Dominik Tarczyński Cathy Newman

A Profile in Courage

How does a man come to stand up to the entire World? How does he persist, when it seems everyone has abandoned their senses and is against him for doing so?

As Rudyard Kipling penned in the opening line of his famous poem,

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,” 

Yes. And that’s a very rare and courageous “If”, but Poland has such a man.

Meet Dominik Tarczyński: The Polish MP Who Stopped the Spread Of Islam in Europe – Again

Europe has been gripped by Muslim madness for years. Fortunately, Mr. Tarczyńzski has had the courage to swim against the raging tide of stupidity emanating from the One World, EU puppets in Brussels.

Until recently, it seemed as though he stood alone.  Now, his party, PiS, stands with him.

Dominik Tarczyński schools British talking head Cathy “So what you’re saying is” Newman on Poland’s sensible Muslim refugee policy.

That courage was in Dominik Tarczyński’s blood

After World War II, Left-loving American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt – an admirer of Joseph Stalin – handed him Poland on a platter in Yalta. That was not the end of the war for the Tarczyński family, however.

It was not over, and it could not end for Dominik Tarczyński’s grand-father and his men, because Poland was not yet free.

These proud Polish soldiers went from killing Nazis to fighting Communists by any means they could. They never stopped.

Dominik’s grandfather slept in an empty crypt in the graveyard for weeks at a time fighting Communism after battling the Nazis

They knew from personal experience, that all Marxist ideologies end the same way.

There is no difference ultimately. These men witnessed 6 million Poles killed – murdered, gassed and slaughtered – by both Russians and Nazis.

Marxists take all that the people have, until they have no more.

Then, when there is nothing left to steal, they begin killing. Pick your ‘ism’ – the Poles have witnessed 167 million souls perishing over the years from various forms of Socialism/Communism – roughly half of them right here in Europe.

The Kotwica anchor remains wildly popular—as Poland’s underground is always in place against tyranny— even today

Dominik Tarczyński knows his nation’s history

The Muslim invasion since 2014 was brought on by the EU fools in Brussels.

But this was not Europe’s first invasion by these murderous people. If the lunatics in Brussels had studied even the most rudimentary history of their blood-soaked continent; they would have known it.

They should know, for example, that for almost a millennium the Muslim Ottomans held Spain in slavery.

They should also know that there were multiple attempts by Muslims between 1671 and 1683 to subdue Poland and most of Eastern Europe as well.

When Muslim Grand Vizier, Kara Mustafa Pasha invaded in 1683, he intended to murder and enslave his way to Vienna.

He planned to make that city his Islamic capital, putting all of Europe under Sharia law. Its citizens would have become vassals to his Muslim State.

There were only two choices for Muslims then, as today – martyrdom or glory.

Islam has not changed in the least during its 1400-year history.

Mustafa, however, had not counted on the wrath of the Christian God and his elected Polish King, Jana III Sobieski. The EU and its invading hordes haven’t counted on our present hero, Dominik Tarczyński either.

This is the man who saved Europe in 1683, as Dominik Tarczyński will save Europe today

And yes, you read that right.  The Polish King, Sobieski, was an elected ruler, just as Poland elected Dominik Tarczyński to stop the madness today.

Without Heroes Like Tarczyński, Europe Will Die

The monarchs of Western Europe were an inbred lot as their own patents of nobility put on incestuous display.

As a result of this incessant inbreeding, those of royal lineage became limp-wristed weaklings as they remain today.

Meanwhile, Polish kings and leaders were chosen for their strength and character – without any right of secession.

Each king or leader had to earn his crown or place as head of State.

Through many wars, King Jana III Sobieski proved his right to lead Poland.

So, when Vienna came under siege by the Muslim hordes in 1683, Leopold I – after fleeing Vienna with his family – sent for Sobieski to save Europe.

Though the Polish soldiers were just one-third of Mustafa’s forces, they became so enraged as they rode to Vienna, their courage and resolve swelled as soldiers of the true God – willing to take on any force.

Why? Because over 30,000 Christian women and children had been crucified, raped, and beheaded by Mustafa’s Muslim horde, along their route.

All men – beheaded or enslaved.

It was a dark and stormy night

Upon reaching Vienna, a vicious storm prevailed which Count Starhemberg and his forces said made battle impossible, but they were not fighting under an elected leader or a man like Sobieski.

All night long the Poles dragged cannon in the torrent up the precipitous slopes of the Kahlenberg in pieces and reassembled them before daylight.

While the Grand Vizier Mustafa was dressing the next morning, God’s wrath descended upon him and the men who had raped, crucified and beheaded the soldiers’ Christian women and children.

Cannonballs ripped through the tents of the hordes and ripped through their defenses from Mt. Kahlenberg as if falling from heaven, sending Mustafa fleeing with just one shoe.

The Polish winged hussars then bore down upon them with King Sobieski in the lead – his 14-year old son riding by his side – with such force that the disarrayed Muslims were ultimately routed completely out of Europe.

Those Who Fail to Learn the Lessons of History are Doomed to Repeat Them

Not one word or verse of the Quran has changed since this political ideology of world rule through genocide was first codified.

We know this because changing the Quran was forbidden by Muhammed.

In fact, to alter the Koran or its interpretations in any way, including the correction of errors from the original scripts is called “Bid’ah” which translates roughly as “innovation.” Bid’ah is one of the most serious sins in Islam.

(Al-Tabari is one of the most revered Islamic scholars of all time. On his deathbed he was allegedly asked if he could forgive his critics. He replied that he could forgive them all, except for those who had called him an innovator).

Mohammed ordered his followers to forever struggle (Jihad) to put the world under Islamic control. This is not always an armed struggle.

During times and places when Islam is weak, it can mean doing things which will make the Islamic community stronger when hostilities begin. It can also mean doing things which will weaken the non-Muslim community.

Things which a Westerner may not connect to a military action may in fact be considered as such by Islamic leaders.

Having large families in order to demographically replace host populations is something that Islamic leaders openly brag about.

A Muslim could be unaware of this when he is encouraged to have a large family. The Mullahs know however, and so do many, if not most, ordinary Muslims.

There are many other forms of non-military behavior which can increase the wealth or power of the Islamic community (known as the “Ummah”) or weaken the host society.

These could include profiting from the industrial scale rape and sexual slavery of non-Muslim girls, cheating the welfare systems of host nations or attacking people who expose the truth about Islam.

A Muslim must either be on Hijra – headed toward a place that is already under Sharia law and Muslim control; or Jihad – colonising the next territory to be occupied and converted to Islam – by any means necessary.

Image Refugee army

Thanks to EU weaklings and George Soros, this is what we face in Europe.  Almost all invaders are young men of fighting age

There is, therefore, no ‘moderate’ Islam as Turkey’s President explained.  You are to engage in actual violent Jihad where you are – or prepare the next killing ground for future slaughter. There is nothing else.

Deception is allowed – even recommended in Islamic Doctrine – to make the hosts believe the ‘moderate’ lie. Once the numbers are sufficient, the Muslims will stage an uprising because lasting peace cannot be tolerated.

There are those now involved in Hijra in Sharia enclaves dotting the landscapes of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Other Muslims are on their way to invade and conquer new enclaves – but no other path is allowed in Islam.

In fact, those who are not on one of these paths face severe punishment, according to the Koran.

Deception, Hijra and Jihad must continue until all the people of the World live in Dar al Islam – under Sharia law – or are dead. An honest and logical reading of Islamic Doctrine gives no middle way.

So, knowing the evil planned, how did they get in?

The answer is weakness.  As anyone can read in the caption below – and I ask you to read it twice – the hordes are not even hiding their intent anymore.

Muslim cleric Anjem Choudhary “when we Muslims uprise in Britain we will come door to door checking everyone’s Islamic status. You will be given a choice to convert to Islam or be eliminated. It’s as simple as that.”

Why then is the sissified ruling class in Brussels still sipping champagne and speaking of the wonders of ‘diversity’, a sensible person might ask?

Because many who sit in Brussels are descendants of limp-wristed nobility – the same ones who hid from the Muslim hordes in 1683 – while their betters were on the battlefield saving Europe.

They inherited weakness along with another aristocratic trait – being prone to bribery and graft – from centuries of producing nothing themselves.

So aside from being a weak class, they have been bought – A FACT.

These soggy-drawered weaklings of the European Union were bribed by former Nazi collaborator, George Soros, in what Nigel Farage has described as “The biggest collusion in history.”

His investigators uncovered a secret memo from Soros’ Open Society Foundation stating that Soros controls 226 members of the EU Parliament.

There are presently 571 members of that not-so-esteemed body, so 40% are compromised with Soros cash. Meanwhile, one must assume the remaining majority who allow further Muslim invaders are uninformed or just plain stupid.

But things are about to change

This year, Poland chose a new emissary to the EU Parliament – Dominik Tarczyński – who knows the Quran and Hadith from personal study.

Born in Lublin, Poland Dominik Tarczyński grew up witnessing and suffering the ubiquitous breadlines, shortages and harshness of brutal dictators – like his patriot ancestors – and he will have no more of it from any source.

Whether the brute who wishes to rule claims to be from a Workers Paradise – or the only way to Paradise – is irrelevant. 

Our natural rights to speak freely, live freely and defend ourselves and our property are God-given rights, deriving from no man or myth.

Anyone claiming to be of a God while wanting to rob of us our God-given rights is neither representing our God nor good – and is to be resisted.

MP Tarczyński knows the enemy, unlike the EU weaklings he will join in January.

And like King Sobieski in 1683, he comes armed for battle in 2020.

Dominik Tarczyński will use Harry’s incredible book to educate those in Brussels to the threat we all face.

Dominik Tarczyński will leave Poland next month with many copies of The Story of Mohammed: Islam Unveiled, by Harry Richardson.

The book is not only in English but Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and even Norwegian.

While the rate of ignorance and illiteracy is 70% in the Muslim world, it is almost 100% in Brussels.  They know nothing of – or about – the hordes they are importing to destroy their nations and culture.

The Quran requires ‘conversion or death’ of all non-Muslims (Kaffir) until a territory is under Sharia law, then dhimmitude (enslavement) for those who remain – to support the Muslim jihadists with the Jizya tax.

Those who refuse to ‘convert’ are beheaded or enslaved if men, but the fate of Christian/Jewish women and children is even worse.

The following link contains graphic material of what actually happened during the Armenian Genocide. These events were happening around the time of WW1. The same type of behavior was exhibited by ISIS in the same area, with the same justification quite recently.

Dominik Tarczyński is prepared to educate the EU Bureaucrats on the threat of Islam.

Armed only with the horrifying words of the self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ himself, hearts and minds will be changed when the weaklings learn that they are to be slaughtered first. 

Yes, when the hordes rise up to take Europe as Cleric Anjem Choudary has so clearly explained, it is they, the weak leaders of the European Union, who will become the sacrificial lambs.

Perhaps then the weak fools who think themselves to be ‘Elites’ will once more seek the strength of a Polish leader to save them.

Are they worth saving?  Probably not.

But this is not a battle to protect weak elites who are bribed by wicked forces. That is not why King Jana III Sobieski fought in 1683 to save the kingdom of the hapless Leopold I in Vienna.

This battle, as then, is one for our culture(s), our way of life, and our own God, who makes the Arabian apparition pale in comparison like the sun to the moon – (which incidentally is the symbol of their God of darkness known as Allah).

Stout hearts can and must prevail in this battle.

The leaders of Poland now send their best warrior to the front to fight the forces of evil.

The EU may be about to be “Poleaxed” too.

May God protect and make Dominik Tarczyński invincible in 2020 as He protected Jana Sobieski in 1683.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland