Ten Commandments

It is critical to the survival of our nation-state constructs and cultures, to have some shared view of a society that we think of as good enough – perhaps even great enough – to defend

And this thing – our common heritage – is what our dunderhead leaders have forsaken. They have done it to weaken us and please those who would do us harm.

Why they do this is unclear, but our Western culture and structure as a society will not survive if we let them continue to run rough shod over its foundation.

Why do we let it go so easily mate? That is my question. Why?

I’m not getting all ‘preachy’ on you, I promise, but the philosophy that formed our society is critical to its ability to function.

Once upon a time, we all agreed that stealing and killing were bad. This idea was based on The Ten Commandments, which are unique to our culture in many ways.

Other ideologies don’t always have these commands. Islam and Marxism for example (two of the most popular ideologies in recent times) demand murder and theft rather than forbidding them.

Communism is nothing more than stealing from one group to bribe another. This behavior is enforced by the mob who eventually kill any of us who refuse to go along with it.

Mohammed demanded the murder of “all Christians, Jews and other Kaffir” and the stealing of their wealth and property. He also demanded death as the punishment for any Muslims who refused to go along with his murderous program.

This is why our heritage cannot co-exist with either Marxism or Islam.

As far back as the Stoic philosophers, the case against adultery was also well made by Epictetus, as being detrimental and corrosive to a society.

Christianity says that Adultery is wrong
“So I say also; for a little pig is common to all the invited guests, but when the portions have been distributed, go, if you think it right, and snatch up the portion of him who reclines next to you, or slyly steal it, or place your hand down by it and lay hold of it, and if you can not tear away a bit of the meat, grease your fingers and lick them.” Epictetus

Epictetus eloquently laid out his case by comparing adultery with another man’s wife to greasing one’s fingers with the next man’s serving of pork.

When my wife was young here in Poland living under Communism, the Party discouraged marriage and encouraged infidelity/adultery.

Islam similarly treats marriage like a contract between brothel owner and a gang of sex slaves.

Any non-Muslim woman can be raped at will. It is not even considered to be a crime. That is why we see religiously based ‘grooming gangs’ in England and Europe.

If we allow leaders to steal our heritage, we will end up no better than Marxists and Muslims.

What really sets our Western heritage societies, nations and cultures apart is the source of our rights as humans.

Under Marx and Mohammed, whatever ‘rights’ their subjects are allowed are subject to man-made dictates, while our come from God. That is the major difference that sets us apart.

Human freedom is not even a consideration under Marxism or Islam – only obedience.

Western, Christian societies are completely different because John Locke, Adam Smith, Lord Blackstone and those who formed our political ideology started from the opposite point on the compass.

In my home-nation’s Constitution – as well as my adopted nation’s Constitution –our rights are described as God-given. They are ‘inalienable.’ That means that no man, government or democratic ‘mob’ has the right to take them from me.

My God-given rights are off the table and tampering with them is forbidden.

William Blackstone explains the importance of Christianity to the Law
Our rights are ‘God-given’ and can therefore be subjected to no law of man—unless man’s law conforms to the law of god

For example, no number of my fellow citizens have the right to vote away my right to speak freely. Neither can they take away my right to defend myself, practice my religion (as long as it harms no one else), or for me to be safe in my home from unnecessary intrusion.

God gave me those powers and the State or mob – as badly as they want to deny them to me today – are forbidden from so doing.

The Democrat Leftists are trying hard to do it anyway but Trump, and a few other Patriots in America and beyond, are finally fighting them.

Now take God out of the equation and what have we got?

Why do you think all Marxists, Islamists and Statists are so desperate to destroy any hint of our Judeo-Christian heritage, which is at the very foundation of our societies?

I’m not trying to push religion on you. Whether you believe in God or not is your concern. But giving up the idea that a greater power gave us these rights is dangerous – if not deadly – to our freedoms. That is because our freedoms are informed by that concept.

Without Christianity, you get a dictator like Korean Kim Jong Un
Without God as the basis and foundation of Western culture, you’ll have only man-given rights (and your own ‘Dear Leader’)

Same Goes for Capitalism

Adam Smith is best known for developing capitalism – the world’s most prolific system of wealth creation. He laid out the blueprint in his book, The Wealth of Nations. But what was the basis of his economic philosophy?

Few people today know that Smith wrote The Theory of Moral Sentiments 17 years before he wrote The Wealth of Nations.

This earlier book was an investigation into how society could most successfully exist under the laws of the Christian God – including his Ten Commandments.

Capitalism was designed as the best way for a free and religious people of shared values to co-exist and build a nation’s wealth. It does this by making all of its individual citizens better off.

Adam Smith was a profoundly religious man – a Christian – and that was foremost on his mind when he designed the capitalist system.

And I’m not talking about the perverted oligarchic, multi-nationals and bankers who buy off our politicians. These people are simply masquerading as ‘capitalists.’

Smith warned of corporations doing that even back in 1776 and these imposters rule our nations today.

I’m talking about free markets with as little government restraint as possible. When markets are truly free, individuals act out of self-interest but are constrained by competition.

This forces everyone to offer the best products or services at the best price.

These God-given rights and freedoms are the two mainstays of Western Civilisation. They also underpin our religiously based system of trade.

If we allow collectivists to continue debasing the “God-factor” – which was the basis of our societal construct– then the foundation of both freedom and capitalism will be destroyed.

I don’t care what you believe. Maybe you’re not that keen on breathing oxygen or you don’t much see the necessity of gravity either.

Great. But when the alternatives lead to your destruction, perhaps you should play along with us a bit, eh mate?

Let us foolish people breathe our petty little oxygen. Let us ‘crazies’ use the gravity of our planet to stop us flying off from it, and maybe, just maybe even keep our petty little God-given rights just for grins.

Is that too much to ask?

Meanwhile, we will try to keep you safe from your own ignorance.

Howell Woltz
The International Center for Justice
Warsaw, Poland