Australian Bushfires

As a young man, Allan Savory worked for the Government of Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe). The Government was concerned about desertification in the country and saw Elephants as one of the causes.

When the environmental ‘scientists’ within his department decided to slaughter 40,000 elephants to “fix” the problem, it was Allan who had the job of overseeing the carnage – an act that he deeply regrets to this day.

Did that solve the problem of desertification his government sought to cure? 

No. it did not.

To Allan Savory’s horror – it only made things worse. 

But to his credit, he learned from this deeply troubling experience to use God’s way as he observed it in nature. He now ignores ‘accepted wisdom’ – especially when that ‘wisdom’ is proven not to work.

As you can imagine, this attitude has made Allan Savory a target of hate by Leftists and Climate Change proponents not looking for real solutions.

He has transformed hundreds of thousands of desertified acres into lush paradises. These areas hold water reserves and produce enough food to feed nations.

Allan savory turns deserts into lush paradises like this – ending wildfires in the process – by doing the opposite of what ‘climate change’ nuts would tell us are the answers

These were once-barren lands managed by governments who have an unshakeable belief in the Climate Change Hoax, by true belief or the need for inclusion in what’s ‘cool’.

What have these governments done?  They have caused more acreage to become barren, reduced reliable water supplies, and created food shortages in places that are home to the world’s most vulnerable people.

I highly recommend your taking a few minutes to meet this amazing man and hear his story. It can save places which are currently burning, like Australia, Brazil and California.

These places are all under the mis-management of those governments and Leftists who would destroy them to serve a political agenda of the Globalists.

In my home nation, a young 29 year old Socialist bartender from New York–backed by George Soros, of course–has taken centre stage and told the world how to solve the problem.

It is very simple. Hand over control of all private property and she and her ilk will solve this non-problem for us.

This young woman with zero experience in anything other than pouring a neat ‘brace of Grouse’, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (a.k.a. AOC), calls her Socialista takeover of America ‘The Green New Deal’.

The price tag of her Green New [Steal], is just US $93 trillion – not to mention the end of privately controlled property – oh, and most basic human freedoms.


None. In fact, the evidence is that government-controlled property is the worst managed, but that does not deter those who wish to steal our property in the least.

But there are very real solutions if any wish to actually solve the problems facing us today, though none of these tried and true solutions are practiced by governments at present, because they are not endorsed by the Globalists who want to control us.

Sounds cynical? Read on. I can get more cynical in a heartbeat with these people.

As Allan Savory has proven time and time again from Africa to the Americas, the only way to prevent and cure desertification is large, managed herds of animals–as once roamed the earth.

By mimicking nature, these herds are moved in one concentrated group between grazing grounds, rather than bound to one area.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Makes Bernie Sanders look only mildly retarded

Climate Change promoters, like the proponent of a Socialist takeover in America (above),  AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), and  Soros-funded Socialist ALG (Angry Little Greta) Thunberg, would have us kill off livestock and burn our wildlife (as Climate Hoax activists are doing by lighting thousands of fires today in Australia) to make things even worse.

In reality, using massive herds to reverse desertification will create carbon sinks unlike any other – if carbon really were a problem.

But carbon can’t be a problem – these Socialists are just lying to steal your property (or control it using State Authority under a false context and pretence)

When Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, quit his own organisation over what he described as the Carbon Hoax, it prompted me to dig into the issue–an that is the title of my next book.

If this real climate scientist said it was impossible for carbon to harm us, he was worth listening to above the din of political Globalist hacks looking for an angle to take our property.

Carbon, as Moore described it, is the ‘building block of life’. During the Cambrian Period when our class of animal (vertebrates) was developing, carbon in the form of CO2 was approximately 4000 ppm – or ten times present level.

Further, at the present level of saturation, carbon dioxide could double or triple with no noticeable effect on temperature.  In other words, they’re simply lying to you.

How do I know this? Because CO2 only retains heat for 0.0001 of a second so even as a very poor student of physics, carbon of even 800 or 1200 ppm is unlikely to act like a ‘heat retaining blanket’ as the climate change hoaxers claim.

The molecules, even at high concentration, are simply too far away from one another and too inefficient at heat retention to have any effect at all, as in zero.

Nonetheless, the Queen of the Carbon Hoax, Socialist cupcake, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is intent on destroying America using this lie before she loses her district due to a severe decline of the population in her own New York district.

Yes. By the grace of God – her district is likely to be eliminated as New Yorkers flee the Democrat/Socialist-run (and ruined) state where she was elected. 

They can’t leave fast enough according to all reports.

Even AOC’s mother moved from her district – to Florida – to escape the Socialist taxes and ignorant policies her daughter advocates.

But aren’t they right about Climate Change causing all these brushfires and forest fires?

No!  In fact, it is their stupid policies that caused the problem – and I do know that for a fact because I did an “Allan Savory” on this subject myself almost 40 years ago.

As an avid outdoorsman and hunter, I once thought leaving nature alone was the way to go. I realized later that I was as wrong as Mr. Savory was when he wiped out all of those elephants in Zimbabwe.

As a Native American by heritage, I studied how my ancestors managed huge herds, grasslands and forestlands so effectively after reading a copy of Hernando DeSoto’s journal from his visit to the Americas in 1539.

He described incredible civilisations. Some of them included huge mound cities. Some were on canals that rivalled Venice.

Unfortunately, the small pox carried by his men and swine caused a 92% kill among the Natives he so admired, but his journal recorded what he saw and returned to Europe after his death.

Rather than farming tame animals like the Europeans, the Native Americans herded the wildlife and managed it instead–letting them take care of themselves, which I find rather brilliant. 

Nomadic Native American tribes of the plains were not following the herds, they were driving them from grazing ground to ground.

Then they would burn the previously grazed land to restore carbon and clear any remaining underbrush after it had been plowed by thousands of cloven hooves belonging to 6 foot tall 2,000 pound grocery, housing, and clothing stores – a.k.a., buffalo.

Material for clothes, shoes, blankets, tents, and bone for implements – as well as enough meat to feed a village came with each of these magnificent animals.

The next year when they returned, the grazing land was lush, green–and fire-proof.

There was no desertification or shortage of water anywhere that the Indians employed this method of herding and husbandry.

In the 1980s, I was Wildlife Commissioner in North Carolina – as Allan Savory had been in Northern Rhodesia – and decided to give this method a try in modern times.

In the summer months, we plowed ‘firebreaks’ in the soil around our game lands. In the wet winter months, we burned them with ‘backfires’ against the breeze or wind so they would not get out of control, leaving young trees hardened, underbrush and dead wood burned.

The results were breath-taking. 

The carbon and burned forest litter acted as fertiliser.

New green growth abounded from dormant seeds the following Spring – some having lain fallow for decades – providing a variety of food and cover for the wildlife, while the forest floors and grasslands were cleared of the fuel that allows out-of-control fires.

And guess what? We had record numbers of wild animals in following years – and not a single forest fire on any lands where this method was used.

During my tenure, we even successfully restored the wild turkey – which had been extinct in our state for a century.

The population of these incredible creatures are now at record numbers.

With adequate food from wise forest and game land management methods, we benefited all lifeforms – except the ‘Climate Change’ fanatics who tried to stop us even then.

Doing what works makes sense

Good point!  Which is why the brain-dead Socialists in California and the Greenie Weenies in Australia are having none of it!

As we are now learning, they are actually setting fires.

Nobody gets rich by utilizing these ancient methods. People (think Al Gore) are getting rich by giving fake speeches and telling lies, however, and pushing agendas which never can work, but doing what makes sense is profitable to no one in government–only those of us who have to suffer them. 

But what do we do? Perhaps we should just vote them all out?

These are bureaucrats who have never solved a single problem in a sensible or cost-neutral way, funded by politicians who fund them annually despite their universal failures.

And in spite of this collective failure to solve a single problem, they claim that they can and they will – if we just give them unlimited power over us.

No one should have to subject themselves and their property rights to these faceless mandarins–who clearly know so little.

These globalists aren’t interested in eliminating brush and forest fires.

They don’t care about harvesting and storing seasonal waters in fertile green grounds (rather than just letting it run off of bare ground) while producing thousands of tons of meat from the herds.

They live in cities and would rather take your property so they can mis-manage that too.

Job number one – get the truth out to your family, neighbors, and countrymen

Remember! Humour is far more effective than Angry Little Greta screaming in your face by the way. So “Stay Calm and Mind the Crap.”

Also remember the Carbon Hoax schtick by Al Gore and many others, who said the North would be completely void of ice by 2013 and all polar bears would drown? Use it.

Wow! These last two were busy though, weren’t they?

The media and Gore would have us believe these were the last two on earth.

Recently, however, just 1,000 miles from my office here in Poland, a Russian village shut down and cancelled its New Year’s celebration after being invaded by 56 polar bears. Overpopulation is the problem now.

So, tell family and friends the positive news, that although there were only 6,000 polar bears on earth when Al Gore was a little bugger in knee-breeches – there are now 31,000 of them!

A 500% increase in numbers instead of extinction!  That’s good news, right?

So why aren’t you hearing it?

You know the answer to that.  They’re all in on the lie and the media never goes off Leftist script.

So, let’s go on offence and hit them with the truth. Tell everyone they lied and show them these pictures!

The Club of Rome intentionally started the Climate Hoax in 1972. Since then, not a single thing these people have told us would happen, has ever come true. Not one.

Remember Michael Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ chart showing us we would burn to a crisp in the year 2000?  What happened?

Temperatures didn’t move up at all and in fact dropped 1.5 degrees since then.

Mann has since admitted to falsifying his statistics, leaving out the hottest years of the 20th century and the entire Middle Ages when it was so warm that wine grapes were grown in England.

How about Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth? That was banned from being shown in schools by an English judge because it told so many provable lies. Meanwhile, Al Gore is still paid $300,000 by complicit governments each time he shows the movie and gives a speech?

Let’s start talking about these things and asking politicians why they keep lying to us and destroying our lands and economies over a provable hoax.

It’s time to take the fight to them – while we still can–before these Globalists and their arsons burn us out completely.

Howell W. Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland