Trump impeachment like bugs bunny cartoon

This story keeps getting more and more bizarre.

The chances of the coup removing Trump via ‘impeachment’ just shrunk to infinitesimal. 36 hours of provable lies, innuendo, and creationism through twisting of fact turned off all fence-sitting RINOs (Republicans in name only) and have even hard-core Dems shaking in their boots, fearful that these same tactics could be turned against them when Republicans regain control of the House in 2020–now a foregone conclusion, thanks to this charade.

We have already shown that there was a conspiracy to destroy any chance of outsider businessman, Donald Trump, becoming President. This began well before his announcement to run as Republican nominee, which did not work, forcing them to try scorched earth impeachment.

To refresh you:

FACT– Spying on Donald Trump, his businesses and his family, began as early as 2015.

This was done through CIA Director John Brennan’s ‘HAMR’ program (evidenced in federal court records Dennis Montgomery v. Barack Obama, James Clapper, John Brennan, and Robert Mueller which was leaked from U.S. District Court of Judge G. Murray Snow).

FACT– The coup plot was developed by top officials of the FBI. It was carried out in collusion with the CIA, the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The Obama coup cabal used Russian, British, Cypriot, Italian and Ukrainian operatives in 2016 – authorised by President Barack Obama and Attorney General Sally Yates–as proven through phone texts between FBI attorney, Lisa Page, and her superiors which are now in the public domain.

Eric Ciaramella with Melania Trump and Mike Pence before impeachment hearings
The rat worked in the White House—planted there by Democrats and Obama—just two chairs away from First Lady Melania Trump and VP Pence

FACT– The FISA warrants used to spy on President Trump’s campaign contained 17 lies, violations of law, and criminal acts.

These included the signing of documents to say that all information was verified – when none had been.

It also included the falsifying of evidence by chief attorneys of the FBI (Page and Clinesmith) as now confirmed by the Inspector General, their own communications which are now public, and more recently, a scathing rebuke by the FISA court itself. 

FACT– On May 1, 2019, New York Times reporter, Ken Vogel, contacted State Department official, Kate Schilling. Vogel was researching a story regarding an Obama administration meeting in January of 2016 with Ukrainian prosecutors regarding Burisma and Vice-President Biden’s conflict of interest there.

He was interested in Vice-President Joe Biden and his son’s involvement with Ukraine gas giant, Burisma Holdings. This situation was under investigation by the top Ukrainian prosecutors for “corruption” and Hunter Biden’s role was a part of that discovery.

FACT– Vogel’s article mentioned Eric Ciaramella who is a CIA analyst. He is also Biden’s Ukraine director on the National Security Council, whose August complaint sparked impeachment proceedings that led to two articles of impeachment – putting President Trump on trial in the U.S. Senate today.

And thanks to investigative journalism by Laura Ingraham, this super rat, Eric Ciamarella, was the individual who actually checked in his Ukrainian and Democrat State Department co-conspirators into the White House for this clandestine meeting, according the the White House logs themselves.

Attourney General William Barr with Crooked democrats for impeachment trial.
Attorney General Barr has promised justice against the coup cabal—but will he have the cojones to do it?

Now for the Breaking News

As mentioned above, New York Times journalist, Kent Vogel, advised the State Department about his article reporting on this White House meeting of Jan. 19, 2016. One of their State Department officials attended “with Ukrainian prosecutors and embassy officials,” Vogel wrote, to discuss “U.S. support for prosecutions of Burisma Holdings in the United Kingdom and Ukraine.”

Vogel asked about “concerns that Hunter Biden’s position with the company could complicate such efforts.”

The State Department refused to comment, and within three days, Vogel’s article was shut down – by his own editors at The New York Times, in service to their Democrat Party handlers.

As an investigative journalist, when they tell you, “No need to look there,” then ‘there’ is where you should look first. That is why we have hammered this Ukraine story for almost a year.

There is a lot of ‘there’ there.

And that work is now bearing fruit. The more the Democrats try to prevent our looking at Ukraine and the Biden crime family, the more evident it becomes that these are the Achilles heels that will cost them the 2020 election and the House.

We can now tell you that The Obama White House cover-up of its coup attempt and criminal conduct in Ukraine began on January 19, 2016.

One of the attendees of the secret White House meeting, was Andriy Telizhenko. He was an official in Ukraine’s Washington Embassy.

Ukrainian diplomat, Android Telizhenko, with President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani,
Ukrainian diplomat, Andriy Telizhenko, with President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who has busted the whole cabal of Obama conspirators—which is why they’re trying to destroy him

Telizhenko decided to come clean about it this weekend, just as the House of Representatives was trying to hammer the final nail in the President’s coffin.

Impeachment to a presidency is basically the death penalty, so that’s a proper analogy.

But President Donald J. Trump did not commit the crime, as we will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.  It was the Democrat operatives that framed him who are guilty of criminal conduct and a conspiracy to remove him.

The whole impeachment process is a sham – and yesterday’s defense of their candidate, Joe Biden – was part of an elaborate cover-up.

Andriy Telizhenko was interviewed by Fox News Anchor, Laura Ingraham. He told her that: “I was told to work with DNC operative, Mrs. Chalupa by Ambassador Chaliy. She asked me to help her get dirt on Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.”

So, a meeting was arranged at the White House. Elizabeth Zentos from the State Department, along with Obama operatives Jeffrey Cole and Catherine Newcombe represented the US Government.

They were met by a team from the Ukraine which was mostly based at its Washington embassy. The Ukrainians were all involved in investigating corruption involving Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden, the Vice President’s son.

According to Telizhenko, “The representatives of the DOJ, U.S. Embassy in Kyiv and NSC staff raised the question of Burisma Investments.  Most of the NSC staff [including Ciaramella] were people from Biden’s team.”

Joe Biden directly threatened to withhold “a billion dollars” in aid to Ukraine if they did not fire Yuriy Lutsenko, the chief prosecutor who was investigating Burisma; Joe’s son, Hunter Biden; Obama’s mentor, George Soros; and their joint venture between the Obama State Department and Soros to sow the seeds of revolution (AntAc).

Vice President Biden’s quid pro quo ordering the firing of the prosecutor investigating his son is indisputable, as his admission is on video, which we’ve published previously.

But this admission of extortion by then Vice-President Biden is as bizarre as it is critical to our evidence, so it’s worth repeating.

This is criminal extortion, and it was just one of a number of crimes that should have removed Joe Biden from office – by impeachment. Instead, his party now runs him as its leading candidate for President while it tries to impeach Trump–claiming he is guilty of a ‘quid pro quo’ that never was.

Clever. Blame your opponent for your own crimes. It works when the Lame Stream Media is in your pocket. Whose to question?

So, in August of 2016 Ambassador Yovanovitch, was flown into Kyiv, Ukraine by President Obama

Her job was to threaten to withhold foreign aid (again) if the investigation into Burisma, George Soros, the Biden family, and AntAc was not shut down (AntAc was a joint Obama/Soros venture to foment revolution worldwide as mentioned – which is a story in itself).

Meanwhile, Ambassador Yovanovitch was claiming publicly (and on record) that this issue never came up, and was never discussed.

Yet in the Democrats’ faux impeachment, Yovanovitch had to admit she had lied, because her vetting for the job as Obama’s hit-woman/ambassador had a word play session about how she would answer questions when asked about the Biden corruption in her new posting in Ukraine.

Since the Democrats were tossed from Ukraine, it’s hard to find ‘corruption’ there.

For years I’ve heard about ‘Ukraine corruption’ – but only from the U.S. – and mainly from Democrats talking about it like someone else was doing it. 

In fact, it wasn’t any of the Democrat plotters against Trump who have come forward, it was the Ukrainian, Andriy Telizhenko, who refused his boss’s order to conspire with the Democratic National Committee. He said, “I never coordinated any work with her [DNC operative, Chalupa] or the DNC, because I did not support the unethical orders to work and assist one party.”

I live next door in Poland and my wife and I love Ukraine and its people–we just hope the Democrats have not corrupted them too badly.

Ukraine city of Lviv before trump impeachment hearings
My beautiful wife in the cafe under the ancient cathedral in central Lviv, where a ‘sitting Jesus’ is on the steeple, taken while there investigating Democrat corruption—of Ukraine

We love to visit the ancient Ukraine city of Lviv and have some very dear friends who live there and in Kyiv, the capital – which is still too Russian for my tastes.

So, let’s look at the headlines about “Ukraine” corruption for a moment. Specifically, the entities under investigation, that the Obama Administration bribed Ukraine to shut down:

Burisma Holdings – the Board is made up of the following:

  • Democrat U.S. bankers
  • RINO Mitt (Mittens) Romney’s CIA hack national advisor, Cofer Black
  • John Kerry’s step-kid
  • A Soros minion
  • Hunter Biden – U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s kid
  • Joe Biden’s former advisor/staffer, Devon Archer – who is Hunter Biden’s partner
  • and the only Ukrainian, the founder’s kid.

None of them know a damn thing about the gas business – all Left-wing hacks and crooks having little if anything to do with Ukraine or Ukrainians. 

Burisma is a Cyprus company, that swallowed a Delaware corporation – yes, in Joe Biden’s state.  Odd coincidence, don’t you think?

So how is this considered to be ‘Ukraine’ corruption?  Yeah.  Me too. I don’t get it either.

And Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul (who has already been indicted for Securities crimes) is on another ‘gas’ company board in Ukraine.  I suppose that’s ‘Ukrainian’ corruption as well – or is it why she is trying to destroy Trump? 

AntAc – This is perhaps the real mess they are trying to keep covered up, but as fast as they do, we’ll just keep uncovering it.

Obama’s hit woman, Marie Yovanovitch, was also ordered to force Ukrainian national hero, Yuriy Lutsenko, (who was trying to clean up corruption) – to shut down his investigation of AntAc – perhaps even more so than Burisma and the Bidens.

So what is AntAc?  It is an illegal joint venture between the Obama Administration’s State Department and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations in Europe – which is funded using U.S. taxpayer dollars.

The purpose of AntAc is to train Leftists – worldwide – on how to foment ‘leaderless revolutions’ on a moment’s notice using only social media. 

This is where, if I were you, I’d say, “This guy is nuts,” and quit reading, so let’s let Alec Ross tell you about it himself – from the Ukrainian Embassy. Ross is the man whom Hillary Clinton described as her ‘right hand’ when she was Secretary of State,

Alec Ross proudly admits that he held 800 such sessions to train revolutionaries around the world as part of this Obama State Department/George Soros program.

Purpose? – to disrupt the world.

Considering there are only 204 recognised countries, Alec was a busy boy, especially when one remembers that he would not be allowed in about 50 of them.

“Responding to Disruptive Change” Alec calls it – using the internet to overthrow the existing order. 

Do you think Americans might want to know about this program they share with George Soros before they elect another Democrat president?

I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the “Impeachment” is just a cover up for all of this.

“There is a paradigm shift taking place,” says Alec Ross. He should know and he has been a major player in this, but for what?

For world Socialism – and he was placed in the Obama Senate campaign, by Soros, before the effort for his presidency even began.

This one, folks, is the news of 2020, and you will be hearing much more of it before much longer.

The Bidens – Joe Biden not only pimped his son to Burisma for a $3 million gig in Ukraine, he also took him on Air Force 2 to China while he was negotiating a trade deal–no conflict of interest there.

Whilst there, he landed Hunter an even more profitable gig with the Communist Chinese government to manage $1.5 billion.

How much financial management experience did Hunter have?  The same amount he had in the gas business.  Zero.

Did you know that Joe Biden’s name and position got his brother a $54 million dollar gig – again at U.S. taxpayer expense – to advise on building $1.5 billion worth of homes in Iraq?

Experience in building homes?  Same as Hunter Biden’s in gas and money management.  Zero. And three more Bidens have now been exposed as part of the pay-to-play Biden corruption scheme.

There is so much more, as our associate reporter, Peter Schweizer, is exposing in his just-released book, “Profiles in Corruption,” about which you will hear soon.

But it was Joe Biden who Obama’s hit-woman, Marie Yovanovitch, was sent to protect along with ‘Daddy Soros.’

The fact that her boss, Obama, was up to his neck with both of them in this corruption–if not directing it–suggests that he is a criminal too.

Stay tuned, but thus far in my reporting, it’s not Ukraine that is corrupt, it’s the Democrat party and its masters–exporting good ole American Croney Capitalism to a fledgling nation–which appears to be trying very hard to do the right thing!

Perhaps any American diplomats, State Department bureaurats, or Dems who tests positive for ‘progressivism’ should be barred until further notice.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland