Trump in fire ring

Obama Administration Collusion with Soros

Suppose we told you that the Obama Administration’s Department of State created a secret joint venture with billionaire George Soros, and his Open Society Foundation (called AntAc) to foment the 2014 Ukraine revolution?

Suppose we told you they did this in 50 other nations we now know about, under the same guise and partnership?

Crazy, right?

The point of this joint venture was to train revolutionaries worldwide on how to foment leaderless coups using social media. This was done in a way to make them appear ‘spontaneous.’

That might sound far fetched, but I’d

never write words like that

without solid proof.

We’ve actually got it on video. Alec Ross was the man described by Hillary Clinton as her ‘right hand’ when she was Secretary of State under Obama.

Too young to know a damn thing about Socialism, but selling that form of government and ‘revolution’ on the US taxpayer’s dime

In the video from our archives, he actually brags of training 800 groups of revolutionaries – worldwide – as part of this secret program. (

Check out minute 15:45 if you doubt us.

He was a very busy boy during those eight years working for Hillary and Uncle George.

Perhaps it’s worth a moment to watch the clips of this same Alec Ross and State Department apparatchiks if you missed our November article on how we underestimated Soros and Obama:

The Democrats Can’t Beat Trump and they Know it

The Dems can’t beat Trump at the polls so the impeachment is about covering up the crimes they committed under Obama. As four investigations proved, Trump did nothing wrong, but we now have solid evidence, they did.

Nobody on the planet could beat Trump at this point in history.  Are you kidding?

The economy is roaring like never before thanks to his massive deregulation and tax cuts.

The Socialist Democrats can’t sell their tired old crap in America any better than Jeremy Corbyn could in the UK.

Muslim witch, Linda Sarsour (wearing shades) and corrupt Muslim representative, Rashida Tlaib lead the impeach Trump rally, of course

Meanwhile, the Socialist Democrats are absolutely obsessed with keeping Trump tied up with this impeachment nonsense. It’s clear that they simply want to cover up their own crimes, and as always, we’re at least half a step ahead of them at The Richardson Post.

These crimes were committed for the benefit of Uncle George Soros under his grasshopper, Barack Hussein Obama, who was installed in the White House to do his bidding.

I’m over here covering this stuff in Eastern Europe with the people they used and abused, so pay attention as we’re not speculating, we’re reporting.

QUESTION – suppose your political party colluded with a Globalist billionaire and co-funded his efforts to foment revolutions all over the world?

Would you be happy that your hard-earned money was being wasted by a major political party, funding those sworn to kill you?

Imagine, you have done this in support of the One World Order gang – against your own nation and its laws. How then, do you survive as a political party in a nation like America if the people find out?

The democrat Socialists’ model for their world coup with Soros may have been inspired by these geniuses who preceded them

Democrat Crimes are Coming Home to Roost

What the Moe, Larry and Curly Democrats were doing under Obama is a crime under Article 1, §8 of the Constitution, Clause 10. That Constitutional clause grants the power to Congress “To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations.”

Fomenting revolutions all over the world to overthrow governments of friend and foe alike while selling out your own nation to a Socialist World Order is not something that the Founders envisioned according to our nation’s founding documents.

In fact, it is very much against the law and in violation of 18 USC §2381 if you wish more specificity.

Despite this, the bureaucratic State Department and America’s entire intelligence apparatus under the Soros/Obama White House were part of just such a plot.

A grand jury is presently impaneled on the coup attempt against Trump and the heads of Obama’s FBI, CIA, DNI, State Department and DOJ are very much on the hook for it, yet the American people know nothing of this greater plot to sell out America.

When the people find out, they will not be pleased

You probably thought we were nuts when we first started telling you that the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton Campaign colluded with foreign governments to spy on and attempt to destroy the Trump campaign/presidency,

But what we wrote has been proven true, and what we are telling you now, is coming from the same dependable sources.

The Socialist, ‘no-border’ Wingnuts now on display as candidates for President are an unhinged cabal of American Leftists. Is it really that much of a stretch to believe they would sell out their own nation – which they trash at every opportunity–to destroy a duly elected President?

As pointed out previously, they didn’t even have an American flag at the Democrat debates, whereas Trump won’t leave the White House or go to a rally without one – or ten of them.

The antidote to globalism – Donald j. Trump – putting his own nation first and advising other leaders to do the same

Impeachment is a Desperate Cover-Up Attempt

So, I believe this Soros/Obama funded plot to sow the seeds of revolution is what they are desperate to keep hidden from the voters before this year’s election in November. 

We have proven in previous articles how they used this program in Ukraine to foment the Revolution there in 2014. I’m just next door in Poland and we covered it.

What we missed was just how deep this plot went. I under-reported, under-estimated and missed the bigger picture, for which I heartily apologise.

This was not just overthrowing the government of Ukraine, this was supposed to be the beginning of the end game where the rats tried to sell out America and other nations to this One World Order, under cover of darkness.

Fortunately, the lights came on November 8th of 2016 and now the rodents are scurrying for cover. Donald J. Trump flipped the switch, which is why they are still trying to destroy him.

In my estimation, this isn’t just about getting rid of Trump so they can continue to betray their nation in service to their Dark Lord and Global Socialism – it’s about staying out of jail for treason.

That’s what is really going on now.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland

NOTE- Here is President Trump’s own listing of his accomplishments;

1. Passed the USMCA to replace the disastrous NAFTA

2. Over 7 MILLION new jobs created since President Trump took office

3. A record number of Americans are employed

4. U.S. Military killed top ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

5. More than 10,000 more factories in America than on Election Day 2016

6. Withdrew from Obama’s disastrous Iran Deal and imposed the toughest sanctions ever

7. Successfully confirmed over 150 federal judges since January 2017

8. American unemployment hit the lowest point ever recorded

9. Women’s unemployment hit its lowest rate in more than 65 years

10. Record-low unemployment for African Americans

11. Asian-American unemployment reached the lowest rate ever recorded

12. Imposed tariffs on China to combat its abusive trade practices

Try beating that, Libs.

You can’t.

President Donald J. Trump