot be otherwise than political.

So, move to a flat tax and/or VAT for revenues. You then collect federal taxes from everybody, even those here illegally.

Re-establish tariffs—the intended means of revenue to support federal government—as you did so successfully (and profitably) against China.

Those who buy foreign goods, those who earn more (or spend more) pay more—but it is fair to all, across the board.

And those sources of revenue can’t be weaponised by the Socialists or used for their destructive hidden social agendas where they fudge for friends and destroy foes.

That’s it Mr President!

You’ve drained the Swamp, saved America—and put the Socialists out to pasture with a few simple but elegant moves.

Yep. Kid rock and the American rock make a good twosome.  I’ll bet on them any day

Running the nation would be a part-time job for a guy like you, once we get rid of the Socialist locusts who have been such a blight on your first term,.

Maybe it’s time to get serious about your golf game again after the 2020 election? 

You’ve earned it. We’ll take care of the Sociopaths from there at the polls.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland