Pelosi with Bloomberg

Aunt Nancy’s gone full ‘gangster’ on this one – and the Democrat candidates are the losers

Nancy Pelosi is no stranger to gangsters, and the fact that she and Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg just finalised their plans at the Regency Hotel Sunday past, should have the Democrat candidates ready for war against her–not Trump.

But Nancy was born into a family of thugs in Baltimore, Maryland where both her father and brother destroyed one of America’s most prosperous cities during their tenures controlling it.

Her father, Thomas Ludwig John D’Alesandro, Jr., notoriously took over one of America’s leading cities – second only to New York – and put it on a glide path to the decimation we see today after generations of D’Alesandro Family rule.

Baltimore, Maryland’s ‘godfather’, was Nancy Pelosi’s daddy

Pelosi’s brother took over the reins as Mayor from Papa D’Alesandro and finished the job. He brought Baltimore from its position as America’s second most successful city behind New York, to its most crime-ridden and rat-infested dump after 70 years of Democrat rule.

Baltimore Schools are Appalling

In Baltimore, “100 percent of students failed according to a Baltimore City Wire analysis of the latest Maryland schools report card.”

Out of 13 public high schools, not a single student could pass the State’s standardised test last year.

That seems like an impossible failure even for a bunch of gangsters whose goal was keeping inner city Blacks so poor and ignorant that they couldn’t escape the New Democrat plantation.

But Baltimore Democrats did it, in spite of the Obama gang pouring $1.8 billion into their hands to fix the schools.

Where that money went, no one seems to know–but it is very clear that if any of it ever reached the communities or their schools–a doubtful prospect given the city’s history of graft– it did no good for anyone but the teachers’ unions and Democrat city grifters.

Pelosi’s father tried to become Governor of Maryland in the 1950s so he could put his mob tactics to work at the State level.

He was forced to give up the race, however, when his mob ties and funding from mafia bosses were exposed by the FBI.

The word on the street was that he could quit the race or face charges – so he kept his City and dropped the State.

But even Papa D’Alesandro never conceived of a plot like Gangsta Nancy has today!

Nancy Pelosi’s Deal is Breathtaking

Nancy Pelosi orchestrated an attempted coup to cripple President Donald Trump through a false impeachment procedure, based on no crime.

That alone is a stunning achievement of pure hubris and deviant behaviour, but that was just a stepping stone to Nancy’s deal to put Michael Bloomberg in the White House. That deal has the intrigue of a Jason Bourne novel.

I’m convinced that the point of the whole plot in perspective was actually to put herself back in power as Speaker of the House in the 2018 midterm elections–but what she was willing to do to maintain power is beyond belief.

What she did, happened, so I’m not reading tea leaves – just counting them.

In order to keep power for the future, however, Pelosi had to make a deal with one of America’s richest men–regardless of party or persuasion.

“Who could beat Donald Trump?” was her first question, and that list was very short.

She hatched a plot, which involved soliciting Michael Bloomberg, billionaire former Republican Mayor of New York, to fund her takeover as Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives in the 2018 mid-term election.

Did she do that? Yes. She did. And it worked.

That funding came with the proviso that she would do whatever it took to destroy Trump running up to the 2020 elections, while leaving Republican Bloomberg an open field to run as the Democrat nominee.

When exposed, that plot will be considered treason by her fellow Dems, but it will be too late.

And thanks to our reporting, they found out just today, we are told.

We’re still not sure how putting a Jewish guy as candidate of the anti-Semite Democrat party is going to work with all its Muslims and haters in it, but I’m sure aunt Nancy has a plan for that too!

How could Bloomie help Nancy Pelosi take over the United States House of Representatives, you ask?

Well, the best would be the old-fashioned way.  They would use Michael Bloomberg’s billions to buy the mid-term elections in districts that Trump won and they would flip the House!

And that is exactly what they did.

Bloomberg funded Democrats running for office in roughly 31 districts where Trump won in 2016 with $100 million – an incredible sum – while buying their undying loyalty.

Nancy and Bloomie literally overwhelmed those districts with cash – and won them.

The new members they funded would have been left with no choice but to make Aunt Nancy the Speaker of the House in return.

The cost of a House seat in a normal election is about $1.6 million, so you can do the math for yourself as to how much they spent on each seat – roughly double the normal amount.

They made each candidate an offer they couldn’t refuse – Godfather style.

In exchange for getting the money to elect them, the Freshman Democrats presumably had to 1) press for the impeachment of Donald Trump and 2) vote for Pelosi as Speaker.

So, they flooded those congressional districts with mountains of cash, trolling for compliant candidates and picked up some real beauties.

Combined with blatant voter fraud (packing the voter rolls with dead and illegally registered Democrats which has now been exposed) presto! – they won.

Judicial Watch, a private watchdog group, recently sued for State election documents proving that there are now more voters than citizens in many of those Democrat-held districts–and the dead and non-existent seemed to really like radicals in 2018.

There are, in fact, over 3.0 million of these dead and fake voters who cast ballots – and that information was just submitted in a court filing to force those States and District to clean up their voter rolls or face federal lawsuits.

Whether they do so before the big 2020 elections is doubtful, but no one in government seems concerned, as Judicial Watch has proven, indicating they are complicit in the fraud.

If the Department of Justice is not aggressive, fraud will decide the next election as well proving that the DOJ is a very big part of the problem.

So Nancy and Bloomie literally bought the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018 with an overwhelming amount of cash and locally managed Democrat-voter fraud. By extension, they bought her place as the head of the House of Representatives and Democrat Party.

So how can Bloomie win the nomination against 24 Democrats who’ve already been running for a year?

Good question, and that’s where Aunt Nancy’s gangsterism comes into full play.

As previously mentioned, the 2018 recruits had to pledge to impeach Donald Trump.  I’m not speculating on that. They were very vocal about it.

But for what ‘crime’ would they impeach him, you ask? 

Apparently for absolutely nothing, because four investigations costing close to $100 million taxpayer dollars showed Donald Trump committed no crime – none – but they committed to “impeach the motherf**ker” regardless.

And this crass Muslim hag, Rashida Tlaib, is not the only new Pelosi/Bloomberg funded member that was on the public record as wanting to impeach the President before any case was made against him – it was virtually all of them.

And what was so strange to me, Nancy Pelosi seemingly handed over control of her party to these radical, young Socialists, anti-Semitic Muslims and haters of America.

And they have used this ceded control to drive her party hard left in less than two years.

Why would she do that? I think you will understand in a very few minutes that she needed to radicalise the party–so she could later bring it back more to centre–by inserting her own candidate, former Republican mayor, billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

OK. So that was the first step, but how does that make Bloomie the Democrat nominee?

The ‘Squad’ of radicals in the picture below have accomplished absolutely nothing since their election other than dragging the whole party to the far left.

All they have done is beat this drum of ‘impeach the motherf**ker’ – as Nancy Pelosi instructed them to do–and attack normal Americans. I now believe this was by intent.

Left to right – ‘Jihad’ Omar (married her brother), ‘crazy-eyes’ AOC, ‘stupid’ Presley, and ‘nasty girl’ Tlaib – the new leaders of the democrat party

Bloomberg’s $100 million put a lot of trash like these young girls in office instead of taking it out–but it also put Nancy Pelosi in as Speaker of the House.

But in a move that puzzled everyone, Aunt Nancy just sat back and let her party be taken over by this anti-Semitic, Marxist/Islamist cabal of weirdos.

Unsurprisingly, mostly if not only anti-Semitic, Marxist/Islamist Democrats have been attracted to be candidates as the Democrat nominee for president under their rule.

It seems that Pelosi has even encouraged it – which made me dig deeper as to ‘why’?  It was so diabolical, I could not see it at first, but after looking at the candidates on the Democrat stage and hear them ‘out-radical’ each other, debate after debate, it all came clear.

The deck had been stacked. There were only un-electable anti-American candidates running to be the Democrat nominee–not one of them with the slightest chance of winning the 2020 election.

And there are so many of them that their pillow fight ‘debates’ had to be split in two – a dozen at each – yes, 24 of them – and every one of them radical Leftists unacceptable to a plurality of Americans.

No, they’re not saying ‘heil Hitler’ (yet) they are pledging to fund socialist healthcare for ‘all’ – for anyone around the world who wants to come in or break in – at a cost that will bankrupt America

America will never elect any of these crazies. That is becoming increasingly obvious, and I’m convinced now that Gangsta Nancy knew it all along–or even planned it.

All while keeping her pal Bloomie in the closet until November of 2019.

Strange? Maybe not, but it raises some serious questions.

Why did Nancy sit by? 

So she could launch this former Republican Mayor of New York City as the saviour of the Democrat Party–giving her party only one sane alternative to bring out the centrists who are the majority of her party and the American electorate.

Fake left, go right.

With only Leftwing nut jobs running in her temporarily radicalised party, she will help Republican Mayor Bloomberg win the nomination of her party – destroying all of her own people in the process!

“The Squad” was allowed to drive the party left and beat the drum for impeachment while Nancy laid the groundwork for taking back her party at the Convention–with a former Republican who could fund his own campaign, as her candidate.

It wasn’t these young Socialists actually pulling the strings, it was an old one – Nancy Pelosi.

Does this sound crazy? Just watch what happens over the next few weeks and get back to me.

On cue, Bloomberg has announced he will not be participating in these almost weekly clown show ‘debates’ where the other candidates have only stopped saying stupid things long enough to switch which foot was in their mouths.

So, what does Pelosi’s “Impeachment Show” have to do with Bloomberg now?

We’re getting to that – and that’s where Aunt Nancy’s diabolical brilliance comes in.

You see, almost every one of the Democrat Socialists with half a chance of becoming the Democrat nominee is also a Senator or a potential witness in Pelosi’s fake impeachment scam – except Michael Bloomberg.

Even a hoax impeachment trial must be held in the Senate chamber now that Gangsta Nancy has passed her ‘Articles of Impeachment’ of President Donald Trump.

It matters not that no crime is stated or that the Republican-run Senate must acquit the President as a matter of law – it’s all just for show anyway–and ultimately, a trap for her own fellow Democrats.

You see, every Senator and witness must be there for every day of the trial. That will be six days a week – for an estimated six weeks.

What that means, is that every person with any real chance of being the Democrat nominee for President will be sidelined during the primary season, unable to campaign in the State contests leading up to the Convention.

That is why Gangsta Nancy has been holding onto the Articles of Impeachment for dear life (since last year) and refusing to deliver them to the Senate.

She’s buying time.

Nancy Pelosi clearly intends to hold all of the leading Democrat candidates hostage in the Senate trial.

Bloomberg has an open field to buy/win the primaries in half the States while his opponents are stuck in Nancy Pelosi’s fake impeachment trial

Such an advantage would virtually lock Bloomberg in as the Democrat candidate for 2020. Nancy’s plan will work if the Senate keeps the Hoax Trial going long enough–and they know it.

Pelosi’s actions will make her hated by her own party–once they figure it out– but she apparently doesn’t care.

Pelosi’s party is now going against her in the Senate, so the Articles will be released this coming week 

Senators Dianne Feinstein, Dick Blumenthal, Joe Manchin, Chris Murphy, Chris Coons, Doug Jones – all Democrats, and others – have called on Pelosi to deliver her impeachment hoax articles so they can get it over with, but she refuses even now, promising only ‘soon’ or ‘maybe next week, after Wednesday’ when the Washington work-week is over.

But that buys her the time she needs to get the trial started just days before the first primary caucuses on February 3rd in Iowa.

Nancy Pelosi is now positioned to pull off this stunning feat–destroying every Democrat candidate with any chance of winning in the process–by holding them hostage in a hoax impeachment trial in the Senate that was solely of her own making in the House of Representatives.

But Nancy Pelosi comes by this naturally. It’s in her blood, so to speak.

The d’Alessandro family did for Baltimore what Nancy d’Alessandro Pelosi has done for San Francisco – ruined it

The Iowa caucuses – just days away – are followed by primaries in New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

Pelosi’s clear intention is to drag out the Impeachment Hoax until ‘Super Tuesday’ (March 3rd) where 17 primaries will be held on just one day – including the biggest voting block of all – Pelosi’s own State of California, where her nephew, Gavin Newsom, is Governor!

Bloomberg spent $30 million on advertising just over the weekend he announced his run for President in November of 2019.

That was more money than most candidates raised in the year since Senator Elizabeth Warren, for example, announced her candidacy (December of 2018).

He’s clearly willing to spend however much money is necessary to win the primaries and be the Democrat candidate as a matter of legacy – even if he doesn’t win.

Here it is – the takeaway

Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, and former Senator Joe Biden will be locked in the Senate Impeachment trial Nancy Pelosi started, during almost half the Democrat primaries.

They will be tied up as members of the ‘impeachment’ jury or in Joe Biden’s case – a named witness!

They will all be MIA during the most crucial period of this race on which they’ve already spent over a year of their lives, and millions of dollars – all thanks to Nancy Pelosi.

That is unlikely to make Nancy Pelosi very popular with anyone except Michael Bloomberg, her benefactor, but with the field cleared of competition, he will take it.

While they’re locked up in a hoax trial of the President, Bloomie will be running wild with bags of cash, buying the nomination as the Democrat party candidate for President of the United States – with the Speaker of the House of Representatives as his enabler and cheerleader.

Nancy Pelosi is a gangster of unmatched proportions, and I hope all of those Democrat candidates who spent tens of millions and a horribly stressful year of their life never forgive her for what she has done to them.

They say the acorn does not fall far from the tree – and this one certainly didn’t. Nancy Pelosi is gangster, through and through, and needs to be called to account.

One last question candidates. How did Pelosi go from a $230K salary to being worth over $200 million?

Again, the old-fashioned way – corruption – and those of you whom she just screwed should pay attention as there might be an opportunity for some payback.

Nancy and her husband, Paul, made their first fortune when she took over as Chair of the House Finance Committee, overseeing the huge credit card company, VISA, when it was making its Initial Public Offering.

Though the IPO was closed, and all shares sold – VISA offered Pelosi’s husband, Paul, millions of dollars in share options – at pre-IPO prices – just after his wife, Nancy, became Chairman of the Committee overseeing this transaction.

The Committee’s objections to VISA’s offering – based on monopolistic concerns – quickly evaporated, and it sailed through.

Is that loaded?  Nancy d’Alessandro Pelosi didn’t choose the thug life.  It chose her

The Pelosis made millions on the deal.

This extraordinarily corrupt criminal activity is public knowledge, but it has never been investigated.

This may have been her first corrupt money-making scheme of accepting bribes for results, but it wasn’t the last.

Inside deals have made the Pelosis rich, with an estimated combined net worth of $236 million today.

A million here a million there – pretty soon that adds up to real money you know.

Perhaps the dozens of Democrat candidates she just screwed may want to take a stroll back in history and check out how Aunt Nancy got so filthy rich as a ‘public servant’. 

Payback is Hell, and in this case, very much due. If we can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to ask – The Richardson Post has a good idea of where the bones reside.

But regardless of Nancy Pelosi’s incredible lack of morals, ethics, empathy for those she sets out to destroy like President Trump, the homeless people on the streets of her own city, her own party’s candidates or the U.S. Constitution – you have to give her credit.

Even if unsuccessful, this has been one of the most devious plots ever lain by any (other) gangster in history.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland