Hillary Clinton whispering to aide

The Democrats are digging deep to avoid getting lumbered with little billionaire Mike Bloomberg and Hillary, or hard-core Communist, Bernie Sanders.

Could they really go for Pete Buttigieg out of desperation? Yes, they could and might.

He’s a perfect Democrat, and although his name sounds like something indecent in German, I checked with Google Translate and it’s all Kosher.

Pete Buttigieg on swing with his husband wants to be democrat president
Mayor Pete and his husband love swinging! This is George Soros’s new guy to run America and Putin is frightened to death!  Weeeeeeeeee!!!

He’s a Rhodes cabal plant like Bill Clinton was. He was trained at Oxford to be a One Worlder running America.  Mayor Pete’s been in the making for 20 years.

He’s gay – signalling the very greatest of virtues in the Leftist community – i.e. performing unnatural acts on members of his own sex – and marrying them – both considered crimes in my youth.

He’s a Socialist – without shining the light on it like Bernie Sanders. Having said that, their policies mirror one another on every point.  You know, taking guns away from law abiding citizens, free everything, and the Green New Deal to steal all property or the rights to it.

He’s a veteran – kind of. He somehow managed to serve in the army without undergoing boot camp like every other recruit must endure.

Mayor Pete spent 6 weeks at a desk in land-locked Afghanistan – as a member of the Navy – on an Army Base.

Don’t ask me how or why that happened – unless it was so that he could get the photo op below in his resumė as Soros’ next president.

Pete Buttigieg in Afghanistan for Democrat President
Here’s a hint that this is another set-up like Soros’ last Manchurian candidate—Obama. This is not a navy uniform he’s wearing in this photo op, and he never had firearm training, as he never went to boot camp

He then received an honourable discharge in an unprecedented 7 months.

“Gotta run, guys!  I’m off to be mayor of a midwestern town for a few months and then run for president!  Hugs and kisses!  Later, bye!”

“What happened in Afghanistan stays in Afghanistan, right, guys? Right?”

But seeing Mayor Pete with an empty rifle on an Afghan mountain, must be scaring the bejeezus our of poor Putin!

Where’s your compassion, Mayor Pete?

So what about Vice President Biden?

To say that Joe Biden has fallen off the stage would be kind.

He’s imploded and even the boot-licking Democrat media are having to admit it.

From talking about young black children rubbing the hairs on his legs when he was a pool guard and loving to “bounce them on my lap – I loved bouncing them on my lap,” to fondling little girls in public, Lunch Bucket Joe – who’s been sucking off the breast of government for most of half a century and never had a lunch bucket – has been found wanting even by his own party.

He can’t win a primary – and if he doesn’t place in South Carolina in a few days, he’s out of the race, and likely under investigation for his crimes in Ukraine, China, Iraq, and points yet unknown.

Joe Biden shakes hands with Xi Jinping
“Love ya man!” Too close for comfort after Xi’s regime bought off the Bidens for $1.5 billion as we’ve previously reported

Yes, bribery and profiteering in the billions is a crime – but the Justice Department in America only prosecutes Republicans, so Joe Biden may yet skate.

So, here’s the big story

Yes, the rumours are true. Bloomie and Killary have been seen at dinners together recently and Killary has been approached about being Little Mike’s running mate as VP against Trump (Hillary’s nickname is due to the incredibly high rate of unexpected mortal illness amongst her enemies – over 100 to date – one of them my close friend, Ron Brown).

That would be the only way Bloomie can win, and the only way Hillary can get the keys to the Oval Office, because she is unelectable on her own.

She’d kill to get the job (we suspect) and this is her only path to be President so she’s taking it – even according to Leftist media.

That is if Mob Boss, Nancy Pelosi, doesn’t beat her to it. That was rumoured to be the deal when Nancy shook down Little Mike for $100 million in 2018. She became Speaker of the House of Representatives and was supposed to be his running mate in 2020. If not, then cuddly Killary Clinton will be Little Mike’s running mate.

Will Little Mike keep his deal with Gangsta Nancy, or cave to Killary?  It’s a toss-up, but when either of these witch hens say, “Have a cup of tea, Mr. President?  I’ll make it for you!”, just say no, Little Mike.

Hillary Clinton With Michael Bloomberg for Democrat President of USA
Yep. Little Mike knows already he’s a dead man with Killary at his back, but he’s desperate to beat the tall man, Trump, even if it kills him.  Look at her smile!  She’s almost president already!

Little Mike’s enthusiasm in this photo seems a bit less than Killary’s.  Do you notice, or is it just my (admitted) bias?

Hmmm.  Having second thoughts, Little Mike? Is beating Donald worth dying for?

Not investment advice

I know we’re not allowed to give investment advice on this website but as the former rep for The Perth Mint of Australia in the Caribbean, South and Central America, I’ll say this.

If these fools win and tank the economy with Socialism, then a Perth Mint Gold Certificate will be worth – well, er – gold.

Also, if Michael Bloomberg wins and he chooses Hillary Clinton as a running mate, then buy an insurance policy on Michael Bloomberg – if anyone is silly enough to offer you one.

It’s a sure thing that Little Mike won’t be President for long, so buy bigly as the real President (Trump) would say.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland