Face of God

The US Constitution Was Designed for a Christian Society

Western Civilisation IS our Judeo-Christian Heritage. That is why Marxists and Islamists are sworn to expunge it – and why we can’t let them do it!

Norman Rockwell’s (1951) ‘saying grace’ would not be allowed as a magazine cover today thanks to leftists and Muslims

Show me in the Quran where Mohammed says, “Thou Shalt not Steal” or “Thou Shalt not Kill”.

You can’t because his ancient Arabian Moon God of Darkness, Allah, demands both the blood and property of all ‘non-believers’ – according to Mohammed – “Allah’s only prophet.”

In fact, Muslims are ordered to take all non-Muslim lands and lives standing in their way of putting the world under the boot of Islam. That is Sharia.

But Islam is not the only genocidal political ideology.

Marxism and it’s wicked step-child, Fascism, have No Golden Rule either.

Marxism is very similar to Islam in many ways–worshipping false gods and using mass murder as a means of gaining power–rather than by the free choice of those being oppressed.

Show me such words of restraint and humanity as ‘Thou Shalt not Steal’ and ‘Thou Shalt not Kill’ in Karl Marx’s, Communist Manifesto or in Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

You can’t because they’re not there either, are they?

These are all political ideologies of world domination through genocide. They are not religions as Western Civilisation defines the term – though adherents of both think of them in this way it would seem as they force them on others.

Both Marxism and Islam require submission to a life of constant theft and murder. This leaves no possibility of free speech to debate ideas, nor does it allow for a free people and robust commerce, which are the underpinnings of Western Civilisation.

When there is nothing left for the Marxists to steal, they begin killing too.

I’m not preaching hate, just stating facts.

The US Constitution Was Designed for a Religion-Based Society, which in this case was Christianity

President Adams – one of America’s Founding Fathers and contributors to the US Constitution – once wrote. “Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other,”

Adams is still correct and without that foundation, America would have fallen long ago.

Our Western style of government “is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.”

The Huffpost – generally considered a Leftwing site – recently published a study on this topic.

In that study, writer David Briggs reports, “Violent crime decreased as greater numbers of people were religiously active in a community, according to a study analyzing crime and religion data from 182 counties in three states.”

But most interestingly, how one practices their faith is as – or even more important – than just being ‘spiritual’.

Atheists, Leftists and Islamists cause crime and destabilise Western Societies

“A separate Baylor University study of more than 15,000 people ages 18 to 28,” according to Briggs, “found that while young adults who considered themselves religious were less likely than others to commit violent or property crimes, those who claimed to be spiritual but set apart from organized religion were more likely to engage in both types of criminal activity.”

One of the “four horsemen” in the new Atheist movement (along with Dawkins, Dennett, and Harris) Hitchens preached Atheism and Marxism, both of which overturn western societies by destroying their foundations

Even Atheists, Marxists and Islamists would like to live in peace, one would think, regardless of the devastation caused by their words and deeds, but peace and prosperity cannot co-exist with their political ideologies.

Karl Marx, Hitchens, the Ayatollahs and their ilk have always tended to be from the wealthy class they claim to disdain. Still today, they foment their revolutions from walled mansions, salons, brothels (or harems, respectively), protected from the consequences of the destruction they wreak on the lives of others.

So, it seems we have a choice

Regardless of one’s religious views, it is just as important for the basis of our Western society to be maintained, as it is for the foundation of a house.

Destroy the foundation and you destroy the home.

I don’t advocate for forced religion in any way. If we did that, we’d be no better than the Muslims. What I am saying, is that attacking the very values and institutions which caused our society and freedom to come about is not very wise either.

Perhaps an overstatement, but Dostoevsky has a point. Judeo-Christian values of love of fellow man and virtue have no rivals in these Godless societies and ideologies that so threaten our freedom and way of life today.

So, I’ve got an idea for all the Leftists, Marxists, Islamists and others trying to destroy the West – and for those among us who so readily aid and abet them by tearing down our institutions:

Shut up and just accept our base and foundation. If you don’t like it here, seek a better place–if you can–but go there rather than staying amongst us and attempting to destroy ours.

Go somewhere that doesn’t have these amazing Western values and resulting freedoms.

Send us a postcard from that living Hell, but don’t come back until you realise something: What you so despise in us, is what made you want to live amongst us in the first place.

Howell W. Woltz
The International Centre for Justice
Warsaw, Poland