Billboard Mohammed Perfect Man

In 2017 a billboard appeared on Interstate 465 in Indianapolis, USA. It simply stated the following:

“The Perfect Man”

  • Married 6 year old
  • Slave owner and dealer
  • Rapist
  • Beheaded 600 Jews in one day
  • 13 wives, 11 at one time
  • Tortured and killed unbelievers

Reactions to “The Perfect Man” billboard

Christians around the world immediately ignored the billboard. Jews, Hindus and Buddhists paid it no attention either.

And why would they? It doesn’t describe their vision of a perfect man at all.

One religious group was incensed, however. Can you guess which one?

Married a 6-year-old?  Slave owner/dealer?  Rapist? 13 wives? Beheaded 600 Jews in a day? – who in history was this despicable?

If you said “Muslims,” then go to the top of the class.

But why would they be so upset? It was because only one sadistic man fits such a wanted poster. A man named Muhammed–an illiterate goat herder from the seventh century.

And his ‘followers’ from every nation his ideology has destroyed immediately knew who the billboard was calling out.

It was their beloved ‘prophet’ – and this billboard on Interstate 465 in Indianapolis shows that the people of Indiana have had enough of them and his political ideology.

They are clearly done with those who consider this slave taking mass-murderer to be “The Perfect Man” or having them further infect American society with their presence.

Muslims and Leftists Threaten Violence

Nutsy Democrats and Muslim groups across the fruited plain roundly condemned the owner of this sign, and threatened violence (of course).

Yes. Violence. That is their way, you know.  Democrats, Leftists and Islamists are the most dangerous political groups on earth today when they can’t get their way.

Some ridiculous public officials who wouldn’t know a Quran from a Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoon asked that the billboard be removed.

But the owner’s attorney, Mr. Don Woodsmall, had the following reply to them.

“It is interesting to note, the Muslim community knew exactly who it was referring to. The truth is a powerful weapon.”

Neither Mr. Woodsmall, nor the owner(s) of the sign backed down even a millimetre.  In fact, it was more like a double-down.

They agreed to take down the billboard only if the Democrat whiners and jihadists could show one falsehood – if the billboard referred to Muhammed.

Needless to say, the fools couldn’t, as every statement is backed by verses from Muhammed’s own Quran or hadith.

Mr. Woodsmall is a graduate of prestigious Duke University Law School in my home state in America.

He refused to represent the owner(s) until he had each statement researched and confirmed by Islamic experts as being true and sourced directly from the ‘scriptures’ of Islam.

There is, of course, nothing ‘perfect’ about the character described on the billboard.

The Strategic Brilliance of “The Perfect Man” Billboard

That is why this strategy is beyond brilliant.  It calls out these people, using only historical fact to inform the public of the dangers of this political ideology by telling the truth about them.

It publicizes their own Sharia talking points – world domination through genocide, rape, slavery and pedophilia. That is Sharia, coming to a mosque near you–or maybe not.

Then, we get a second bite at the apple when they begin howling. We simply challenge the adherents of this pathological disease parading as a religion – to prove where we’re wrong.

Was it something we said? No. It’s something your Prophet said – or did.

And they can’t dispute it because nothing has changed in 1400 years. We just used the words of their Prophet and his scribes (as Muhammed was illiterate).

The point is, that they’re still doing all of these horrible things every day, because “The Perfect Man” did them. 

If Muhammed did it – even once – it is Sharia, for all time. That is not allowed to change in any way – or he who changes it must die, according to Muhammed.

Do Muslims Make Good Neighbours?

So, murder, rape, torture, beheading, crucifixion, slavery and marrying pre-pubescent girls are all Sharia. That is why you never want Islam or its believers in your life or your nation – and you darn sure do not want them in your own neighbourhood. 

And what you really, really don’t want, are feckless leaders who are so ignorant of Islam’s agenda – or too stupid to realise where it will lead – that they allow it to gain even a toehold. 

It will lead exactly where Muhammed ordered it to lead if they do.

And such ‘diversity’ is not our strength – for the record, it’s a death sentence for us.

Attorney Woodsmall did the research with numerous Islamic scholars to back up his client(s)’ billboard. Thanks to that research, he was able to create precise sources for the bullet points on what we hope will be your billboard in your own country soon. 

Proof That “The Perfect Man” Billboard Didn’t Lie

We want you to have the backup for your billboard as well, so ‘hat-tip’ to Attorney Woodsmall and his courageous client(s):

  • “Married 6 year old” – Sahih Muslim (8:3309), Sahih Bukhari (58:234, 3896, 5158, and 3311)
  • “Beheaded 600 Jews in one day” – Quran (33:26), Ibn Ishaq/Hisham (674), Abu Dawud (4390)*
  • “Slave owner & dealer” – Sahih Muslim (3901), Sahih Bukhari (47:743), Quran (4:24, 33:52)
  • “13 wives, 11 at one time” – Sahih Bukhari (62:6), Sahih Bukhari (5:268)
  • “Rapist” – Abu Dawud (2150), Sahih Muslim (3433), Quran (4:24, 33:50), Sahih Bukhari (34:432), Sahih Muslim (3371)
  • “Tortured & killed unbelievers” – Quran (8:67), Sahih Muslim (4322), Sahih Bukhari (52:256, 11:626), (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 819, Ibn Kathir v.3 p.403), 109 verses of violence

Thus far, the only historical pushback that Attorney Woodsmall has received is that the records conflict. He was told that they indicate that Muhammed beheaded “between 500 and 900 Jews” [according to the various sources] and it may have been over more than just one day. 

Heck, it might have even been two. Wow. Burn the billboard, right?

If the best they can come up with, is to say this monster only beheaded a minimum of 500 innocent men over a couple days – I’m sorry, but he’s still a monster.

I say that, because these were not his enemies, these were the kind people who had fed, clothed and armed his soldiers for over a year in Medina.

Welcoming Muslim Refugees – What Could go Wrong?

Keep that thought in mind as they invade your country as ‘refugees.’ Remember that Muhammed and his murderous thugs were ‘refugees’ in Medina after being expelled from Mecca.

When they have strength, they will kill you. They don’t even keep it a secret any longer in the fallen parts of Europe, like Londonistan, where little Mayor Khan prepares for them for the uprising.

Meet Anjem Choudhary, the radical Muslim that treacherous British elites have released back on the streets of London while keeping Tommy Robinson in jail.  Maybe Bojo will send him home

Let’s explore why the historians aren’t sure how many hundreds of Muhammed’s innocent benefactors he personally beheaded.

Also, was it in one day or two? Important stuff, right?

Let’s clear up the confusion.

Muhammed personally committed this horrible deed by all accounts. Check!

He parted body from head with his own sword of between 500 and 900 people who had cared for him and his soldiers after they had shown up destitute and unarmed just a year before. Check!

By any of these accounts, Mohammed was a butcher of unequalled proportion – and we can only hope we never see his likes again. Check!

Was the Billboard Wrong?

So, the only historical question remaining is, was it over one day or two – as if that mattered?

All I can tell you is that this was one busy, busy butcher. The sad thing is, that this wasn’t an isolated incident.

After an eerily similar slaughter of Jews, at a place called Khaybar, Muhammed took Safiiyah, the 12-year-old of the murdered Jewish leader for his own pleasure.

Muhammed’s bodyguard circled the tent all night long after the slaughter, while ‘the prophet’ was raping this poor little girl.

When Muhammed asked his guard the next morning why he had circled the tent all night, he answered that after Muhammed had killed or enslaved little Safiiyah’s (entire) family, he was worried she might be ‘dangerous’.

Muhammed blessed his soldier for this clear thinking, as is also recorded in his own ‘scriptures’.  Maybe he went back to killing then? We don’t know.

But no Muslims have any shame about Muhammed raping a 12-year-old child all night – which says enough to the Western world to know his brand should never be ours. He is considered to be the perfect man for all Muslims to emulate, but in our world, he is simply a murderous, Jew-hating killer with a penchant for buggering children.

It’s a recruiting tool for young jihadists. Is he a prophet? Damn sure not mine or ours.

And remember that Muslims are proud of this horrific stuff. They recruit young jihadist thugs with these lurid stories of raping children to this day.

In fact, the story of Muhammed raping a 12-year-old is told with pride in his manliness. Yes, this sordid tale of child rape is used to recruit more killers.

How did Mohammed Treat Jews and Other Kaffirs?

The child Safiyah was a kaffir, “a Jewess”, a nothing to Muhammed.  And even though he later forced the little girl to be one of his 13 wives, she was less than human to him, according to the political ideology of death that he spawned.

To Muhammed, it had no more consequence than raping an animal, and those present were clearly proud of what he did, as they retold these stories which they eventually wrote down as part of the hadith.

The clearest account of this atrocity is to be found in Ibn Ishaq’s work, which is the oldest known biography of the Prophet Mohammed.

By recording it, those early Muslims knew it became ‘Sharia’ to rape children.

Yes. Raping 12-year-old children all night long became not only acceptable to the godless rabble 1400 years ago, it became ‘holy’ to them – and still is.

In fact, the Muslim thugs in Iran just legalised marrying one’s own daughter as long as she is 13 years old and you legally adopt her. How thoughtful.

That does not stop you from marrying a six-year old who is not your daughter, however, because Big Mo did it.  It’s therefore, Sharia too.

What is the Best Way to Spread Knowledge of Islam

The saddest thing is the way our fake news media ignores the truth about Islam. Even supposed “fact checking” website Snopes simply asked a Muslim and took his word as Gospel (even though he was lying) about what is clearly stated in their own scriptures. Shame on them!

So, build your own billboard proudly.

This is the only antidote to Islam – telling the world who and what this evil ideology is all about–using their own words and texts. 

Only then will citizens in nations of Western ideology demand that their feckless leaders send them back to enjoy Sharia at home.

Their home, not ours.

Every cell of this evil must be broken up and dispelled. I do have another idea though, that might be employed in the interim while we wait for the next election to send the Libs, crazies, and Corbynistas home as well.

Under ‘Sharia’, the Christians and Jews are allowed to live in their own nations after Muslims rise up and take them over (known as dhimmitude) but ‘we’ are forced to pay an onerous tax to their our masters each year – on our knees.

These jihadists want ‘Sharia’, let’s give them a taste of their own medicine.

Turning the Tables on Muslims

Any who claim to be Muslims should receive no benefits from ‘us’ and pay 25% of what they have each year – on their knees – to the local church or priest.

They want ‘Sharia’ they can have it, but they’re the infidels and must pay a heavy tax to live amongst us.

I want kebab and halal shops to be as rare as unicorns in our Western world.

Only then will our children be safe from those who believe raping them is ‘holy’.

“The Perfect Man” and his followers belong on the Arabian Peninsula – if anywhere – but damn sure not in our nations.

Time’s up for Islam.

If any of the claims in this article seem ridiculous or fanciful drivel, then please read Harry Richardson’s book for free Here:

Harry has offered a US$1000.00 reward for anyone who can disprove any part of the book. Despite selling over 30,000 copies and debating with Muslim leaders in a mosque on video – the money remains unclaimed.

Fun Fact: Truthophobes is an Australian group opposing Islam. They were founded by people who had read Harry’s book and were inspired by it. The name comes from Chapter 28 of the book. The owner of the sign must have referenced them as a great source of information.

Howell W. Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland